Retain tresses with the foods effective for hair growth

Retain tresses with the foods effective for hair growth
The hair growth is to grow hair understanding the cause of thin hair unlike sprouting hair. There are several methods of the hair growth, but it is based on improving your lifestyle.

By doing it that way the effect of the hair growth is given and you understand whether you need the treatment for sprouting hair in some cases.

Avoid lack of sleep, excessive stress, smoking and so on. The hair growth becomes difficult if the scalp becomes hard. And the improvement from the body is expected by having well-balanced foods.

You should know what the foods are effective for hair growth and have them proactively. However it is necessary to take care that there is something careful to take in too much among them.

Retain tresses with the foods effective for hair growth


Know about hair itself

The hair is composed of the protein called the keratin connected by 18 kinds of amino acids. You should take in vitamins and minerals with proteins in a balanced manner. Since what the metabolism and the blood circulation of the scalp decline leads to hair loss, you may eat the foods which improve your metabolism and your blood circulation.


Ingest protein

It is important to take in the quality protein. However, taking in only the fat such as meat will increase fat. A lot of sedum in the scalp will cause the clogging of the pore. Therefore it is soybeans that play a powerful part.

The soybeans are the quality protein and many people may know that it is said the meat in the field. And they are easily absorbed without taking in fat too much and you can easily take them in because they are used as various food such as miso, natto, tofu and so on. Please try to use them.


Ingest isoflavone similar to female hormones

The soybeans includes the integrant called the isoflavone similar to the female hormone.

Since you have become thin hair due to too many male hormones, you can keep a balance relative to the hormones with taking in the isoflavone similar to the female hormone and improve the effect of hair growth. In addition, it is effective in the prevention of thin hair for men to take in the capsaicin included in the hot pepper together.


Ingest vitamins

It is the vitamins that are needed to break down proteins and efficiently synthesize them. The vitamin A taken from the green and yellow vegetables is good for not only hairs but skins, that is, scalps. The representative examples are spinach, broccoli, carrots, and the vitamin A has the property of weak against heat.


Ingest vitamin 6

The vitamin 6 is necessary for the metabolism of the amino acid and to form blood. Since it abundantly contained in the fishes such as a Japanese horse mackerel or a mackerel, you should ingest it willingly. But if you are allergic to bluefishes, refrain from taking it in forcibly from them. Since there are the other fishes and foods which vitamin B6 is contained, you should take it in from them.


Ingest zinc in minerals

Speaking of mineral, you may form a picture in your mind of seaweeds and it is said that they are good for hairs, but it is better to paint than to eat because there is moisture retention. Therefore it does not seem to mean that it is good to eat a lot.

And it is said that a woman may have carcinogenic possibilities if she takes in seaweeds excessively. Keep a moderate intake in mind. Of course you need the well-balanced intake because the mineral is important.

On the other hand, zinc contained in oysters is called the hair-growth mineral, and you should take it in positively because you come to be able to eat them through a whole year these days.


Clean blood

The blood circulation is improved by cleaning blood, and the .metabolism is increased.

Naturally the blood circulation in the scalp is improved and it is connected to the hair growth. The representative foods to clean blood are garlic, green chives and onions.

Most of them are headily aromatic foods, and if you are not good at such things as garlic constitutionally, you should take it in through onions. The material called aricine decomposes a lump of blood


Utilize supplements in some cases

When you have had un-balanced foods despite yourself, or when you cannot eat the foods you dislike except when you are allergic to some food, it is one of the methods to take in with supplements. Since there are the supplements for hair growth, you can use them. However you should use them after checking the ingredients properly and confirming whether they can apply to you.


Have a meal at the regular time

Since the body learns the cycle by eating a well-balanced meal at the regular time exactly and the work of the digestive organs improves, you can absorb nourishment properly. On the contrary, you should eat the meal at the regular time as much as possible because the amount of food changes if the time is non-constant and it may affect hormone balance also.


How about things mentioned above?

In fact, an egg is the top of the foods good for hair-growth. It contains all the balanced nutrients to grow up. As you may know it, it is not good to disproportionately eat it too much even if it a good food for hair growth. You may understand it well if you see the excessive diet. If you eat a poor diet to get rid of excess fat for your health, you may not slenderize but become short on physical strength and make hair loss increased. Since to be physically in good health leads to hair growth, have the totally balanced foods at the regular time.



Retain tresses with the foods effective for hair growth

・ Know about hair itself
・ Ingest protein
・ Ingest isoflavone similar to female hormones
・ Ingest vitamins
・ Ingest vitamin 6
・ Ingest zinc in minerals
・ Clean blood
・ Utilize supplements in some cases
・ Have a meal at the regular time

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