I hate my boss! 7 ways to deal with easily angered boss

I hate my boss! 7 ways to deal with easily angered boss
Everyone should have unfavorable bosses. You could avoid people who you don’t like when you were a student, but you can’t do the same as a working person. You need to deal with them properly even if you hate them. That is a part of job!

So, let’s talk about “7 ways to deal with easily angered boss”. After reading this, you can change the way to get along with your boss, and maybe feel much better at work from tomorrow…

I hate my boss! 7 ways to deal with easily angered boss


1. Accept him as such being

Well, feeling distressed won’t change anything. He is a kind of a person who easily get angry, eager to get mad at somebody, and always frustrated. So talking about an extreme case, deal with him as some other creature, not a human. Name him “huffy beetle” or something. Doesn’t he look much cutier?

Boss never change, so you need to change to cope with him. Even if your boss is getting angry, you feel much better by thinking “oh, that is just a habit of huffy beetle”.


2. Find someone with same feeling

Holding the negative feeling of “hatred” by yourself is not good. If you have someone who listens you, it still makes a big difference whether that person just listens to you or feels empathy for you. Find someone in your office who has the same feeling! Maybe you can get closer by moaning about your boss.

Anyway, you need to make effort to somehow change negative feeling to positive. As one of the ways to do so, finding a person with same feeling is very effective.


3. Count how many times he got mad

If your boss is an easily angered man, he gets angry at everything. He is good at coming after everything. Even if he ordered you a task and you finish it completely, he would say “I haven’t asked you to do this!”. It is his plan and habit, and you can’t help it. So, count how many times he does such crazy things or how many times he gets angry.

By knowing exact number, you can understand and give up at some point. What is more, you will start to enjoy counting. Secretly count the number of his anger in your mind.


4. Think him as a bad example

Having the feeling of “hate” means you also feel that you don’t want to be such person. Let’s make him your bad example then. “I will be hated by such sayings” or “getting angry with such a small thing will avoid advancement”.

By seeing him as a bad example, you can improve more and more. You can be a good boss and senior colleague, so thank him for it. You can rarely find a proper person as a bad example!


5. Don’t just be scolded

I understand you don’t want to deal with your boss as much as possible. If you are being scolded all year long, you don’t want to be in the same atomosphere with him. However, don’t just be scolded. You are his target because you don’t fight back! Therefore, don’t just let him say what he wants, but say your opinion clearly.

Some men are annoyed by people who talk back to them…Easily angered person gets angry at every small things, so fighting back every time makes you tired. Know the best timing to fight back!


6. Praise him to your limit

This might be a bit stressful, but praise him until you feel limit. There are two meanings for this. One is to make your boss feel good, and another is to find out how much he gets angry. If you know that “he still gets angry when he is praised”, then you can give up on him at certain point. Usually, people get less angry when they are praised and feeling good.

If he still gets angry, there’s nothing you can do!


7. Find why he gets angry

Find the point which your boss gets angry. You will feel much better by knowing it. If you can tell that “he will get angry soon”, you will feel more relaxed and your damage by being scolded decreases.


These are all advice I can give you. What did you think? You will be much relieved by thinking him as “huffy beetle”, not a normal man. There may be a strong “huffy beetle” boss around you, but don’t worry. Please try the way I introduced above. I’m sure you will feel easier at work from tomorrow.



I hate my boss! 7 ways to deal with easily angered boss

1.Accept him as such being
2.Find someone with same feeling
3.Count how many times he got mad
4.Think him as a bad example
5.Don’t just be scolded
6.Praise him to your limit
7.Find why he gets angry

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