Only 3 Minutes: You Can Be Confident

Only 3 Minutes: You Can Be Confident
Don’t you worry, because you can not be confident? Don’t you even think “I am useless person”or “You cannot do anything”? Quite this and let’s go ahead.

You will get away from the situation not to be able to show true your power because of the small trouble and failure to become the greatest understanding person of yourself. Therefore I introduce “3 methods how you can  become full of confidence” today. Firstly, I will talk from the difference between person who has confident and the person who doesn’t have confident.

 Only 3 Minutes: You Can Be Confident.

You Who Do Not Have Confident VS The Person Who Have Confident.

The characteristic of the person without confidence is that this person “believes”nothing they can do.

For example, you are not able to go to school of the first choice by study for examination. you are not able to achieve your work. Through your bad experiences, you just believe that “you cannot do it”.

Please just think calmly.

Might that senior employee of distinguished results always do anything from a beginning? Would that person who passed the famous university even what kind of difficult problem smoothly answer from the beginning?

In no geniuses, there is no one who can handle all well from the beginning.

However they do not give up challenging. That is why they would get confident and everything will be good.

It is not that “you never be confident through successful experience”.

Do you not notice that it is strange? We think, “there is confidence through a success experience”.

That means, is there not all confidence first?

In fact, it is wrong. That person with the ability had confidence before they could do it.

In the other words “even a person without confidence or with confidence, all the people experience failure at the first time”. The difference of the both is only a way of thinking after having experienced failure. The person who is confident of their self regards failure as learning for the next success. However, the person who does not have confidence is convinced that is no use only by one failure.

Confident is “Believing yourself”. Believe that “you can develop yourself”.

Don’t forget “I cannot do now”is not “I never do it”.


Ok, here is a summary of today

1, No confident is just you do not believe yourself

2, It is wrong that “I will get confident thorough successful experience”

3,Confident is that you believe “I can do everything through failure”

The sound that becomes full of confidence in only three minutes.

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