7 Spare-time Workouts for Slim Thighs

Get Great Legs – 7 Spare-time Workouts for Slim Thighs
You went on a diet and got slimed face and arms.  Yet, your thighs somehow remain big.  Paying attention to diets, you are surely getting beautiful.  But, your thighs….

Introducing here are exercises for slim thighs that are maybe the toughest part to have lose weight in spite of your efforts.

7 Spare-time Exercises for Slim Thighs


Goal Setting

“Why my thighs are so big? Don’t they get lose weight ever?” Those who have been bothered over such, do you have any ideal thighs in your mind? Setting a specific target of “weight loss of certain pounds” rather than a vague wish for “getting slim” will pump you up to achieve your goal. Now, set a target and stir up your enthusiasm.

Still, there might be some who cannot think up specific targets. Here is how to calculate an ideal size of a thigh
Your Height (cm) x 0.3 = Ideal size of your thigh (the largest part of your thigh)
Now, you know the ideal size? If you are disappointed with the gap between your thigh size and the ideal size, try the following slim down program.


Lymphatic Massage

The thighs in the lower body are under the strong influence of gravity. Impaired flow of lymph causes accumulation of waste products in the lower body and, thus, swelling, which has significant impact on the size of thigh.
Then, does that mean thighs will be slimmed if swelling is removed?

1) You have leaden feet upon wake up in the morning
2) You have swollen and heavy feet and feel like your shoes become tight in the evening
3) You feel lumps on your thighs

If you have any of the above symptoms, you might possibly slim your thighs by removing swelling. For removal of swelling, lymphatic massage is effective.

 How to Do Lymphatic Massage

It is best to have a lymphatic massage after bath when blood circulation is improved. Apply cream or oil for a smooth massage. It is better to use cream or oil that helps increase blood flow.

1) Massage across from your knee up to groin by sliding your hands with some pressure.
2) Massage your thigh by a grabbing motion. Cover all areas of your thighs.
3) Squeeze upward your thigh. Grab and squeeze your thigh with both hands like squeezing a wash cloth.
4) Stroke your thighs upward with little pressure.

The above 1) to 4) count as one set. Repeating this routine for 3 times will take effect. It is refreshing to have swelling go down.



Squat is effective not only for thigh slim down but also for lower body toning. It is also effective to tone muscles running along the back of the thigh from the hip that are not used in daily movements.

 How to Squat

1) Cross your hands behind your head, set your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, and stand upright.
2) Keeping an upright posture, slowly lower your buttocks. Be sure not to stich your buttocks out, which lowers the effect by half.
3) Lower your buttocks down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and move upward slowly.

How do you like it? Do you feel your muscles on thighs, hips, calves, and even abdomen are now activated by the exercise 1) to 3)?

Aim for 2 sets of 10 repetitions of this squat per day. Yet, you should not overdo it. Over exercising causes sore muscles, which may result in making muscles thick. If you wish for beautiful legs, start with 1 set a day.


Quick Thigh Slim-down Workout

For those who do not want to bother themselves to make time for workouts, there is a set of easy exercises seated in a chair. The workout is well-received by the people who have tried for its immediate effect while it is simple and requires only 10 minutes a day.

It is called “Quick Thigh Slim-down Workout” that sounds indeed effective.

 How to perform the workout

There are 2 basic exercises of the workout.

Basic Exercise 1

1) Sit up tall closing your legs.
2) Place your hands between your thighs near groins.
3) Grip your inner thighs and push outward with your hands. Squeeze your legs inward against your hands.
4) Keep the posture in 3) and lift your heals up and down while your toes are on the floor.

The target numbers of stepping are 30. Yet, be sure not to overdo it until you get used to this robust exercise.

Basic Exercise 2

1) Sit up tall with your legs as wide open as possible.
2) Keep the posture and slide your hands beneath your thighs, palms upward.
3) Gripping the back of your thighs, pull your hands outward.
4) Keep the posture in 3) and lift up and down your heels while keeping your toes on the floor.

Repeat the stepping for 30 times, too. But, don’t overdo it till you get used to it.



Holding something between your knees applies unexpected pressure to your thighs. This is an effective “exercise on the side,” for example, while watching TV.

1) Sit at the front edge of a chair.
2) Put a phone book between your inner thighs.

All you do is these simple movements. Anything with about 2 inches thick would be OK. According a person succeeded in this exercise, the weight of a phone book gives adequate stimulation.

A very positive effect can be expected from holding something between your inner thighs. It would be good to try one of the exercise accessories in an easy-to-hold shape with a benefit for stretching available for sale.


Leg Swing

While brushing your teeth, doing the dishes in the kitchen…it is an easy stretching exercise whenever standing.

1) Stand on your left leg, keep your toes pointing forward paying attention to the heel cord, and lift your right leg backward left.
2) Switch legs and repeat 1).

This exercise is actually tough. Be careful not to overdo it until you get used to it.


Leg Lifting

This is a stretch exercise lying on the floor. There are 2 kinds of movements.

Exercise 1

1) Lie flat on your back relaxing your lower body.
2) Lift your right leg keeping the knee straight as you exhale.
3) Keep your right leg in the air as high as possible for 10 seconds. Return to the starting position slowly.
4) Switch legs and repeat 1) to 3).

Perform 1 set of 10 repetitions for each leg. You feel your muscles on hips through the back of thighs are activated.

Exercise 2

1) Lie on your side supporting your body with an elbow.
2) Swing your upper leg

Switch sides. Perform 1 set of 10 repetitions for each side. You feel your muscles on the front thighs stretched.


What do you think of this workout?
It takes only short time to do any of these exercises. That you feel your muscles activated even by these light exercises indicates how much those muscles are spoiled in daily life.

For slimming down your thighs, of course, this workout has a benefit. Meanwhile, walking with attention to the thigh muscles or actions in daily life like standing up and sitting down is also effective.
Which method would you like to try? Picture toned thighs in your mind and try the workout now.



Get Great Legs – 7 Spare-time Exercises for Slim Thighs

・ Goal Setting
・ Lymphatic Massage
・ Squat
・ Quick Thigh Slim-down Workout
・ Holding
・ Leg Swing
・ Leg Lift

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