7 Reasons to incorporate the coffee diet

7 Reasons to incorporate the coffee dietDo you have any image in the coffee? If you are the coffee lovers, “When taking a rest”, “smell nice”, and if you are not good at coffee , it is such as “not sleep when drinking”, “bad to drink a lot for health.” However, in recent years, according to various research results, surprising power of coffee is proven.

7 Reasons to incorporate the coffee diet


Part 1. The handy and inexpensive

Coffee with a diet effect! ? How much do you drink a cup of coffee in a day? The people who have the habit of drinking coffee is good news. Diet in the coffee you are drinking everyday!

There is no need to buy the supplements and alternative food for diet, diet effect is raised without newly spend money. But, diet effect only a coffee drinking just seems to be low.


Part 2. promote fat metabolism

The coffee, it may contain ingredients that caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, secrete a substance called catecholamines, this catecholamine consumes fat cells that have been accumulated in the body as energy.

The chlorogenic acid, degrade effect the fat has been expected, by the ingestion of both caffeine and chlorogenic acid, can be expected fat-burning effect.
Caffeine also contains basically any coffee, but chlorogenic acid is sensitive to heat, slightly roasted bean seems to be better.

At the same time, for those of drip coffee is often the amount of caffeine and chlorogenic acid than instant, better to choose a drip coffee if diet purpose would be good.
Even in the athletes,there are the one who take caffeine before exercise for increasing metabolism and try to loss weights.


Part 3. discharge the extra waste

When caffeine contained in coffee, fat cells are stimulated, while lipolysis is released into the blood, and discharge the waste.
However, the caffeine has a diuretic effect, also has the effect of discharging the excess water in the body.

Therefore, to eliminate the edema that makes bad metabolism, there is efficacy to improve blood circulation.


Part 4. suppress the appetite

You may feel hungry between meals and meals and eat some snack carelessly. These case are not a few. Such time, let’s drink coffee. By drinking coffee, by the action of caffeine, it will suppress the appetite.


Part 5. Relaxing effect

The coffee you drink casually for diversion or break usually, in fact there is also relaxing effect.
The brain medical research shows us that makes better  blood flow in the brain by coffee aroma, it has been demonstrated with the relaxing effect is high.

There are times when you become anxious while you’re trying on a diet, it is that it perfectly suit also frustrating of such time.


Part 6. Perspiration

The coffee has a perspiration, and drink coffee making it easier to sweat than usual. When you enter the bath after drinking coffee, you will see that you take a lot sweat than usual.

It is assumed that the effect can be more seen when you0 attempt the sitz bath for about 30 minutes to 40 minutes after drinking a hot black coffee about a week.


Part 7. stabilize the blood sugar value

This is the way that brain science critic SAWAGUCHI TOSHIYUKI introduced in the TV program, “to make a sweet coffee, drink over a little each time,” there is a diet method.

The human brain’s energy is sugar, but the energy feel insufficient to become starved, also blood sugar level fluctuate sufficiently, even if takeing a lot of carbohydrates and it becomes likely to be starved.
Because the brain store the fat when it feel that it is starvation, so as not to be a starvation , drinking separately the sweet coffee to several times,you can burn fat as energy.

<Challenge! Diet with coffee! >

Drink 30 minutes before you exercise and bathing (about 30 minutes after the effect of caffeine is exerted).
Coffee after a meal is allowed to clean the head, give a reasonable sense of fullness.
by hot if possible than the ice, because the chlorogenic acid is sensitive to heat, it puts in about 80 degrees.
If you put by drip than instant , there are many chlorogenic acid.
Coffee is up to five cups a day. Drink at a pace of 3 to 4 hours (for the effects of the coffee diet and is generally said to continue for about 3 hours).
It is better to drink in a black as possible. Not good people need arrange.
Since the metabolism is most active and easy to get more effective ,drink in the morning.
Those containing arginine (nuts, meat, beans, seafood, dairy products, etc.) and drink along with be more effective .

※ Notes ※

Faint of heart or stomach, pregnant women, if you are other health anxiety sure to consult a doctor.
Do not drink to four hours before going to bed.
Do not drink five or more cups a day.
Excessive intake of caffeine, because there are cases where symptoms such as stomach becomes rough cause anemia, sleepless, if the change was seen in the physical condition, let’s interrupted the drinking coffee.


How was it?

If you are drinking if coffee every day, it becomes diet by simply changing a little drinking, It would be so happy.
You might not be drastic changes like … ” How skinny I was! 15㎏ lose in a month”,
But only a little arrange usual drinking and decreased by 1 kg per month, 12㎏ in one year of the reduction is not just a dream.
In addition, expenses also unchanged, and fun to diet!



7 Reasons to incorporate the coffee diet

Part 1. The handy and inexpensive
Part 2. promote fat metabolism
Part 3. discharge the extra waste
Part 4. suppress the appetite
Part 5. Relaxing effect
Part 6. Perspiration
Part 7. stabilize the blood sugar value