9 Reasons why dry scalp advances the bald

9 Reasons why dry scalp advances the bald surprisingly
It’s becoming chilly. In that season, we care about the drying and rough skin
Face, hands, elbows, heels, etc …… there’d be many people who cares those dry skin.

But, have you known your scalp which is hidden in the hair is also dry?
In addition, have you ever known this dry scalp causes the symptoms of hair loss?
Face and scalp are connected. When the face is dry, that also means scalp is dry, too.

Let’s see the reality of the drying of the scalp.

9 Reasons why dry scalp advances the bald 


Part 1: wash too much

From the beginning, what will happen when scalp is dry?
First, dry scalp easily makes out dandruff.

In addition, you’ll feel itchy easier by rough skin. When this comes to worse, scalp gets damaged, and there is a risk that you’ll see symptoms of hair loss as I described.

Or don’t you wash your hair too much by thinking the itching and dandruff are caused by lack of shampoo?
Of course it is important to keep the scalp clean, but this is the big cause of dry scalp.

When the shampoo is too strong, you would wash away the necessary sebum.
When the necessary barrier of sebum is gone, bacteria becomes easier to enter the hair root, and then induces inflammation and itching.

The stronger and stronger women wash their hair, the worse and worse hair loss would be. This seems especially common among women.

It’s said that secretion amount of sebum which is related to male hormone is about twice more than women’s. Therefore methods such as “Scalp care” to remove the dirt became popular.

So if women imitate men, they would remove up sebum which is secreted a little with the dirt. Please do not forget to “wash too much is not good!” if you wash your hair twice a day, or do strongly.


Part 2: Shampoo does not fit

What type is the shampoo you’re using ? If it’s a type that takes a dirt powerfully, that may also wash away sebum too much, and you might get dry scalp.

Most of commercial shampoo, contains a “surfactant” to take the dirt. Surfactants are used in kitchen and laundry detergents, which is a component of petroleum.

Those shampoos are cheap by mass production, but it doesn’t fit your scalp. Don’t you know that there is some that contains hand-friendly component in order to prevent rough hand skin by kitchen detergent?

Scalp is the same, if you don’t use shampoo and treatments which contains gentle ingredients for the scalp, it will get rough. In addition, because scalp has the high rate of absorption of chemicals than other body parts, the effect will appear soon.


Part 3: Dry scalp due to the heat of the dryer

As I mentioned above, scalp gets dry by the type of shampoo or how you do shampoo. However, in a familiar place, we can’t forget the dryer。

Scalp contains fewer moisture compared to face. It is also difficult for moisturizing when water is deprived. If you use the dryer as close as you can to the hair at a high temperature to dry the hair quickly, it’s time to change that.

First, please firmly do towel dry, and take shorter time for dryer.
And use low temperature as much as possible, keep dryer away from the hair, please avoid to use for long time even the wind is strong.

But natural drying just because of that isn’t good either.
It can cause not only dry hair but also unpleasant smell and itching by bacterias.


Part 4: aging

By the aging, spots and wrinkles, or sagging appeal on the face. I assume that you do care by anti-aging face lotion and serum.

However, it’s same to the scalp. Since the hair volume also affects the appearance, that can also ruin anti-aging if hair loss is in progress hair loss by dry scalp.
As the face, scalp also should be take care of neatly. For both men and women, it is the same that hair becomes thinner when you get old. Don’t you give up?
If dry scalp is the cause, you can halt it. Try it from now!


Part 5: skin constitution

Dry skin, sensitive skin care, which is difficult type regardless of the season, it’s also very difficult to pick cosmetics. Skin of atopy people is very dry.

People of sensitive skin is also delicate. People of these constitution has skin barrier function which is likely to decrease, so scalp also gets easily rough.

Lowering of the skin barrier, is also led to a reduction of poor circulation and metabolism to cause difficult growth of healthy hair. There might be some people who have experience that scalp got rough by the same shampoo in family.

In order to prevent the inflammation of the scalp,, let’s use the shampoo and treatments for sensitive skin. It would be good to use a moisturizer, such as oil according to the dermatologist.


Part 6: Deviation of Nutrition

Shortage of nutrients that tones the body such as vitamins and minerals, your skin will be rough. And hair and scalp also will be damaged, so skin care from the inside is important.

Especially hair is in low priority for nutrition reach compared to other organs, so automatically it gets brought back seat.
Who is with a biased diet, try to firmly take the nutrition.

For making the hair, especially the required mineral is “zinc”. This is included in  oysters, shellfish such as scallops, lever or beef, sesame in natto, brown rice, etc..
The vitamin is particularly important nutrition to B group to promote the metabolism of skin. In addition, “protein”  is also essential as a nutrient to make the body.
Fish such as eel, tuna, meat, meat such as pork ham and lamb meat, blue fish, eggs, soy products such as tofu and natto, even while dieting let’s take a good quality protein.


Part 7: lifestyle

In human body, oxygen and nutrients will through the capillaries, systemic, and reach every corner of the cell. But occasionally, poor circulation occurs in the capillaries will make oxygen and nutrients underserved.

“Hair mother cell” which makes the hair has a cell division in always fast speed. Therefore when the blood circulation stagnates, it can’t make beautiful because of rough scalp and leads hair loss.

This cause that causes poor circulation of the scalp as is, comes from the lifestyle. Especially smoking, lack of sleep, stress is a major factor.

It’s not limited to the scalp. Because poor circulation affects also other organs. Let’s take early measures.


Part 8: Ultraviolet

There are cases that the scalp is dry even there is no particular problem in constitution, nutrition or life rhythm. Especially in spring and summer, you may be worried about the drying of the scalp by the damage from ultraviolet rays.

As sunburn becomes a cause of spots and freckles, hair and scalp also get damaged  by ultraviolet rays.
Let’s get the habit to avoid direct sunlight by hat and parasol.

Of course, as you care of sunburned skin, it is also important that you nourish the hair and scalp. Let’s prevent drying by treatments and moisturizing agents, etc.


Part 9: cold

When autumn comes, both heat harsh ultraviolet rays are weakened and at the same time, rapidly there is a need for care because the air is dry. Since the scalp and skin are connected, season of dry skin often brings rough scalp, too.

In addition, the wind of air conditioning which hits the scalp directly in winter leads dry scalp. You need to make its wind does not hit, or to humidify the room.

Furthermore, in winter, and poor circulation due to cold, or shampoo by shower at a temperature higher than the spring and summer, should be concerned because it put a burden on the scalp.

These cause not only hair loss, but also the dandruff, so between seasons please take care of your skin more.


How was it?
I wish you saw how these causes lead the hair loss.
If you find any reason from above, please take the right treatment to prevent your dry scalp.



9 Reasons why dry scalp advances the bald 

Part 1: wash too much
Part 2: Shampoo does not fit
Part 3: Dry scalp due to the heat of the dryer
Part 4: aging
Part 5: skin constitution
Part 6: Deviation of Nutrition
Its 7: lifestyle
Its 8: Ultraviolet
Its 9: cold


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