7 essential habits for clear skin

7 essential habits for clear skinSometimes we see people who have amazingly clear skin. Their skin is lustrous, sleek, and healthy enough to spring back when it is touched with a fingertip.

You should want to have such a clear skin.
How do they maintain clear skin? Of course they have tips, but the tips are not special. They have just simple habits in the daily life.
So, let’s find out their habits in their life.

7 essential habits for clear skin


Good eating habits

Many people care about eating habits for the health. Then what should we care about to maintain healthy skin?
– Go easy on your eating. Do not eat until full.
When you eat until full, digestion takes a long time and pushes your internal organs into overwork. That affects your metabolism, and leads to a skin disorder.


Well-balanced meals

Not just for clear skin, eat well-balanced, various foods. Many people who have clear skin prefer vegetable protein such as beans, and avoid meat and fish because they are heavy for digestion.

– No snacks between meals

Eating snacks between meals means taking a long time for digestion. It reduces the basal metabolism. Take meals regularly, and have a time for resting your digestive organs. In that sense, you need to avoid taking meals just before sleep. To finish meals by three hours before you sleep is an ideal habit.

– Drink water
Adults need 1.5L water a day. People who have clear skin take a bit more consciously. Wastes in the body are excreted with urine. Building a good biological environment by taking water is important for improving the elimination. Non sugar drinks such as water or tea are better than drink that contains sugar of salt.



Do you know that exercisers have more collagen than non-exercisers?

Exercise improves the lung-function and the blood circulation, then spreads essential substances for regeneration of skin over the body smoothly. In addition, a good sweat removes dirt and wastes from the skin. A kind of moisturizer in sweat gives moisture to skin naturally. That is why their skin is sleek and healthy.

Recommendable exercise is an aerobic ones such as walking, jogging, swimming, and aerobics. Another good exercise is stretching that improves limberness of the body. However, be careful not to do too much. Over-exercise makes active oxygen that accelerates aging.


Simple skin care

Do you recall the common words that people who have clear skin say?
“I do nothing for my skin.”
You will not believe that, and may think they know special care, but their skin care is very simple.
It is just two, “wash,” and “moisturize.” They have various ways for that, but the same thing in their care is “to take care gently.”

Never rub your skin roughly. Skin gets stressed when it is applied pressure 1g or over. To know the pressure, push a scale with your finger. You will find how light the touch is. To wash with such a soft touch, the foam is so important. Use much foam so that your fingers hardly touch your skin directly.

Their moisturizing is not special too. They give their skin plenty of skin lotion. Any skin lotion will do as long as it fits for your skin. You may think the expensive ones are better, but perhaps you may save that because of the price. To use plenty of lotion seems effective even if the lotion is not expensive.


UV protection

You may lower your guard to UV in winter since the weak sunshine. However, people who have clear skin protect UV all the year round. They use sunscreen and use parasols when they need. In any season, The UV rays are strong between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Avoid going out during the hours if you can.



You need to sleep enough. 8 hours is ideal. Still, even if you sleep 8 hours, do not sit up late on the day before the day off. The quality of sleep is depends on the time zone.

The best time for sleep is between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am. This is the important time zone for the secretion of growth hormones. If you sleep during the hours, your metabolism will function well and your body will be refreshed. The cells in the body are regenerated during those hours. They say that children who sleep well grow up strong, but it is not a privilege for children. Get sleep enough.


No smoking and moderate drinking

Nonessential items such as tobacco or alcohol are enemies of clear skin. Tobacco is especially bad because it prevents good blood circulation. Then it reduces oxygen in the body. No smoking is the best since smoking affects not just your skin, but also your health.

Moderate drinking is good because it improves blood circulation. However, never drink too much. It prevents your basal metabolism.



Stress turns your condition worse. It is because stress prevents basal metabolism. When you get irritated, do something fun to work off steam. Do not keep the stress until the next day.
Everyone has his or her way to work off steam. You can kill two birds with one stone by relaxing in the bath, or by exercises that make your breath calm like yoga.


The most effective one is laughing. They say, “If you just laugh, you get healthy.” The power of laughing to “make you positive” is strong. Try it without concerning if get wrinkles on the face. You use muscles on your face when you laugh. That improves blood circulation, so it is very good for making your skin healthy.

All the habits of people who have clear skin are not hard, just little cares that everyone can do. Try them and get your own clear skin.



7 essential habits for clear skin

– Well-balanced meals
– Exercise
– Simple skin care
– UV protection
– Sleep
– No smoking and moderate drinking
– Laugh

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