7 ways to get mental health

7 ways to get healthy mental
You get healthy mind  by sleeping.

Seven comfortable sleeping methods

an introductory way — it is thought that not almost all animals including the humans can make a living if it does not sleep.

Sleeping ,going to bed has played the large role in the health of “a brain, the body, and the heart” of us.

it went into bedding — yes, although it goes, you cannot sleep easily.

The more nearly you are going to sleep  ,the more wide-awake in the head.

whether to count “sheep to sleep — ?” was thought, and when he noticed, it was over 100 animals.

Haven’t you experienced?

To be suprising about 20% of a whole nation holds a certain sleep disorder, and it goes the medical institution frequently.

That is, one per five people feel a certain trouble about what “sleeping.”

We have a biological clock in the body and it has minced the rhythm on the first.

– natural sleep can be obtained by regarding the rhythm on the first of daytime and night as one.

Should it be cautious of what kind of thing in order to regain this rhythm?

This time, “mental health is got by sleeping and going to bed.

 7 ways to get mental health

seven comfortable sleep introduction ways! ” — I introduce them.

sleeping  — seven comfortable sleep introduction ways which get mental health by things!


1. get conscious of how to pass other than the time (daytime)  

The rhythm of the heart on its first and the body is got to know.

Sleeping hours is different by people

There are a person of the “long sleeper” who needs to sleep long time, and a person of a “short sleeper” also with calm also sleeping for a short time.

A standard is whether not to be attacked by strong sleepiness in the daytime, but to be able to work.

Moreover, a rhythm changes also according to a season by a day.

Their heart and a bodily rhythm are got to know, and it becomes a shortcut of sleeping and “sleeping” to find the life on the first which suited itself.

 Let’s bask in much solar light and reset a biological clock in the morning.

If you wake up, first, let’s open the curtain of the room and bask in a solar light fully in the morning.

A biological clock is reset and it comes to attach to sleep smoothly night.

(There is amount of sunlight sufficient also on a cloudy day.)  

 Exercise by spending the time which has occurred actively.

With desk work, those who can seldom exercise in the daytime need to move the body using short time.

For example, it is made to walk at the time of commuting.

You go to toilet on another floor

A squat is carried out lightly.

 You are carried out. tiptoe

An easy stretch is carried out, sat on a chair.

Let’s be conscious of moving the body using little time.


2. sleeping introduction method

 contents of the meal and how to eat you are changed.

 When taking in it, good nutrients are protein and vitamin B6.

A substance called melatonin is a substance within a brain which is called “sleep hormone” and induces sleep.

In order to build melatonin in a body, let’s take in protein and vitamin B6 moderately.

 the food containing both is “liver of beef and pork without the lean  , the bonito  , the yellowtail  , the chicken  , and fat of a tuna, and a hen, a cow and a pig”, etc.

In addition, there are “bean products, such as milk, dairy products and a soybean, and fermented soybeans, the egg “”, etc. in the food containing protein.

And since a dietary fiber improves substantial, if it takes in at the time of supper, before sleeping, it is lost that he is hungry of it.

Let’s keep the good meal of balance in mind and build the constitution which is easy to attach to sleep.

 Take care about the time of supper.

Let’s take supper 2,3hours before sleeping.

If a temperature in the living body goes up, and man becomes active and becomes night daytime, a temperature in the living body is lowered, and he starts the preparation which sleeps, and has become constructing.

If it has a meal night at late time, in order that the digestive organs may work and body temperature may go up, it becomes the hindrance of the body included in the preparation which sleeps.

 what will you eat as for a good thing, ,when you are hungry, and you are not able to sleep,s for example, hot milk, and herb tea.

Let’s drink .

the case where he would like to surely eat — a calorie — let’s make less good protein, for example, legumes, and nuts only few.

carbohydrate has too high a calorie and actually becomes difficult to sleep.


3.  sleep introduction

 By the time he sleeps from the evening, I will want you to carry out.

 Devise the lighting of the room.

Originally, man was leading the life of “occurring if the sun rises, and sleeping if it becomes dark.”

In modern society, by the spread of electric, since it is bright like daytime, a brain does not become the mode “which sleeps” night also, either.

After sunset should illuminate as darkly as possible.

Have not you thought “lighting is too dark” in the hotel etc.? Does it consider that that sleeps comfortably carefully and is lighting dark?

 A television personal computer is moderately.

Television and a personal computer will give a stimulus to a brain, in order that a strong light may go into eyes directly, and secretion of melatonin will be pressed down.

When seeing, as much as possible, let’s lower brightness and volume and make them into the environment where it sleeps.

Moreover, the contents are also good to choose a quiet thing.

 Toothbrushing is even 1 hour ago you have to.

Toothbrushing has the refreshment effect and will awake.

 Opt for your ceremony which the heart relaxes.

 Reading books,listening

Music with a relaxed effect .

The light stretch which breathes deeply is carried out.

If it decides its favorite thing and that its heart can be relaxed, he can sleep automatically. .


4.  sleep introduction

the things avoid before sleeping.

 You shold not bask in a strong light .

There are many convenience stores etc. and they have these days the place which electricity makes .

If it goes to a bright place night, it will keep that a biological clock comes, and it will awake.

 Avoid intense movement.

Let’s carry out intense movements, such as a walking and a jogging, even 3 hours ago.

A temperature in the living body goes up too much, and it becomes difficult to go into sleep.

 Before sleeping, what  is not good to eat?

Caffeine and alcohol should stop.

The effect of caffeine appears before or after 30 minutes.

Alcohol is excited, and it may become  moreover, it to be wide-awake on the contrary, and to sleep.

Moreover, since toxicity of alcohol is strong, it will be drinking heavily just and the quality of sleep will also worsen.


5. sleep introduction

 Body temperature is regulated in order to sleep.

 Warm hand and foot.

After people’s body temperature occurring, before it begins to go up and going to sleep, it begins to fall.

In order to lower a brain and a temperature in the living body, heat is emitted from end pieces, such as hand and foot, and it goes into sleep, and has become constructing.

Therefore, if hand and foot are cold, he cannot sleep.

If it warms with the footbath, the socks for keeping warm, a glove, etc., he can sleep automatically.

 How to take a bath

Bathing before you go to bed — for a while, if it enters slowly over about 20,30 minutes with the more tepid hot water of 38 , about 40 degrees, a relaxed effect will be acquired.

Since it will awake if a hot shower is taken at night, we cannot recommend you.

 Temperature of a bed

The temperature of a bed i with exactly sufficient 33-degree order.

It is the temperature which radiates heat easily from the surface of the skin and cold does not need to feel, either.

As for the hot time of summer, it is effective to build the flow of a wind with an electric fan etc., to take in cold or to use the goods which cool a head.

The cold time of the winter season warms the bed with the electric blanket before sleeping beforehand, and if you turn off , before going into a bed, it will sleep easily.

 and temperature are gone up too much attaching  and it becomes impossible to sleep.

It is also effective to warm itself  with hot water bottle in a step.

6.  sleep introduction

 Production of a comfortable bed is carried out.


A relaxed effect is brought about, and the light like the orange of the small filament lamp is easy per sleep, and carries out.

Let’s make the room as darker as possible, and also when reading a book, use an overhead reading light etc.


There is the method of urging sleep using an aroma, a scent, a potpourri, etc.

A scent with calming effects, such as “lavender and a chamomile”, and the scent of “a Japan cedar or a cypress” lead to the improvement of difficulty of sleeping introduction or halfway awakening.


If you are listing to calm music, CD urged to meditation, etc. are covered in the amount of low-pitched sound, it can prevent outer being noise and that it is too quiet to sleep.


7.  sleep introduction

 The heart and the body are relaxed.

 Carry out a light stretch.

Let’s carry out a light stretch before sleeping.

Strain of the heart and the body is loosened, a blood flow is improved, and there is an effect which removes the tiredness on the your day

How about looking for the stretch which suited itself, since it is introduced with the Internet, a book, etc.?

 Consider a good thing.

The time of sleeping is the end on your day.

I would like to come to think many things just for tomorrow.

But the thought of night is “wholly bad” for the heart and the body.

Rather than it, let’s appreciate ourselves today. .

I ask of myself, saying “The good idea occur tomorrow”, and, in the direction attached to comfortable sleep, a good idea appears with waking.

It is said that the great men of the world thought of the good idea in many cases while sleeping.

 Breathe deeply.

Let’s spread oxygen over the body.

First, it becomes on its back in a bed.

It is slowly begun over about 5 seconds to breathe out a breath from a mouth.

At this time, what was being dragged by getting sick on its mind and the heart should feel coming out together.

And it breathes slowly over about 5 seconds from a nose.

At this time, let’s feel that the inside of the body relaxes.

While repeating several times, things are also having slept while you are unaware.

How is it?

“Sleeping and going to bed” are important things indispensable to the health of the heart and the body.

For that purpose, a life in the daytime and sleep are considered to be one, and “how one day is passed” is becoming important.

Since you can do it, let’s take in to a life.

You  can sleep now comfortably gradually.

A relaxation is first in order to sleep.

even if you cannot sleep —- — saying that the “sleep introduction method” which suited itself can be found in the feeling of an about –

– it is .



7 ways to get mental health

Seven comfortable sleep introduction ways!

1. you are conscious of how to pass other than the time (daytime )

2. you should  cange what meal you can eat and how to eat

3.  By the time he sleeps from the evening, I will want you to carry out

4.   What he should avoid before sleeping.

5.  Body temperature is regulated in order to sleep.

6.  Production of a comfortable bed is carried out.

7.  The heart and the body are relaxed.


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