Nine bad customs not to be done to get taller

Nine bad customs not to be done to get taller
Many people have a crush on the height like a model and the actor. The average heights of adult male were 165cm and female 153cm in 1945.
They have increased to 170cm and 158cm by 5cm each now. “Height is said to be heredity”, but the change of the eating habits is thought to influence the increase of height rather than heredity because they get much taller in comparison with 50 years ago.

Therefore never give up just because you have short parents. You can get a little taller from now on. Therefore let’s begin to get rid of a bad habit which prevent you from getting taller.

Nine bad customs for how to get taller


The partial eating habits

One of the big reasons why you don’t get taller is “the partial eating habits”. It is said,
“drinking a lot of milk” and “calcium is good”, but it is effective only in a period of growth. It is true that the milk has abundant calcium and protein, and is good for the health, but it cannot be recommended because drinking it in large quantities after coming of age is caloric and easy to cool a body and adverse effects appear to the stomach and intestines.

Talking of getting taller, everyone thinks calcium enables us to strengthen bones and grow height. It is surely necessary in the first place to consume not only calcium but also carbohydrates and protein, the vitamins in a good balance. When the eating habits are partial, brain and blood vessel, the muscle do not work normally.

Then nutrition to make a bone big does not reach it properly and it does not grow big after all. Lacking in energy for brain to give an order, and, without carbohydrates (glucose) in particular, it is not possible for us to exercise to make a strong bone. Be careful of the impossible diet because it can stop growing. Let’s try to have three meals, such as staple food in a good balance properly to get taller.


The high-fat eating habits

A person who like a fatty thing, a caloric thing, and eat a lot is dangerous. When you consume high-fat food too much, it disturbs the growth of the bone. Because it takes time to burn, overeating burdens the body.

Be careful of the junk food such as a hamburger or the doughnut, edible convenience food, the fried snack cake oil easily and the sweetness with full of butter and the cream. Because various geriatric diseases including high blood pressure and the arteriosclerosis are caused by the high-fat eating at the same time, the person who often eat out should keep a moderate intake in mind.


Excessive intake of the additive

A burden is to let your body process the nourishment which is not necessary, so it is the surplus intake of food additives that is dangerous in conjunction with the high-fat eating habits. Various chemicals are used now to acquire a beautiful color and fragrance to lower cost to let food last for a long time.

It is rather difficult to search for the food which doesn’t contain food additives at all. It becomes the adverse effects all the more to get taller in the period of growth. There are many additives particularly in processed foods such as fish paste, kamaboko, a sausage, the ham, junk food, ice cream, a snack cake and the cooling drinks. A person who eat a lot every day should be worried about salt and the oil and improve your eating habit.

In addition, the artificial sweetener included in sports drinks is not good because it disturbs internal mineral balance. You should drink them as hydration after sports and in sickness and refrain from drink them routinely.


Unstable sleep

“A growth hormone” plays an important role in getting taller. And the growth hormone is secreted while sleeping. “The sleeping child is brought up” is correct. However, it is not important to sleep for a long time but to take the sleep of good quality.

Therefore one hour and a half or two hours after going to bed, there are the most growth hormones being related deeply, and is secreted “the sound sleep period.” It is time for deep sleep = non REM when brain takes a rest. The growth hormone is active to restore skin and the hair which caught the daytime damage even if you are an adult.

The activity of the growth hormone is not active when you don’t sleep well. The person who can’t get rid of fatigue even if you sleep doesn’t get sleep of good quality during this period. At first let’s correct life rhythm. Take a nap briefly and keep regular hours. Stretching lightly before sleeping is efffective.


Pelvic skewness

The pelvic skewness may stop you from getting taller. If you have bowlegs and knock knee, and the stoop bend, the height becomes hard to increase. Because the back which formed a circle make you look smaller, stretch out consciously. Getting taller means growing your bones but you cannot grow up remarkably after naturally having come of age in comparison with a period of growth.

You would rather get taller by returning joint and muscle, the organic state of the body including the internal organs normally. Not stretching out but returning to the original height is a precise expression, but there are many people whose height lowers because actually a posture is bad unexpectedly. If a posture is good, you greatly look taller. Because pelvic correction or stretch are effective, please try this if you are aware of pelvic skewness.


To save stress

Stress and the autonomic imbalance, a modern serious and big trouble, results in various diseases. If a nerve is stimulated and you cannot sleep, a growth hormone is not active normally. When poor headache and blood circulation causes abnormality for the function of brain, the body cannot function properly.

The ability for metabolism decreases, and it doesn’t work for getting taller. Refraining from the use of the long-time PC near at hand and having the good eating habits of the balance, let’s stabilize autonomic nerve in regular life. Arrange time when you can be relaxed for hobby and don’t be so sensitive to anything.


Lack of exercise

Nourishment, sleep and exercise are necessary for getting taller. Move muscleand make circulation of the blood better, which can carry nourishment to the whole body. You cannot build up good muscle and bones and get taller without exercise. As for the person who keep the same posture for a long time or stay home quietly, a body is apt to be tense.

For several minutes daily and even several times, let’s do light exercise such as stretch. If you sleep well as mentioned, you can induce secretion of the growth hormone.


Overdoing of exercise

The lack of exercise is a problem, but too much exercise can be the reason why you don’t get taller. When you train a part of your body, such as only an arm or foot, a burden hangs only in a part of the muscle too much, and you cannot get taller adversely. Training of your own, dumbbell motion, pressurized training using weight or the rubber and training to the limit should be improved.

Let’s obey the instructions of the specialized trainer. Recovery time after the training is required to muscle and when you train forcibly every day, it disturbs the growth of the bone. Don’t forget to stretch before and after exercise from head to foot in a good balance, and keep reduction of the burden on bone in mind.


Pollution such as the environmental endocrine disrupter

The environmental endocrine disrupter disturbs growth of the height, so that food additives adversely affect a body. Environmental endocrine disrupter in a synthetic chemical in the environmental is the thing which work like a hormone, and may have an influence on the generative function especially when taken inside by the body of the creature.

The pollution was not serious to domestic farm products, but an accident happened to the generative function of various creatures both abroad and in Japan. Washing the foliage plant vegetables neatly, choosing an indigenous and distinctive production center and a producer and avoiding fatty meat, please try not to collect a pollutant in the body and to get taller.


What do you think about that?
The eating habits that are kind to a body and enough sleep, the relaxation of the stress become other disease prevention by security. You can improve yourself little by little by doing what you can. If you get taller nimbly healthfully and you can help break off a trouble, I am very glad. Please try without giving it up.



Nine bad customs for how to get taller

・ The partial eating habits
・ The high-fat eating habits
・ Excessive intake of the additive
・ Unstable sleep
・ Pelvic skewness
・ I save stress
・ Lack of exercise
・ Overdoing of exercise
・ Pollution such as the environmental endocrine disrupter


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