9 Things How To Express Your Emotions

9 Things How To Express Your Emotions
Can you control your emotions well?
If you are not good at it, you need show your feeling more. But if you show your emotions too much, you need to control your temper.
Generally speaking, to express your emotions is more difficult than to restrain yourself.
Now I will tell you 9 steps to express your emotions well.

9 Things How To Express Your Emotions


1. Meet Many People

The first step is to meet and talk with a lot of people like your family, friends, colleagues. Emotions arise from meeting other people. Being alone doesn’t make you opportunity to show your feelings. The more you meet many people, the more you can express yourself.


2. Give Responses

The people who can express their emotion well give responses and gestures a lot during conversation. You may feel shy to do it at first, but let’s challenge to give responses when you talk with someone. If you can’t give responses well, you can nod. When you can nod smooth, you can nod with your voice.


3. Notice you restrain yourself

The people who can’t express their emotions easily don’t have self-confidence. They don’t recognize to restrain themselves. You don’t need restrain yourself. Just feel free.


4. look at yourself objectively

Write your emotions that you felt before on the notebook. You might have a lot of stress like madness, sadness. To write it down makes you feel calm, and you can look at yourself objectively. You’ll know you have lots of emotions in your bottom of your heart.


5. Lengthen Your Stride

Less emotional people don’t have wide step. To have wide step gives your brain impulse. Brain and emotions have closed relation, so walking with wide step causes you emotional someday.


6. Having Loud Voice

Relatively less emotional people don’t have big voice. And they feel shy to express their emotions. It is difficult to speak louder in your all conversation, so you can start to greet with big voice.


7. Training your Face Expression

The people who don’t show their expressions have less face expressions. It is hard for them to have expression action immediately. I recommend you to make smile face, angry face, and sad face exaggeratedly in front of the mirror for training. Expressive person is attractive.


8. Don’t Have Too Much Responsibility

The more you have a strong sense of responsibility, the more you strain yourself. You don’t need to think “I have to be independent”. Everyone doesn’t expect you to be perfect. To trust others is important for you.


9. Weep until you can weep no more

People don’t want to cry easily after become adult. Emotions and crying have deep connection. Crying makes you free from stress. You can live with expression and feeling after you weep until you can weep no more.

Even if some people are not good at showing their emotions, everybody has wonderful emotions in their heart. Of cause too emotional is not good sometimes, but for making good relationship, we have to express ourselves well. I hope these advices work well.


9 Steps To Express Your Emotions

Step No.1: Meet Many People
Step No.2: Give Responses
Step No.3: Notice you restrain yourself
Step No.4: look at yourself objectively
Step No.5: Lengthen Your Stride
Step No.6: Having Loud Voice
Step No.7: Training your Face Expression
Step No.8: Don’t Have Too Much Responsibility
Step No.9: Weep until you can weep no more


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