Everything Will Reach A Congruence

Everything Will Reach A Congruence
Congruence means “everything mixed well. There is a harmony and no conflicts.“ We always desire a lot of things.


If you can get only on out of these, which one are you going to choose?  Which one will make your life wealthiest?

Let’s think about it.

 Everything Will Reach A Congruence

How Can You Live With Fortune

Is it money?

70% of people who obtained hundreds of millions of yen from lottery seem to go bankrupt within several years. It doesn’t seem to be very happy even if you obtain only money somehow.


Then how about if do you get ability. One of my friend plays guitar really badly, but he is really poor and his life is ruined. When I see him, he is always grisping at me about his life so he doesn’t look happy.

“If I have ability….” it is not right.

Alright, then, Do you need human relationships? Or knowledge? Environment? It is hard question, isn’t it?

Why can’t we get fortune with only one things?

Why will we become unhappy?

Because there is no congruence, it is the only  reason. However, in fact, This concept of “harmony”are actually everywhere in “heart””body”and “environment” and you can see easily.

For instance, “air”is really important, we cannot live without it. The atmospheric oxygen density is approximately 21%. When there is more than about 30 %, oxygen becomes poison for human bodies. Oxygen is essential for human being, but cannot live adversely the earth with 100% oxygen.

It is same for gravity. It should  not be too heavy or too light. Everything is in “congruence”; such as quantity of the water you drink, everyday meals, speed,  temperature and the speed of blood streams.

When you catch a cold, congruence of your body collapsed.

When you have problem of mentality, congruence of your mind does not work well.

Then, why did not the gear of the life work well? It is when the congruence was distracted after all.

Therefore, please be aware of bringing congruence to a “body” in your “heart” in “environment” in “human relations” and the “life”.

I am not talking about a balance. Do not weigh between something and something on a scale. Lots of things mixed up well, and there will be the congruence. When you are able to realize it in your life, you might surely get your true richness in your hand.

By the way, I will review the congruence contents once again.

Should not be twisted around someone’s little finger with empty ego like a fondness for speculation.

Live based on a law of the retribution, so behave well, choose the acquisition, and blow new wind to your consciousness and the heart.

Don’t forget practice makes perfect. Work until you obtain a result.



Power or things which I worked on do not give up the continuation until I obtain a result, and the early riser makes the virtue of three sentences, a stable heart and a physical base.

I know a factor and the timing of the breakthrough and get harmony to find it wanting to really do it, and to send the rich life.

Please take it in in being conscious by all means, and living life that it becomes a key for this each to cause a paradigm shift.

The early bird gets the worm, get stable healthy body and mentality.

Use breakthroughs for your good timing and reasons.

Find what you really want to do, and get the congruence for your happy life.

Every each topics will be the key of paradigm shift. Let’s do them in your life.


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