7 ways of idea shift for height difference

7 ways of idea shift when height difference troubled me
Do you have height difference with your bf? And don’t you say you don’t care height difference and you date with him because you love his personality or his good points?

It’s fact that there’re more women who is tall than before and it’s good you don’t care about looking. However, still couple of taller bf than his gf is majority and smaller bf is conspicious.

Maybe your bf has the complex that he is small than others think, doesn’t he?. But I know you like him, I’ll tell you how that can be considered as a positive height difference.

7 ways of idea shift for height difference


Part 1: You aren’t doing anything bad, be proud of yourself

From the begging, you two are dating being in love with each other, that is the same as a couple without height difference. Do not care about others around, and be proud of you.

But it is also quite difficult.

In fact, there are some women’s opinions of who think “I don’t even have any idea to have a  relationship with smaller man” like “We’d mind a lot,” “I can’t wear high heels” and “Ill mind him if we walk side by side.”

Every people have a preference so I don’t criticize women who is looking-oriented, but there’re many people who is nice even he’s small. However if you have height  difference, both of you would be miserable.

Please penetrate the love without being suffered. Stoop is awful, walk side by side with good posture proudly.


Part 2 Don’t hesitate to be spoiled!

It is a little regrettable little that his cute impression is strong, and it appears to be lacking in strength and sturdiness. Himself is also aware of it, so he’s made efforts in various ways.

You’ll make him feel good admitting such a strength appeal.

So let’s get spoiled by letting him open the lidof the bottle,have aheavy object, oraskthehelpofheavy lifting, etc.Menishappy when they’re relied on by womenbasically. Even if he  says”I can’t say anything”,  he’ll help you feeling glad, won’t he?

It’s also good to praise his masculine parts as beard, blood vessels stands out, muscles and big hand. The point is to make your bf have a confidence.


Part 3: Personality is much important than looking for married life!

Even if appearance is important for dating, marriage does not goes dating. Just good looking man can’t get along with you for long. What is important is his personality. Especially for women, it’s important to see how much he cares about you.

If you get married, and people say personality than people cool!

If you see a website about a romantic relationship, there’re women who like small men because they’re hard working and kind. And there’re also opinions that some don’t like tall men because they’re popular among girls and selfish and lacking of kindness.

Of course there’re tall men who’re cool and kind, however it’s pretty sure that small men who can laugh at his height, friendly, cheerful, and nice can get along with you in married life.

(There are other opinions that it’s easier to care smaller men in the future…)

It is important to see today, but I think we can have forward-looking, can’t we?


Part 4: You won’t feel pressure!

Advantage of small men is simply cute. Don’t you feel nice when he looks up as a puppy?

In addition, don’t you feel stronger pressure when you see a tall man because tall women aren’t accustomed to see taller people? In such a case, If your boyfriend who is always together is small, you feel peaceful on the contrary.

It is very important to date to feel friendly and comfortable. Benefits of them are really understandable as theory.


Part 5: Be able to help each other!

As I listed in “its Method 2”, that is important to make him confident, but there’re also men who’re attracted to women who’s tall, and loving as a sister. I don’t know about your boyfriend, but there are unexpectedly many men who like to be spoiled and prefer tall women.

If not, it might be attracting them that tall women takes something in a high place, change the light, etc for helping each other.

I think hard working boyfriend is also nice, but height difference couple that is able to help each other is also heartwarming .


The 6: Be cool being fashionable!

Women in height difference couple tend to care about even fashion as they can’t wear high heels. But without caring about height difference with male co-star’s, Hollywood actress walk the red carpet side by side in a dignified manner with high heels on.

They’re so cool, aren’t they? Tall women are suitable more for cool than cute dressed.

And is the proud for small men to walk with tall women. For women, that’s too if he’s envied by his friend being said he has a model like nice gf. As a woman, some’d think it’s the complex cute clothes doesn’t not suit. However, women who have lovely inside though they have cool outlook, is awesome gap. They’d have an advantage like that to attract men.

Let’s go the route ‘cool in a dignified manner.’


Part 7: Smile is the best!

Even he’s small, nice man with blight smile has a good impression. Let’s have a smile every time without being worried about the height difference when you are with your boyfriend. The height difference between a couple might make man feel a sense of inferiority, and also make women worried about the different from the other.

However, even such a barrier never be a matter if only you are convinced. You never need to care about opinions from around at all, if you two look happy together, people would see you warmly. Every moment you two are together, just feel fun.


How was it?

It is the evidence that dating is not deep enough still if you’re caring about only height difference even if you’re together. The couple that overcame and date for long is ideal to understand deeply each other.

I wish your happiness with your bf getting rid of trouble!



7 ways of idea shift for height difference

Part 1: You aren’t doing anything bad, be proud of yourself
Part 2 Don’t hesitate to be spoiled!
Part 3: Personality is much important than looking for married life!
Part 4: You won’t feel pressure!
Part 5 Be able to help each other!
Part 6: Be cool being fashionable!
Part 7: Smile is the best!

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