7 approaches to use height difference

7 approaches to level troublesome height difference
Because I do not want to hurt the pride of a short boyfriend, a heel does not drain when I am with a boyfriend; … … I am worried about a height difference and cannot talk to. Many people have such a trouble.

When there is a height difference, I am worried about the public eye and may surely hesitate to be together. Because I exceeded 170cm tall, I had more trouble than the others. However, this trouble has dissolved since I found a method to level height difference.

I want to introduce “7 approaches to level troublesome height difference” from now on. Please refer to the one if you have a similar trouble.

7 approaches to use height difference


To wear the warm color clothes

In the case of the taller boyfriend, let’s wear the warm color clothes. The warm color is red, bitter orange, or yellow, etc. Such a color is effective in making a thing bigger than a real thing. Therefore, the warm color makes us look taller than a real height and it becomes harder to know the height difference.


Height hair

When a boyfriend is taller, make height hair, which may be orthodox. There are two kinds; one is to serve upward and the other downward.
Height hair makes you 5cm taller, so you can level height difference easily. Besides, it makes your head bigger and your face and the width of your shoulder smaller, which is a good point. Become beautiful after leveling height difference.


To present secret shoes

From here, you have methods to level height difference when a boyfriend is smaller. The secret shoes have a raised bottom. In the past there were many secret shoes recognized by an appearance, but the recent secret shoes are seen to be the normal shoes.
The third method is to present the stylish secret shoes to your boyfriend. It is recommended because even the person wearing it is hard to be aware of wearing them.


To wear the cold color clothes

As mentioned, the warm color such as the yellow makes a thing bigger than a real thing, and it introduced earlier to be seen. On the contrary, the cold color such as blue and bluish green makes you look smaller than a fact. I use this effect. In the case of the boyfriend who is smaller than you, please wear the cold color clothes.

You may think “You’re kidding,” but height difference is not outstanding unexpectedly. As for this effect, luminosity holds the key as well as a hue. An effect is over the low shrinkage color of the luminosity in a cold color more. In other words a low color of the luminosity such as dark blue makes us look smaller, which is an art.

You think in winter “a foot whose black stockings was unexpectedly thin as for that person.” That is the evidence that you are charmed by the magic of the color.


To walk three steps of back than a boyfriend

It is perspective drawing. Only walk three steps of back of the boyfriend levels height difference. Furthermore, you can give a boyfriend the atmosphere like a traditional graceful Japanese woman and that technique is the killing two birds with one stone. However, the technique is not usable when a boyfriend is taller than you.


To have a boyfriend gain weight

If the boyfriend gets fat and wide even if he is tall, people around you don’t notice height difference. Delicious home cooking have your boyfriend gain much weight.

However, because a boyfriend gets out of shape when he eats only a fatty thing, Make a dish calculating nourishment balance and a calorie, and let’s aim at gaining weight healthy.


Forbidden …

Bend knees. This is a last resort. When you walk, bend a knee lightly. In this way, you can lower height around 5cm. The point is to walk naturally.

While you are not used, attention is necessary because you are thought to be a funny child. However, the muscle of buttocks runs out when you continue knee bending and many kinds of priority such as hipping up are brought about.


What do you think about them?

There are 7 methods that I’ve thought of while I make trial and error. These methods do not simply level unevenness. It makes you more neatly by studying the coordinates of a hairstyle and clothes. Study a dish to have a boyfriend gain weight again. Walk three steps of back of the boyfriend, and you are to be a graceful woman.

Furthermore, you can make your hip up by knee bending. Don’t stop being so negative about height difference. Think of height difference in “a positive” way and take opportunity to raise the charm as the woman.



7 approaches to use height difference

・ To wear the warm color clothes
・ Height hair
・ To present secret shoes
・ To wear the cold color clothes
・ To walk three steps of back than a boyfriend
・ To have a boyfriend gain weight
・ Forbidden …


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