7 methods of muscle training needed for marathon

7 methods of muscle training needed for the marathon
Recently more and more people ran a marathon. The local marathon is a great success with citizen runners. Marathon is seemed a very simple sport; just run a long distance.

Many people may think that just running does not require a special training and may think that workout makes muscle heavy and bother while running.

In fact, muscle training is very important for the marathon. In a marathon you run for long distance if you do not firmly trained, you will get injury or failure. Or you may not finish.

But building unnecessary muscle too much to run could cause bad influence such as suffering from extra load.

For marathon you want muscle that keep you a good posture to run to finish. The muscle training for long distance run let you effective run. Top runners;including MIZUKI NOGUCHI the gold medalist at Athens Olympic Games; try muscle workout.

Let’s see what kind of muscle training you need specifically, show you the effective muscle training for the marathon.

7 methods of muscle training needed for the marathon


Train the rectus abdominis muscle

The rectus abdominis muscle is in around the abdominis from the stomach. It is the muscle to use support front of body when you run. Sit-up is effective to exercise abdominis muscle. These are the sit-ups that even a beginner can try.

trunk curl(the upper rectus abdominis muscle workout)
1,turn over on your back with bending knee
2,cross your hands back of the head
3,sit up to watch a navel
Though movement is small and burden to a waist is light,it is very effective workout.

leg-raise(the lower rectus abdominis muscle workout)
1,lie on the back and palms facing down, put the arms on the side of the body.
2,up and down your leg while supporting your body with your arms. do not bend knee.
When you put up legs, to be more effective do not touch butt on floor. Let’s try Trunk-curl and Reg-raise 3 sets(10 times per 1 set).


Train the erector spinae muscle

The erector spinae muscle is usually called back. The erector spine muscle is located on both sides of the backbone. This muscle supports the body from behind.

Back extension
1, lie face down on the floor and cross both hands behind a head
2, bend upper body from your waist as not moving the lower body.
3, bend down slowly the upper body.

Do not bounce when you rise up your upper body. Also do not rise your chin. Let’s try this 3 sets(10 times per 1 set).


Train the quadricep femoris muscle

quadriceps femoris muscle is the muscle on the front of the thigh. Thigh muscle is necessary to run.

Front lunge
1, stand up straight with your hand on waist.
2, take right foot big step.
3, slowly put your weight on the right foot.
4, move your upper body until a knee make 90 degree.
5, slowly be original position.
6, change a foot and try 2-5 times.

no bouncing and be conscious on applying to muscle. try 10 set (left and right per 1 set).


Train the hamstring

Hamstring is the muscle backside of the thigh. The muscle backside of the thigh swings legs back and is to move legs like flowing.
If you train this muscle, you will be able to run with big sliding step. Let’s try easy workout with a chair that you can train the muscle at home.

Chair leg curl
1, lie face up and put legs on a chair. Put knee to 90 degrees and place your hands beside your body with palms down.
2, move up waist as supporting your body by hands.
3, slowly move back to the original position.

The point is not swift. Be firmly conscious you are moving the muscle. Try 3 sets slowly( 10 times per 1 set).


Train the gluteus maximus

Gulteus maximus is the muscle of buttocks. The muscle is to kick legs back. Let’s try workouts that you can train the hamstring and abdominal muscle together.

1, lie down on your back and put knees up. Put your hand beside a body with palms down.
2, as supporting by your arms, put up buttocks from a waist slowly.
3, count numbers…;on count 1,2,3,4, you hold up, and on count 5,7,6,8, hold down.

try about 3 sets(10 times per 1 set). This workout is effective on hip-up, you really should try this for beauty.


Train a calf

This is the muscle that you can easily damage in marathon, so you need to train well. Try this simple workout using the wall.

standing calf raise
1, stand with legs open at the width of waist, place your hands on the wall at the shoulder hight.
2, as supporting the body by hands, raise the heels up.
3, slowly move down heels.

The point of this workout is also to do slowly. You can train muscle well when you hold up to the position that you cannot put up no longer.
If you want more loads, you do one by one foot and it will be effective. Try 3 sets( 10 times per 1 set).



Squat is effective training for lower body muscles evenly. It is good for a slight spare time.

1, stand with legs open at the width of waist, and cross hands behind a head.
2, straight your back and bend your legs slowly as straight down your waist.
3, balance on your feet with your thigh parallel to the floor and move back slowly.

It is OK that you make posture pushing out buttocks. It is the point to use the muscle well that you do not sit close to the floor. Try 3 sets(10 times per 1 set).


How about these?

These are the muscle and training that you need for a marathon. Well training of muscle workouts bring you comfortable run and you will be surprised.
The training of slow movements makes muscle tired. The muscle needs some rests. Rather than training everyday, it is effective that you train once in 2 to 3 days.
Before you start muscle workouts, please stretch your muscle first to prevent injury or failure. Muscle training is to run a marathon safely and comfortably. Be sure that not to get injured in muscle training.



7 methods of muscle training needed for the marathon

Train the rectus abdominis muscle
Train the erector spinae muscle
Train the quadricep femoris muscle
Train the hamstring
Train the gluteus maximus
Train the calf

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