7 Hair root revival surgery for hair loss☆

Hair loss is a women's enemy! 7 Hair root revival surgery☆
Black shiny hair is the wish of the woman. Stress such as westernization of food and social advancement of women continue to change in recent years, women who suffer from hair loss has increased very much at the same time. There’re many hair tonics in drugstores. I guess many of you tried. However, as plants grow up with not only water, but also many factors, such as soil, sunlight, temperature and fertilizer, hair does not grow up with only hair tonic.

I’ll tell you how to care to regain the feminine hair before the thinning hair would progress.

7 Hair root revival surgery for hair loss☆


Part 1: Improve blood circulation

Hair is a place where cell division has been carried out the most in human’s body. Speed ​​of cell division gets worse if blood circulation becomes worse as well, hair will not grow with a weak hair root.

Stiffness of the shoulder and neck is evidence of poor blood circulation. I think people who are in the housework or job every day can’t take the time to loosen the stiffness, but the blood circulation gets better just by turning round and round a neck for dozen seconds, please care at job intervals.

Also, I think that there’re many people who only take a shower at night, but soak in the bathtub as much as possible, let’s promote the blood circulation by massaging the hands, feet, shoulders, neck.


Part 2 Brushing hair before shampoo

Hair which spent a day is tainted more than we think. You can now drop the dirt and dandruff or comb hair by brushing firmly before shampoo, and enhance the effect of shampoo.

I recommend and noar or pig hair for use in brushing because bristles doesn’t occur static electricity and it’s soft. The cuticle is open after bath time, it will be damaged and by brushing.
I recommend you to do in dry hair as much as possible before shampooing.


Part 3: Shampoo

Scalp has been protected from bacteria or dust in the sebaceous glands always. However, because that would fall into a vicious circle in reverse if you leave dirty sebaceous glands untreated, so make sure to shampoo once in two days.

There is also a massage effect by washing off the dirt and clean be finger tips, but shampoo, bad be careful because it’s easy to damage the scalp by nails.

Conscientious and neat shampoo should make hair roots that had been weakened in the dirt.


Part 4: Dryer

Too much dryer will damage not only the scalp but also the roots. You must be careful because cuticle that was once damaged by high temperature can’t return to that again.

Keep the distance as much as possible from the hot dryer air to prevent too much hotness on the scalp, and dry moving to the left, right, up, and down.
It does not matter to do the natural drying without drying completely, but be sure to dry completely before bedtime to prevent bruise germs and breeding hair.


Part 5: Sleep

Growth hormone is essential for hair growth. Growth hormone is secreted most at the time of the non-REM sleep which visits after 2 hours when you fell in sleep.

However, good quality of enough sleep should be prompted as you get older because the amount of the secretion decreases from a peak of twenties.
In order to take the better sleep, moderate exercise and right life style is important.


The 6: Vitamin E

Vitamin E nutrition is recommended for who concerns hair loss. Vitamin E prevents not only  oxidation of cells or sebum by removing the active oxygen, but also bad blood circulation.

Also, it’s glad for women because there is also power to erase freckles and age spots. Nuts and sesame seeds also contains a lot of vitamin E, be sure to eat consciously.


Part 7: Massage

Because massage improves the blood flow loosening the tension of the scalp, so you can create an environment for hair growth to prevent hair loss. However please stop stimulation clapping strongly or press strongly, it destroys cells.

Procedure of massage

– First rub gently by entire hand from the neck upward so that blood will easily flow.
– Massage by the ball of the finger from back head bottom hairline to top of the head .
– Place your finger on the hairline on the side of the head, move the scalp so as to draw a 2-3 laps circle by lightly pressing the scalp, and go to the up a little, and then massage repeating until the parietal region and then 2-3 laps.
– Make sure to massage the parietal region in the same way also the hairline of forehead and temple.
– With the fingers of both hands press the scalp of the parietal region at the end being careful for hair .

I think just in a few weeks starting above, you’ll feel better blood circulation which is eased the tension of the scalp.


How was it?

I think none of these isn’t so difficult because these are that you only add one moment of everyday life. It’s said life of the hair is five years, but there is also the case that it comes off even in three years because of irregular life and a lot of  daily stress.
If hair life gets shorter, you will tend to have thinning hair. Let’s aim 5-year life of the hair to have mastered the hair roots revival surgery.



7 Hair root revival surgery for hair loss☆

Part 1: Improve blood circulation
Part 2: Brushing hair before shampoo
Part 3: Shampoo
Part 4: Dryer
Part 5: Sleep
The 6: Vitamin E
Part 7: Massage


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