How to lose weight with coffee : 7 steps of coffee diet

How to lose weight with coffee : 7 steps of coffee diet
Many people have coffee every day. Coffee may make you feel relaxed. Also, some people have coffee to wake them up. There are health benefits of coffee, such as reducing fatigue and stimulating brain. Also, coffee can help you lose weight.

There are two components of coffee that are effective for losing weight. One is caffeine. It effects on digestive enzyme, which is called lipase activity. It can break down fat.

Another component is chlorogenic acid. It is a kind of polyphenols, and it includes coloured and bitter tasting it can reduce cholesterol, break and metabolism fat.

So coffee can help you lose weight. You might have been surprised with this fact.

However, you can’t lose weight just by drinking coffee. This article will introduce 7 ways to lose weight with coffee. If you have coffee every day, you will be slim.

How to lose weight with coffee : 7 steps of coffee diet


After meal

Do you want to have something sweet after meal? If so, why don’t you have coffee? Coffee can control appetite and make you full. So if you have coffee after meal, you wouldn’t have extra calories.

Also, it is very effective as coffee can break fat in food you had.


Having frequently

Coffee’s effect lasts about 3 hours. Therefore, it can be effective to have coffee every 3 hours.

However, when you drink lots of coffee at once, it can exacerbate anxiety. So, it is good to have small amount frequently.


Black coffee

If you want to lose weight with coffee, you should not drink coffee with lots of cream and sugar. When adding something containing carbohydrates, it leads to increasing insulin which is a hormone. Insulin affects fat storage. Therefore, it blocks ability of caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

Also, when adding cream and sugar, it increases calories. Try not to have coffee with lots of cream.



If you don’t have coffee, try some supplements containing caffeine and chlorogenic acid. You could get the same effects as when you drink coffee even though the supplement may not make you feel relaxed.

In addition, the good point is to take supplement anytime you want. It can be handy if you are too busy to have time for coffee.


Coffee and exercise

To have coffee before workout is the most effective way to lose weight using coffee. Caffeine can burn fat.

Try to drink a cup of coffee 30 minute before workout. Then, caffeine will work well to burn your fat.


Hot coffee

In summer time, you may feel relaxed when drinking iced coffee. However, it is more effective to drink hot coffee to lose weight. So have hot one if you want to lose weight.

Also, water at 80 degrees is the best to extract chlorogenic acid. If water is quite hot, chlorogenic acid can be reduced. So use hot water not boiling water.


Drip coffee

Instant coffee contains less caffeine and chlorogenic acid than drip coffee. Therefore, grinding drip brewing is more effective to lose weight.

As mentioned above, chlorogenic acid can be reduced when using boiling water. So short-time roasting is recommended rather than long-time roasting.


Now you can not only enjoy your coffee but lose weight.

If you keep having the same amount of coffee every day, you might feel that it has a deleterious effect on losing weight. If so, just have some no coffee days.

If you are a coffee lover, coffee diet is quite effective. I hope you can lose weight with coffee.



How to lose weight with coffee : 7 steps

– After meal
– Having frequently
– Black coffee
– Supplements
– Coffee and exercise
– Hot coffee
– Drip coffee

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