Nutrition Drink vs Energy Drink! 7 Benefit Differences

Nutrition Drink vs Energy Drink! 7 Benefit Differences
When you are tired, want to get refreshed, or need to work overtime, you probably want a nutritional supplement drink to recharge yourself.  We see TV commercials say such drinks are friends of those people.

Today, so-called “energy drinks” with several flavors are in store like convenient stores or supermarkets.  Many brands of energy drinks such as collaborative drinks with a famous café or imported ones are available recently.  Then, what is the difference between nutritional supplement drinks and energy drinks?

In Japan, energy drinks are designated as “carbonated drinks” based on their contained components, which do not guarantee efficacies.  Contrarily, nutritional drinks are “quasi-drugs.”  Now, introducing is comparison of nutritional drinks versus energy drinks with seven differences in benefits.

Nutrition Drink vs. Energy Drink! 7 Benefit Differences☆


Whether Effectiveness Specified?

Nutritional supplement drinks are designated as quasi-drugs based on their components. Descriptions as “nutritional fortification” and “nutritional support,” thus, are allowed.

Nutrition drinks usually contain components expected to have benefits for fatigue recovery and health maintenance such as vitamins, amino acids, extracts effective in furnishing of nourishment derived from natural medicine and oriental medicine. Therefore, you often see them at pharmacies. In contrast, energy drinks are officially designated as “carbonated drinks.”

The descriptions like nutritional supplement drinks should not be used for energy drinks. Accordingly, they use sales copies imply nutritional fortification instead of explicitly mentioning it.


Capable of Nutrient Replenishment?

Since nutritional drinks are quasi-drug, they contain nutrients expected to function for recovery from fatigue. They work to increase your metabolism and invigorate your body by combining vitamins, taurine, amino acids, etc.

Energy drinks are carbonated drinks. Those drinks serve as energizers are designed to activate the sympathetic nervous system by optimizing primarily caffeine’s properties. The nervous system also called as “Kenka” (meaning “fight”) nerve in Japanese arise the combative spirit (vigor).

When you catch a cold, you may get better with nutrition drinks whereas not with energy drinks.


Difference in Targeted Consumers

Somehow, nutrition drinks are associated with middle-aged business persons. The drinks taste bitter like peculiar medical herbs.

On the other hand, energy drinks are refreshing and go down smoothly. Nutrition drinks have been widely spread to the people ranging in age from their 20s to the 60s while energy drinks are common among the people in their 20s and 30s when they go out at night or when they are tired.

Energy drinks are available in a variety of flavors such as tea, citrus, coffee, spice, etc. You can choose a flavor that matches your mood. Many people seem to take the drinks to cheer themselves up.


Difference in Designs

Energy drinks and nutrition drinks are different in appearance. We see most of nutrition drinks in brown bottles.

The color of the drinks is yellow due to their popular content, vitamin B2 or turmeric that is used for oriental medicine. Since such vitamin and pigments are easily degraded by light, brown bottles are employed to block out light. In contrary, most of energy drinks are in aluminum cans or plastic bottles.

Energy drinks’ package designs are innovative, which are well liked by young people.


Difference in Distributors

Distributors of nutrition drinks are mostly pharmaceutical firms because the drinks are quasi-drug. Their retailers are mostly pharmacies and drug stores.

On the other hand, energy drinks are distributed by not only pharmaceutical firms but also many other companies like beverage companies, brewing companies, or overseas companies as imports. The drinks are available at supermarkets, convenience stores, and even by vending machines.

By the way, the energy drink in a blue can that are also familiar in Japan is the only drink for the company that sells it. Besides, the drink has been loved by 165 countries for 25 years (as of 2012.)


Difference in Contents

Nutritional supplemental drinks often contain taurine that are effective on fatigue recovery, B vitamins, minerals, and natural medicine.

Some of the drinks contain iron to improve anemia common to women or people with irregular eating habits, calcium and magnesium to maintain healthy bones, and potassium that inhibits sodium absorption, relieves swelling, and lowers blood pressure.

The drinks are usually yellow due to their content, B vitamins. Energy drinks, differently, contain caffeine in the amount equivalent to the one in a cup of coffee or two. Some energy drinks also contain carbonic acid. Due to their caffeine content, be careful with excessive intake of energy drinks though they make your head clear.


Difference in Amounts

Amount of an energy drink and a nutrition drink differs, too. Generally, an energy drink comes in a 190 to 250ml can/bottle while a nutrition drink in about a 100ml bottle.

Nutrition drinks are for supplement of nutrients with an idea that you drink nutrients dissolved in water. Accordingly, there is no large sized nutrient drink.

On the other hand, since energy drinks are soft drinks, they are 355ml or even 710ml if from overseas while they are usually from 190 to 250ml in Japan.

Large sized energy drinks seem convenient for those who want a lot. Yet, be sure not to take them excessively because they might make you feel sick or give you heart palpitations.Now, what do you think of the differences?


Does this article on comparison of nutrition dinks and energy drinks exhibit their differences? Nutrition drinks are for fatigue recovery and nutrients supplement whereas energy drinks for uplifting your spirit and replenishing your energy.

Pick up most suitable drink for your condition. Those who have not tried neither of nutrition drinks or energy drinks, this might be a good chance to try them. May you all who read this article be blessed with good health everyday.



Nutrition Drink vs. Energy Drink! 7 Benefit Differences☆

・Whether Effectiveness Specified?
・Capable of Nutrient Replenishment?
・Difference in Targeted Consumers
・Difference in Designs
・Difference in Distributors
・Difference in Contents
・Difference in Amounts

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