7 ways of taking in the fava beans nutrition for beauty

7 ways of taking in the fava beans nutrition for beauty
Fava beans, which is in the season from spring to early summer, is popular as an appetizer or a snack, even if they are just boiled. Fava beans are called one of the oldest farm products in the world、and they were produced from the Neolithic era.

They’re named fava beans because they grow facing to the sky. The more they’re fresh, the more they taste good. The nutrient of beautiful Jade-colored fava beans is effective in beauty.

Fava beans don’t have water too much, and the nutrition is condensed such as vegetable protein, vitamin, and mineral. They are well-balanced products and low-calories. You can find various beauty effects of fava beans.

7 ways of taking in the fava beans nutrition for beauty



Improve metabolism.

Fava beans include plenty of vitamin B complex. Vitamin B is the necessary nutrient to make new cells. Especially, fava beans include vitamin B2 a lot. It is called the vitamin of growth, which helps metabolism and promote the growth of skin, hair, nail, and so on.

Also, Vitamin B2 can control lipid peroxide which is the cause of aging, and you can try to avoid the stain of wrinkles on skin and gray hair. Also it is helpful for protecting mucous membrane such as your eyes or tongue.


Resolve swelling.

Swelling is the powerful enemy against beauty. If you leave the swelling, your metabolism would become bad. It means that the function to change the nutrition into energy even if you take in enough through your diet. Also it would accumulate as fat and would be the factor of some skin troubles such as confusing of skin turnover.

Fava beans has plenty of potassium. Potassium works to resolve sodium and extra water inside yourself. Furthermore, it prevents and improves the swelling. It also resolves alcohol, so you can expect the effect in swelling by too much alcohol.


Prevent yourself from rough skin.

Zinc included by fava beans is necessary for the composition of the organization itself for proper metabolism. Especially the metabolism of skin is high, so zinc is always needed. If this zinc becomes short, it can’t make healthy skin, and it would be the cause of rough skin such as eczema of pimples. Also, zinc has detox effects and it is the
excellent inducer of the protein which can discharge poisonous substances.

Fava beans include plenty of zinc in comparison to other beans. So take in fava beans a lot while the season of them, and let’s prevent yourself from rough skin.


Make your skin more beautiful.

Maybe many people don’t know this, but the function of liver is important for beautiful skin. If the function of liver decreases, enough amount of collagen can’t be regenerated and your skin would have become loose. Also, when the detoxification function decreases, the swelling like pimples appear to discharge poisonous substance from skin. The nutrient named lecithin included by fava beans works for the promotion of basal metabolism in liver.

Also, a lot of vegetable protein in fava beans protects the function of it. Keep the health of liver, and you can keep your beautiful skin. You can say that fava beans are the helpful products for health of liver.


Do the diet.

Fava beans has plenty of vitamin B complex which is related to metabolism. Vitamin B complex is helpful for using fat and glucose as energy, and avoid to accumulate them as fat. Especially it is including vitamin B1 to promote the secretion of digestive juice, vitamin B2 related to fat metabolism, and niacin to promote bloodstream or metabolism
of energy.

These vitamin B complex can metabolize carbohydrates or fat effectively, and resolve the body fat inside yourself. You don’t have to be serious for the calories even if you’re on a diet, so let’s take in them as much as you can.


Resolve your constipation.

Fava beans include insoluble dietary fiber a lot, which swells by taking in water.
This insoluble dietary fiber swells out to dozens of times in your intestine, and stimulate intestinal wall and improve peristaltic movement. Insoluble dietary fiber resolves the waste products so it is effective in constipation. These days, you can find the fava beans whose pods are eatable, so it is easy for you to take in all nutrition of fava beans.

herefore, you can take in a lot of dietary fiber and it is more effective in constipation.


Recovery from fatigue

Vitamin B complex is especially included a lot in fava beans. Especially, vitamin B1 resolves carbohydrates and help changing that form into what is easy to become energy. Therefore, it prevent your body from the accumulation of fatigue material like lactic acid and it can be helpful for recovery from fatigue. Fava beans include iron content, which improve the function of hemoglobin and carry oxygen and nutrition effectively. Furthermore, it is effective in recovery from fatigue. It is also important to have a rest for beauty. Now that, let’s remove fatigue by the power of
fava beans.


How was it?

The nutrient included by fava beans is effective in Lifestyle-related disease such as arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure. It is reliable product not for only beauty but also health.

Especially, vitamin B complex is water soluble. So, if you boil them, there are plenty of nutrition in boiled water. Don’t abandon it, and make soup with that boiled water.

Let’s take in all nutrition of fava beans. Fry naked fava beans in oil, and you can find the better taste and take in all nutrition. But you can’t take in fava beans with best condition every day. Try to eat them as much as you can while the season of them. If you do it, you will understand the beauty effects of them with your heart.



7 ways of taking in the fava beans nutrition for beauty

・Improve metabolism.
・Resolve swelling.
・Prevent yourself from rough skin.
・Make your skin more beautiful.
・Do the diet
・Resolve your constipation.
・Recovery from fatigue

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