Effective 6 ways to switch feelings now

 Effective! 6 methods to switch feelings entirely at once
I am sure to be defeated by nobody! Even if I think it every day, I happen to flinch or to become discouraged at a crucial moment.

Anyone has had such an experience once.

“I have to rack my courage now!”

“I apply to this chance!”


Even though I have found them in the head, my body “locks up” and my consciousness “escapes.” I failed in that way many times, too. Today I think that I have done really wasteful things.

The great future might have waited for me if I had been confident of myself more at that time. Looking back the past cannot be helped. However I am still regretted.

You just want confidence for yourself only temporarily.
You want to do something for your timid feeling.
Because you are not good at switching of your feeling you want to overcome somehow.


Today I will tell you about a method to solve such a trouble.

Then I will begin it at once.


Effective 6 ways to switch feelings now


1. You open your heart and regain your confidence

First, it is a wonderfully simple way for you to have it most easily and take back your confidence in a moment.

Please perform it with a feeling as a flat. You may sit down or stand.


You pick up the area of “the chest” of your clothes at fingertips in your dominant hand and lift it up at an angle at a stretch.

You puff your chest and lift up at an angle with your clothes picked up without going against it.

That’s all.


However, you may try it and understand it. Your feeling must change obviously.

It is a matter of course, when you lose your confidence,

Your back is rounded
Your shoulders enter inside
Your face is apt to look down and a glance falls below

You forget such a matter of course. Therefore you take it back. Then you take your confidence back. Please try it at your critical moment.


2. You listen a sound to ease strain and to feel refreshed

Your body might harden when you become bearish and nervous. Therefore it is an effective method to listen the sound to soften it.

Because we made the sound to let your brain refresh using the theory of the sound called the cerebrum frequency tuning phenomenon, please use it if you care.


Sound to let your brain refresh
Slightly hot. When you feel like that, please listen this sound.
Your brain is refreshed, and an unpleasant and sunk feelings should become only slightly easier.


If you hate such a scientific sound, you might listen the sound of waves in the nature.
An ingredient called 1/f is in the sound of waves, and your mind and body are relaxed naturally.


Sound of waves
Because this sound is not an artifact but the actual sound of waves and edited it, you can be relaxed very much. The thing for playback of a blog is the length of around 2 minutes, but it has the length of 30 minutes to listen to relax.


3. You make confidence with your body, This is what you would try when you become bearish a little or you have no energy somehow today.

I fill energy with an instant and increase a feeling and am just a method to do it well
It is a way for you to fill the energy with an instant, to increase your feeling and to set you up.
The practice is very simple.

In the high ceiling (OK even outside) and wide places
You stand straight with keeping your legs open wide and your spine go taut.
And you grasp the both hands lightly and squeeze the area of your waist with them.
And you lower the center of gravity.

Yes, it is “rising to your full height.”


Mind and body are closely related each other. Physical exercise improves the productivity of brain.
In a recent study it was found that the so-called strong pose such as “rising to your full height” made your mind and body stronger with increasing testosterone(male hormone) and reducing cortisol (stress hormone) in the brain.


When you are confident in yourself, or when you feel generous, you will take such a pose naturally, won’t you? Therefore, when you have no confidence, it means that you create it yourself with using your body In the other way.

Because there are the scientific backgrounds, please perform it.


4. You change your consciousness by closing the lips

The “mouth” is point to discover motivation.

For some reason, people open their mouths in a daydream. In the other hand, they close their mouths tightly when they give super concentration with full motivation.

When you tightly close your mouth, your lips speaking exactly, the brain is activated because blood comes around the frontal lobe, and then your concentration is up.

Instead of clamping your teeth shut, you try strongly to close the lips of top and bottom.

Then the blood circulation around the frame just improves, and consciousness becomes clear.
Because you can use it in various places, please take advantage of it.


5. You raise your mood by being praised

As I reported in the articles I wrote before, it will make anyone happy to be encouraged or praised by someone. Therefore you try to ask a person around to praise you because the lie is enough when you are slightly ill-conditioned.


For example,

You are great as I think.
I support you.
You can do it if you do it.


Why not ask the person to repeat above-mentioned words 10 times because it dose not matter anything.
You might think that it is stupid. But you might understand if you would try it. Your feeling will really change.


6. You refresh your mood by stopping your breathingWhen you feel tension, are ill-conditioned, or depressed, your breath becomes shallow.

Then you take a deep breath. It will not allow you to refresh as you think. Therefore why not perform the followings in order to breathe in and out a little forcibly.

You straighten your posture while sitting down
You inhale a large breath from your mouth and nose
You close my eyes slowly and stop your breath if you breathe in to your limit.
You turn consciousness inside of your body while stopping breath.
You exhale a large breath from your mouth on the one step short of your limit and open your eyes.


By dong this, oxygen spreads throughout your whole body, your shallow breathing is normalized, and your brain is refreshed.


How about things mentioned above?

First everything is practice. Because you should be surely most surprised at a change of your consciousness, please perform it.



Effective 6 ways to switch feelings now

Method 1: You open your heart and regain your confidence
Method 2: You listen a sound to ease strain and to feel refreshed
Method 3: You make confidence with your body
Method 4: You change your consciousness by closing the lips
Method 5: You raise your mood by being praised
Method 6: You refresh your mood by stopping your breathing


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