Effective tea to detox & 7 Ways to enhance the effect

Effective tea to detox & 7 Ways to enhance the effect
Some of tea to drink every day, some of the diuretic effect that is suitable for excrete accumulated toxins in the body, some of the effect of good bowel movement and, there are some of the effect of antibacterial.

Rather than drink sweet soda when thirsty, it is possible to be replaced by tea, you will be such effect is obtained.
But what should I choose what kind of tea? Also, how to drink it, efectively will can detox?

Effective tea to detox & 7 Ways to enhance the effect


Green tea

Speaking of tea the Japanese drink, it would be green tea.
Many delicious green tea producing area in Japan, you can get a rich kind of green tea in the variety in specialty stores.

Astringent ingredient “catechin” contained in green tea is a type of polyphenol flavonoids system. It, there is an anti-oxidant action, strengthen immunity, suppresses carcinogenesis.
Also, it is to prevent high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, inhibits the absorption of fat sugar, suppresses the growth of bacteria.
Because “catechin” is lost by fermentation, it than the fermented tea such as black tea , oolong tea, is much contained green tea, especially tea leaves.
It contains many minerals, dietary fiber, and excrete waste.
It also contains many β-carotene, vitamins C.
“Theanine” flavor component is to control the blood pressure, relaxes the stress, to adjust the balance of the autonomic nervous.
In a kind of polyphenol “tannin” , there are antioxidant action and anti-cancer effects.

Components to be extracted into tea are limited, but recently, in powder form, there is a green tea that was dissolved in hot water drink the whole tea leaves.
It can be effectively ingest component.

Hot tea also cold tea is also delicious. Cold tea, you can drink easily delicious if the water out.

In addition to drink, sweets such as tea dumplings, mix in ice cream, cakes and cookies, delicious.
Specialty store of green tea, there are green tea sweets and delicious tea, recently, seem to be popular.


Pearl barley tea (Tear grass tea)

Pearl barley tea, there is a savory taste and aroma, is a real tea Gramineae.
It contains a lot of potassium that diuretic effect, there is also the effect of preventing edema and bladder stones.
Component of “Koikisan” pearl wheat peculiar is to actively metabolism of skin, encourages regeneration of horny cells. Therefore, it is effective in trouble improvement of your skin, such as sharkskin, acne, blemishes, freckles.
In addition, “Koikusenoraido” is calm inflammation of purulent dermatitis, create a beautiful skin. Dietary fiber will also be included many.

Since the pearl barley tea has the effect of cooling the body, when a hot summer it is effective.

Pearl barley tea, not just drink as tea, it is you can burn to mix the powder into bread and baked goods, may use to batter fried.
You will obtained the beautiful skin effect, diuretic action, constipation resolved of pigeon wheat.
In addition, when added to when you cook a flaky prone brown rice, it goes up moist cooking.

Also served delicious be blended with other tea.
For example, dokudami tea is effective in detox, but there are distinctive aroma.
When blended with pearl barley tea, making it easier to drink adds fragrant aroma.


Bamboo tea

From ancient times in Japan, bamboo has been used in a variety of foods such as bamboo dumpling, “Chimaki”, bamboo sushi.
This is not only bamboo to improve the flavor, by using a bactericidal antibacterial, because can be kept fresh.

The bamboo leaf extract, there is suppressing working the generation and growth of bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori, Staphylococcus aureus.
In addition, to strengthen immunity, and to strengthen the cell membrane, to keep the health of body tissues.

Bamboo polysaccharide is to maintain the health of cells, improves immunity.
It improves the symptoms such as gastric ulcer, is effective in lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, the prevention of cancer.
It includes a dietary fiber lignin, and then discharged to adsorb carcinogenic substances in the intestine.
In addition, vitamin B1 is fatigue, vitamin B2 will activate the mucosal cells.

Bamboo leaf has superior efficacy, it has been used as a folk medicine since ancient times.
There are effects such as fatigue, prevention of colds, kidney disease and improvement of bad breath, stomatitis, asthma.
Not only drinking, as external medicine, put the raw leaf in the bath, as tisane, it is used to improve the heat rash.
Fresh raw leaves, have been drunk over the mixer as a green juice.


“Megusuri-no-ki” (Tree of eye drops) tea

As the name, a good tree to the eye, it has been known as the eye of the magic bullet from ancient times.
In Japan specialty, is a deciduous maple family native to Japan around except for the part of the cold climates.

Tea is something that was drying the bark, twigs, leaves.
The “Rod Den Dror” of bitter components, has the effect of relieving eyestrain, strengthening the liver function, increasing the detoxification.
In addition, it will inhibit the progression of cataract. It is effective in improving blurred vision, eliminating the gum.

A kind of polyphenols “Tan Nin”, has antioxidant effects, will prevent cancer, has bactericidal action.
Toripenteru will improve kidney function promotes diuresis. Catechin are included, there is antibacterial action.
Tree of eye drops, before than the Edo era, had already been, used as a folk medicine.
When you take, it is possible to look better to far away, it is called tree of clairvoyance.

By liver function is improved, detoxification to clean the blood in the liver will also be improved.
Clean blood is sent to the capillaries that are spread around the eyes, it can have a positive effect on the eye. So, it is the recommended tea for people who are drinking large amounts.


Tochu tea (Du zhong tea)

Geniposidic acid (Eucommia leaf glycoside) du zhong tea is an antioxidant, it is possible to prevent the oxidation of lipids, to prevent cancer.
In addition, it promotes blood circulation, regulates the autonomic, relieve stress,and keeps the blood pressure successfully.

Poor circulation is the cause, will mitigate the poor circulation, rheumatism, stiff neck, back pain.
It is said, to actively function of the brain, has the effect of suppressing the deterioration of memory.
Other, it also contains minerals such as β-carotene, vitamin C , calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc.

It is a native China, from more than 2000 years ago in China, we have been prized as a traditional Chinese medicine of perpetual youth and longevity.
Trees were brought in the early 20th century in Japan. Totyu tea has become a specialty products of Hiroshima Prefecture Innoshima, Nagano Prefecture.
Sprout of Eucommia, has been used in dishes such as rice cooked, fried food, ingredients of soup,
Tempura, buckwheat.
In addition, we are also made desserts such as jelly.


Rooibos tea

Rooibos tea, of South Africa, is a health tea of red color. It contains flavonoids with antioxidant activity, and prevent cancer, aging.
And to strengthen the capillaries and promotes blood circulation. And prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension, stroke, there is also a diuretic effect.
Because it does not contain caffeine, you can drink at ease baby and pregnant women.

Spirit to stabilize, monoamine oxidase, it helps relieve stress and excitement of spirit, there is also a sleep effect.
Since excellent balance of sodium ions, it is suitable for hydration at the time of summer heat and heat stroke.

In South Africa, it has been drunk well as milk tea.

Rooibos tea, will appear more effective when boil 10 minutes or more.
It is more effective when cool while put the tea back if you chilled drink.


Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea, you can make by drying and roasting the roots of dandelion.
There is a taste that is similar to coffee, but caffeine is zero. So you can drink with confidence even during lactation, pregnancy.
There is a diuretic effect, you will eliminate the edema. It is to be effective against gastrointestinal disease in general, there is improvement effect of anorexia, indigestion.
Terpene aromatic components, there is autonomic control function, is effective in stress.
In Europe during the Second World War, it was drunk instead of coffee.
Even now, it has been drunk for health maintenance.


How was it?

In addition to these tea, tea with detoxifying There are many. Houttuynia tea, oolong tea, and Pu’er tea, and so on.

There is no immediate effect, but it is effective in that it continue to take it every day.
It is suggested that you do drink to find something of their favorite flavor.
Depending on the season, you will delicious drink with hot, ice, and blend.

Also, as the green tea, not only drinking, by eating baked goods or tea leaves, you obtained a high effect.

Let’s well detox, by replacing the sweet soda to these tea, when you eat a meal or snack.



Effective tea to detox & 7 Ways to enhance the effect

・Green tea
• Pearl barley tea
• Bamboo tea
• “Megusuri-no-ki” (Tree of eye drops) tea
• Du zhong tea
• Rooibos tea
• Dandelion tea

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