7 grapefruit benefits to make better body condition

7 grapefruit benefits to make better body condition
The character of the grapefruit is refreshing, sour, and unique better taste. Period from spring to early summer is the grapefruit season. It is delicious to eat with it cold.

Even though it is a fruit of citrus, it has became to be called grapefruit because it is seemed like a bunch of grapes.

The grapefruit is a crossbreed of pomelos and oranges. Pomelos is known as a specialty of Kouchi prefecture. It seems difficult to cultivate in Japan unfortunately because the grapefruit is weak in cold climate. The grapefruit in the stores is mainly imported from the US.

The grapefruit is considered good for “the beauty and the health”. As it is, the grapefruit is a pack of nutrition. When you feel “tired”, the grapefruit benefit gives you a quick revitalize if you eat the grapefruit.

Let me introduce the grapefruit benefits that make the better body condition when you feel in good shape.

7 grapefruit benefits to make better body condition


1, The grapefruit is the treasure house of vitamin C

Speaking of citrus fruit nutrition is a vitamin C. Vitamin C reduces the active oxygen which cause the symptom of aging and cancer.

Vitamin C enhance immunity system and resistance for a cold. In addition, it helps absorption of the iron and avoid anemia, helps the protein produce, suppresses the melanin produce, and make beautiful fair skin. These are for beauty benefit.

The grapefruit has such good vitamin C surprisingly. One grapefruit contains the vitamin C about 160ng. You can take Vitamin C in half of grapefruit required amount for one day.


2, Bitter component makes stomach healthy

There is unique bitter taste in the grapefruit. This bitterness really is a kind of a polyphenolic called “naringin”. The crystal of naringin make you feel sharp stimulation in a mouth because it is a shape of sharp needle.

Not only anti-oxidant effect, naringin also breaks down fats and control appetite. Eating the grapefruit in a meal is recommended for people who need a special diet as treatment or who are on a diet, because only small quantity let feel full.

Naringin also has a effect to prevent an odor caused by aging; therefore, it is recommended for the people who concern the body odor little bit. Need caution who regularly takes medicine.

Naringin really change an action of the medicine, you must avoid the grapefruit when you take medicine. Taking together especially with the medicine of high blood pressure may cause side effects such as too low blood pressure and rapid heart rate.


3, Get over tiredness by the grapefruit

One of the causes that you feel tired is “swelling”. The causes of swelling are the body get too cold in the air conditioned place, take too much water and so on. The component which effects to subside swelling is potassium. In human cell sodium is rather much in the outside and potassium is rather much inside. That make balanced. With too much water intake or bad blood flow by the cold the sodium increases and gets into the inside of the cell. It is “swelling”.

Enough potassium can reduce swelling, get over the tiredness and sharpen straight up.

The grapefruit contains potassium alot. You can expect a beautiful skin benefit because it balances the osmotic pressure on a cell.


4, Strengthen Heart

Potassium works not only on reducing swelling. It also works on keeping the muscle functioning. In shortage of potassium, muscle contraction and relaxation do not occur normally; therefore, the digestive organs work irregularly. It causes irregular bowel and diarrhea.

In particular, it is important that it works on helping systole of the heart. Insufficient of potassium may cause a heart attack.

In the United States the symbol of the heart is marked on “the food that protects your heart”. The heart mark stands for “effective on heart”, and it is certified by a private organization, the American Heart association.

Of course a heart mark is on the grapefruit which is full of potassium.


5, Fix stomach condition

The grapefruit has fully nutrition beside the pulp. Particularly its skin and white puffy parts are the gather of dietary fiber. The pectin,dietary fiber in the grapefruit, is effective on antioxidant and antiinflammatory. So it works effectively on anti-aging.

Of course it works on fixing the stomach and irregular bowel. You need be careful for the way to take the dietary fiber in the grapefruit. The dietary fiber is not contained in the pulp and juice.

You should eat endocarp, peels and white parts. Intake of whole segment with the endocarp or of in the jam can be effective to take the dietary fiber of the grapefruit.


6, Appetite with acidity

When your appetite decline by summer heat, the grapefruit show an effective. The acidity of the grapefruit really is citric acid.

The citric acid works to decompose “the lactic acid” which exhaust your body. Lactic acid is the factor that caused the muscle pain. If you have muscle pain or want avoid muscle pain, it will be effective if you take the citric acid.

Moreover, the citric acid make thin blood and good blood flow. Better blood flow improves metabolism by nutrition running throughout your body. This is also one of the effects to get rid of tiredness.

the citric acid promotes the secretion of saliva. When you do not have good appetite, you should take the grapefruit in a meal. You can have a delicious dish of meat with acidity.


7, Relax with scent

The benefit of the grapefruit is not only by eating. I is good that you just feel it’s scent. The main component of the scent in the grapefruit is “limonene”. Limonene is an ingredient in the citrus peels.

The smell of the fragrance contained limonene stimulates sympathetic nerve, promotes the blood circulation and make the consumption efficiency of energy better.

Especial remarkable effect of the limonene has is “fat-burn effect”. It promotes the secretion of the lipase and burns fat. Moreover, it let secrete noradrenaline more and increase protein to burn fat.


How are these?

These are the effect of the grapefruit. The reason why grapefruit is good for “the beauty and the health” is understandable.

The grapefruit season is from the spring to summer, but it is in store all year. Good grapefruit is in a good shape and a heavy feel in your hand. You can eat deliciously 1-2 weeks if you save it in a plastic bag at a cool and dark place.

The simple way to eat is cut in half and eat it with a spoon. If it is too sour to eat, you can put honey little bit or drip brandy.

Let’s get good health condition by eating the grapefruit.



The 7 reasons why the grapefruit makes better body condition

1, The grapefruit is the treasure house of vitamin C
2, Bitter component makes stomach health
3, Get over tiredness by the grapefruit
4, Strengthen Heart
5, Fix stomach condition
6, Appetite with acidity
7, Relax with scent

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