7 of how to use to pull out the cinnamon benefits

Seven of how to use to pull out the cinnamon benefits
Cinnamon is a familiar and common spices among the number of spices. Cinnamon , it is essential to the accent of cinnamon rolls, apple pie, cappuccino … sweets and drinks.

This cinnamon, actually is amazing. Diet and beautiful skin, deodorant … the benefits is wide-ranging enough to be surprised. Commonly used for the cooking, “retard bacterial growth” cinnamon benefits those utilized.

Old people knew the benefits of cinnamon in the experience.

Cinnamon has a variety of benefits. I will introduce how to use that leverage its benefits.

7 of how to use to pull out the cinnamon benefits


1. Poor circulation improvement in cinnamon

Cinnamon is a herbal medicine called (Keishi). It has the benefits of extending the capillaries in the body, there is also the benefits that will protect the stomach.When the capillary is strong, so you better blood flow throughout the body and is also effective in poor circulation.

It is effective in order to eliminate the poor circulation to drink a drink to warm the body. Cinnamon, goes well with such as coffee, tea and cocoa. For example, It is one of the indispensable spice when you make a chai and cappuccino. To use to drink, it is recommended that put the powder or soak the stick.

What is recommended for winter, herbal tea using cinnamon and ginger. Tag of cinnamon and ginger to warm the body is the strongest.


Two cinnamon sticks, ginger 1 piece, hot water 500cc, sugar suitable amount
How to make
1. Boil water, put the cinnamon stick, and simmer until brown.
2. When the come out the color of cinnamon, put the ginger you slice and cook about 2-3 minutes.
3. Moderately with sweetened with sugar, and finished.
The amount of ginger and sugar I please adjust to your liking.


2. Anti-Aging with cinnamon

Cinnamon is also beneficial in order to eliminate sagging of the face, the edema.

Sagging, edema can occur because the injured capillaries. Excess water and waste products, after leaving the vessel is discharged through the lymphatics. However, when the capillaries have been hurt, does not catch up emissions in the lymphatic leak out moisture and waste.
And, would be accumulated moisture and waste within the cell, it is the cause of the edema and sagging. If prevent the disappearance of the blood vessels in the cinnamon, you can also eliminate sagging. Take the cinnamon effectively, let’s eliminate the edema and sagging.

Growth hormone serves to repair the skin, is secreted into the night sleeping. Before going to bed, it is beneficial when drinking cinnamon drink which is capable of go to sleep to relax.

I will introduce a drink. It is what you use milk with relaxing benefit, the ginger and cinnamon to warm the body.


Milk 200cc, ginger 1/3 pieces, honey 1 teaspoon cinnamon little

1. First, put the milk and sliced ginger and honey in a pan, and warm over low heat. (Until just before boiling)
2. Next, mix and put a little bit of cinnamon powder, and finished poured into cup.

Milk will help to make the neurotransmitter serotonin there is a sedative effect. Ginger and cinnamon is to warm up ahead of limbs, sleep benefit I can be expected.

Capillaries of repair by cinnamon is so can feel the benefits in about a week that’s fast people.


3. The blood circulation in cinnamon before massage

Blood circulation promoting benefit of cinnamon, has the benefit even from outside of the body.
In overseas of beauty salon care using cinnamon in front of massage have been made.

1. I put a half teaspoon cinnamon powder of kitchen paper
2. I bet half teaspoon oil
3. I wrapped in purse-like in the kitchen paper, and pressed against the entire face

Oil, please use the things of preference, such as jojoba oil and olive oil. Without rubbing, has the benefit by simply shed carefully to the skin.

When accelerating the blood circulation before the massage benefit of massage is up. Please rinse immediately if the skin was tingling or reddened.


4. Fight off acne with cinnamon

Because the cinnamon is the function of the antioxidant and the antibacterial agent, has the benefit of cure acne had made.

1. I mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 3 tbsp of honey
2. I soaked in cotton shed to the affected area (okay, even overnight) 2-3 hours.
3. I wash clean with warm water
※ Please rinse immediately if the skin was tingling or reddened.

The honey and cinnamon paste has been used as a traditional folk medicine overseas.
Since there are analgesic benefit is even beneficial for compress the part where there is pain.


5. Diet with cinnamon

The cinnamon, it is said that by reducing the fat cell has the benefit of increasing the secretion of insulin. Also, so you keep that thing sweet and hunger will want, I is also beneficial in the diet.

The benefit will vary depending on the time to take. If you took the cinnamon in the morning, internal organs are stepping up, will increase the power to digest. It is up calories to warm the body. If you took the cinnamon at night, it is possible to suppress the rise of blood sugar levels, it will prevent you that the accumulate fat. In any case there is a happy benefit.

Cinnamon is a unique scent, but what menu will have good chemistry?
I coated the butter to bread, will toast sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
Banana and apple are cinnamon compatible with good fruit.
Yogurt is easy to eat even if mixed with such.

Cinnamon is so are often used in Greek cuisine. Tomato dishes and cinnamon is very good match.
The worked menu of spice, cinnamon will fit well.
Sweet with the cinnamon, let unceremoniously the chunky oils.

Meal by twist, I want to connect to the diet.


6. Bad breath prevention in cinnamon

There is a strong antibacterial benefit on the cinnamon. This, it is said to lead to bad breath prevention.
1. 5 cinnamon stick, placed in water of 1 cup, 5 minutes heating
2. Remove the cinnamon sticks, and wait to cool
3. Save transferred to a plastic bottle or spray bottle

Because less irritation compared to commercially available mouthwash, I can use with ease.


7. Insect repellent clothing in cinnamon

Cinnamon scent of contains a component called Sina formaldehyde, there are insect repellent benefit on this component. In conjunction with other herbs can be in closets and drawers of drawer of insect repellent.

Cinnamon stick 3-4 this, black pepper (real) 1/2 cup, 1/2 cup cloves

How to make
1. Cinnamon sticks and folded in half, black pepper, cloves were placed in a container, and mix.
2. I put 1 divided into small bag with breathable.
3. I put 2 in the drawer of the closet and chest of drawers.
It is convenient to use a commercially available tea pack in a bag.


I have introduced the use of the order to bring out the fully the efficacy of cinnamon. Herb … image of that cinnamon to use for candy, actually I have a so very versatile and benefit.

However, because the cinnamon of medicinal such fairly high, it is careful to take too much. Intake of more than 10g 1 day is a burden to the liver, will have rather become harm. If you take in the powder, and then 3g per day, a cup about in tea spoon as a guide.



The one how to use 7 for drawing cinnamon benefits to fully

Poor circulation improvement in cinnamon
Anti-Aging with cinnamon
Face massage with cinnamon
Fight off acne with cinnamon
Diet with cinnamon
Bad breath prevention in cinnamon
By insect of clothing in cinnamon

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