First Impression: Remove Distortion And Make Harmony

First Impression: Remove Distortion And Make HarmonyThere are good and bad moment or feeling .

I told you that is no good to make them positive aspects forcibly or to ignore.Then that can we do in negative moment?

In this article, I will talk about what I can do when you are in bad or good moment and how you an accept them.

 First Impression: Remove Distortion And Make Harmony

At first you should look at yourself from far away. It might be fun a while ago.

There is no communication today and make lonely.

I have had a fight with boy or girlfriend, so I am displeased. I made a mistake by work.First Impression: Remove Distortion And Make Harmony

Do not follow this kind of feeling or things that you got in recent. Firstly see yourself from far away like when you see the others.

Then, in the same way as a heart and feelings, you should notice that there is some “wave” for everyone’s. The big wave which performs positives and negatives.

“Harmony” is created by matching own intention and action with the wave, and many things improve for the better.


First Impression: Remove Distortion And Make HarmonyPeople who are in good time called “Have a good wave”,

it is quite right. For example, you challenge the sea called the life with one piece of surfboard.
Though a wave does not come, there is not a meaning at all even if I get on on a board.

If there is no wave, the surf board is going to be useless.

If there is really good wave, but if you stand in front of them?

The life is same as it, too.

“When you plant”

“When you see around”

“When you challenge”

“When you grow up”

“When you learn”

“When you protect”

“When you make it for a person”

“When you return to a social”

“When you go along around”

Each things have suitable time and action.

When you attack it you attack, and when you protect it you protect. This is the real. Let’s stop attacking and attacking it, and attacking it all the time, thoroughly like ordinary success theory and self-culture.

You do not surely follow even if you can get success only for an instant even if you can get a motivation only for an instant. Not only it produces a distortion in own heart, but also it becomes the cause that you miss a timing.First Impression: Remove Distortion And Make Harmony

There are sometimes bad and sometimes good. If there are positive feelings, there are the negative feelings. If motivations sometimes overflow, you are sometimes lazy.

You should get positive and negatives, and make yourself good “harmony” for your first impression.

Each person is different as for the timing, it is not necessary to get impatient.

The baby are interested in everything and they learn everything for the future.  Whenever or whatever, you just make  them aware. Then a distortion disappears, and harmony is born before long.


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