9 bad habits I have for fatty liver cure

9 bad habits I have for fatty liver cure
The fatty liver is the liver with neutral fat and cholesterol inside. Normally, fat from food is broken down into fatty acids in the small bowel, and sent to the liver. But if you take too much sugar or fat, there will be more fatty acids which is sent to the small bowel, and the neutral fat made from fatty acids in the liver will stay there.

The health liver has 3-5% of fat, but the fatty liver has more than 5%. You can cure it by improving your lifestyle. But if you are not successful, you must have bad habits for fatty liver cure. Let’s check if you do.

9 bad habits I have for fatty liver cure


Eat a lot of food that are actually full of fat

You try not to eat fried food for your fatty liver? That’s not enough. There are a lot of food that contain fat, such as processed food of meat like sausages, hams and dumplings, mayonnaise, dressing, margarine and nuts, as well as fried or stir-fried food. Oil is also used for curry, sandwiches and potato salad. As you see, there are a lot of food around you that contain fat.


Too much drinking

Some fatty liver is caused by alcohol. Too much drinking leads the fatty liver first, but then it may also lead alcoholic liver ailment.

So if too much drinking causes the fatty liver, you can simply stop drinking, and you will cure the fatty liver in a short period of time. You will not be able to cure it forever if you keep saying, “I know I should stop drinking, but I just can’t.”


Do you love rice? Too much carbohydrates

Carbohydrates is important nutrient, but it stays in your body as fat if you don’t use it as energy. Fat is broken into in the liver, but if there is too much fat in the liver, it can’t work properly and the liver will become the fatty liver.

Rice or white bread can be digested quickly, so people who like those tend to eat too much.


Can’t stop having sweets

Recently, there are a lot of men who love sweets, as well as women.

But sweets and fruits contain a lot of sugar contents, which is absorbed quickly. So if you have too much sweets, the sugar contents are broken into neutral fat and they stay in the liver, and they make the liver fatty.


Have sweet drink on a daily basis

Don’t forget to be careful of sweet drinks such as soft drinks or juice. Even if you don’t take sweets, you will end up having too much sugar content from these drinks.

Soft drinks contain more than 10 grams of sugar in one bottle. One stick of sugar is 3 grams, so it means you take more than 3 sticks of sugar by one soft drink. Also, you could take more sugar in coffee or tea.


Sleep right after eating

You should be especially careful after dinner. If you sleep right after eating, you don’t use energy from food but keep it in the liver. Autonomic nerve in divided into sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve.

Sympathetic nerve breaks fat and consume energy, and parasympathetic nerve increase fat and keep energy inside. At night, parasympathetic becomes more active. That’s why you shouldn’t sleep within 2 hours after dinner to avoid the fatty liver.


Lack of sleep

When you don’t have enough sleep, orexigenic hormone called ghrelin increases, and anorectic hormone called leptin decreases. As a result, lack of sleep leads appetite and too much food causes the fatty liver.

Fat kept in the liver works as energy when you sleep. So lack of sleep can cause the fatty liver.


Lack of exercise

You can get rid of neutral fat in the fatty liver by doing exercise. The muscles accelerate metabolism and help breaking harmful materials. Aerobic exercise is recommendable.

It’s ideal to walk for more than 30 minutes, and more than 3 times a week. Exercise without oxygen requires almost no body fat, so you should be careful what kind exercise you do.


Skip breakfast

If you don’t take enough amount of nutrient by skipping breakfast or so, your body thinks you are in a starvation state, and try to absorb and keep nutrition the next time you eat something. Irregular eating habits strain the liver, and it can lead the fatty liver.


How did you find it?

Did you find out your bad habits you do unintentionally? It might be hard at first to cure the fatty liver, but you will be able to do it as you try little by little. So, why don’t you start working on your bad habits?



9 bad habits I have for fatty liver cure

・Eat a lot of food that are actually full of fat
・Too much drinking
・Do you love rice? Too much carbohydrates
・Can’t stop having sweets
・Have sweet drink on a daily basis
・Sleep right after eating
・Lack of sleep
・Lack of exercise
・Skip breakfast


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