7 ways to be enthusiastic and relax by healing music

7 ways to be enthusiastic and relax by healing music
The power of music is mysterious. It sways people emotionally and heals a depressed mind.

As we get older, we listen to less music.

Especially when at home, you realize that you dn’t buy CD or download music as much as before, or you rarely listen to music.

The power of music is irrespective for men and women of all ages. We can benefit from music even as we get older. I’ll explain how to utilize music to heal your mind and to get motivated.


7 ways to be enthusiastic and relax
by healing music


1. Try music therapy

To begin with, let me answer to a question “is the music really healing?” The answer is yes.

Our mind can be healed by music. In ancient Rome, music was used as “a medicine of mind”. A big instrument like a pipe was played on the chest of patient. It was believed to deliver music directly to where the mind is.

A music therapy is developed in recent years, and is proved to be effective not only to mental illness but also to stiff shoulders and internal diseases.

It is still under development, but at least there are some effects. Music surely is effective to heal people.  So tell yourself that music is effective, and learn how to make use of it in detail!


2. Listen to healing music to begin with

Music from many genres is effective for healing and getting motivated. It is best to listen to your favorite music, but try to start from “healing music”.

 As I said, any genre is OK but you first need to experience to be healed by music.

Once you experience it, your mind is ready to be “healed by music”, and healing music is the best genre for preparation.  

You can buy CD, download, or use “YouTube” to look for favorite healing music

. On listening, darken the room.

Sounds enter your mind smoothly if there are less information from eyes.

Use indirect lighting if you have.

 Once experiencing to be healed by music, your mind can understand “music=healing”.

Start trying other genres and ways of listening from here.  


3. Listen together with drinks

The music is the most important thing, but enjoy with some supporting materials improves the healing effect.

“Beverages” are typical to enjoy with. Anything non-alcoholic is acceptable.

Avoid alcohols as they raise the level of tension and inhibit the effect of music.

In this case, music would be set aside, so not recommended.  

The point is to select a drink for “break time”.

A cup of coffee, tea, or anything is OK but caffeine can disturb your sleep

. If so, drink warm milk or some non-caffeine drink instead.  

It’s different for each person, but generally warm drinks have more healing effect than cold drinks.

Warm drink itself has a relaxing effect so it encourages the effect of music.

Drinking a glass or two of mulled wine will do good, but don’t drink too much to get drunk.


4. Enjoy aroma oils

Healing from music is “stimulation from sight”, so add “stimulation from smell”.

How about burning aromatherapy oils while listening to music? Or burning incense is also good.

But be careful with using perfume, as its scent is too strong and may cause opposite effect.

One thing to remember when using aroma and music together is to “match the effect of music and an aroma”.

 For example, if you listen to music with very high healing effect, also use an aroma with healing effect.

There are many kinds of aromas, for relaxing, for recovering from fatigue, etc.  

When using music and an aroma of different effect, their characteristics conflict and you may feel uncomfortable.  

Therefore prepare aromas of the same effect as music you listen.

You can feel a combined effect of music and an aroma.  


5. Find the song to listen after achievement

Everyone have an experience of “the moment of success”.

No matter how small or what situation it was.

It can be when “your confession of love was accepted” or “complimented by boss for your work”.

Rather say “happy thing” instead of achievement. 

Imagine the background music that goes with that moment.  I said to begin listening to healing music first, for your mind to understand the healing effect of music.

Now your mind has learned the effect of music, it is also important to feel “healing” and “motivation” from music of other genres.

Following will be the first step for it.  That is “the background music for your achievement”.

What kind of song do you imagine in your mind when you are happy or accomplish something? Listen to that song after experiencing healing music. Of course you can drink something with it. 

That will become “a second genre” of music, and you can make better use of music as you get motivated. In other words, you can heal your stressed, painful mind by yourself with music.

Now you can control your mind well.  


6. Avoid strong music

In the tip 5, I mentioned that any genre of music is OK if you can control your mind.

That includes “strong music”. Of course strong music can be used for healing, and especially effective to acquire motivation.

However, use of strong music is very difficult. The moment you seek for motivation is when your mind is depressed.

So you need to be healed first to get motivated. Strong music has more of an effect for motivation than for healing, and as a result it will “force you to get motivated without before you get healed”. 

You should avoid strong music when you are depressed because your mind wants to be healed first.  If you want to be motivated with strong music, you need to be really good at controlling your mind.  

In other words, it is difficult to feel healing and motivation by strong music, if you are not skillful enough to control your mind. As I said, healing music is the easiest genre to start with.


 7. Bring music and memory together

Don’t you have an experience of realizing “a certain smell” while you are walking, and suddenly recall the past?

Or remember the certain scene of the old memories as though you are actually seeing it? It happens especially in spring, filled with scent of nature.

 As you have experienced, good memories and smell sometimes have connections.

It’s same for music. Memories, especially happy ones, come back to mind by listening to music you were listening at that time.

 So recall the best time you had.

The memories after you started working are preferred, but the time you were together with your friends in school days is also good.  Find the music you were listening back then or popular songs in that time.

 As I said, memories and music have connections. If you feel anxiety, listen to songs you were listening in good times, or popular songs of your good times.

They will release you from anxiety and make you to think positively. It’s easy to search for old music by internet, so please try.


I hope you liked my tips.

Music has effects of healing our mind and motivates us. Not just to be trendy, but music can also be enjoyed to control your mentality.

Please make a good use of music to become a skillful person to control mind!



7 ways to be enthusiastic and relax by healing music

 1. Try music therapy

2. Listen to healing music to begin with

3. Listen together with drinks

4. Enjoy aroma oils

5. Find the song to listen after achievement 6. Avoid strong music


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