7 chin acne causes for who are in trouble

7 causes of chin acnes for who are in trouble
Shortly after you are relieved from adolescence acnes, you start working and become busy. As a result, you suffer chin acnes. Don’t you have such experience?

Acnes at chin are typical acnes for adults.
And also, they are one of the most difficult acnes to cure. Without proper treatment, reddish black marks can remain.

If you have chin acnes, you have not time to cry. Know the cause as soon as possible and start proper treatment.
Followings are 7 causes of chin acnes. Chin acnes are popular for both men and women, but did you know their causes are different?

Here are causes for each gender. It is important to know the cause to cure fast and efficiently.

7 chin acne causes for who are in trouble


1. Imbalance of hormones (before menstrual period and male hormones)

One of the causes is imbalance of hormones. Imbalance of hormones causes skin problems.

Unlike men, women experience menstrual period. Progestational hormone secretion increases before the period, and this hormone works similar to male hormones and increase sebum secretion.

Male hormones stimulate sebaceous gland, so excess sebum is secreted and clogs pores, causing acnes.
For men, balance of male hormones to female hormones is 7 : 1. As you can see, men naturally secrete more male hormones, so more sebum is secreted and causes acnes.


2. Stress

Regardless of gender, “stress” is a popular cause of acnes.

When we feel stress, we become nervous and sympathetic nervous start to work. Hormones called adrenaline (from adrenal medulla) and glucocorticoid hormone (from adrenal medulla, stimulated by adrenocorticotropic hormone from pituitary gland) are secreted.

There is no problem if these two hormones are in balance, but as you suffer stress for a long time, not only glucocorticoid hormone but also male hormone (from adrenal medulla) increases as well. This eventually stimulates sebaceous gland and sebum secretion increases.

Too much stress for a long time will throw off health balance and makes it easier for acnes to appear.


3. Lack of sleep

Did you know that lack of sleep is a great enemy of healthy skin? Our body delivers nutrients to every parts of body and insists cell repair while we are asleep.
Regeneration of skin is stimulated as well, and our skin can stay healthy.

To lack sleep means cells can’t be repaired well and skin is not regenerated. Condition of skin worsens and becomes easier for acnes to appear.

Also, lack of sleep causes stress which is not good for skin, as I mentioned above.

Relax and take a good sleep, especially between 22:00 to 2:00 at night when skin is regenerated the most.


4. Not eating properly

If your acnes won’t get well or repeatedly suffer acnes, you should think about your eating habit.

Do you eat in well balance? Do you eat in regular hours? By rethinking about eating habit, you can prevent acnes.

If you often eat out, it can be a cause. What you eat at restaurant is usually higher in calories and fats than what you cook at home. Eating too much fat increases secretion of sebum.

As a result, sebum and cuticles clog pores and cause acnes. Eat foods rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene, collagen and dietary fiber and eat less fat.

Also you should think about when to eat. Because our body is about to go to sleep, eating too late at night or eating before going to bed will store more fat.
Storing fat increases sebum as well, so it is recommended to eat dinner before 20:00 at the latest.


5. Make-ups and shaving

Make-ups are a cause of chin acnes mainly for women.

If make-ups are not thoroughly washed, it can clog pores and cause acnes, so make sure to remove make-ups even if you are tired. Be careful especially if you are about to get acnes.

Just taking off make-ups can improve skin condition and cure acnes, so it is worth trying.
And about shaving. This is a main cause for men. Shaving everyday is too harsh for skin and can cause skin troubles.
Shavers with better performances are in stores recently, and also use shaving creams and after-shave products to take care of your skin.


6. Lack of calcium

“Calcium” seems to have nothing to do with skin, but it is very important. Calcium has close relation to good sleep. Also it is revealed that amount of calcium decreases by stress.

You can’t sleep well with less calcium or can’t go to sleep well. Lack of sleep will cause skin troubles as I mentioned in 3.

By taking calcium, chin acnes will be cured as well as your entire skin condition gets better.
Calcium can be efficiently taken from yoghurt and cheese more than milk. Take calcium frequently.


7. Unexpected cause, cavity

Surprisingly, cavity has close relation to acnes. You have done everything you can do about eating habits, sleeping, skin care, and still suffering acnes? If so, please check your teeth.

If your cavity worsens, gum will be filled with pus and gas will be released from damaged tooth root. Such pus and gas can’t be released completely from mouth, and leftover gas will escape from pores, causing acnes.

Acnes caused by cavities often appear on chin, nose and around mouth. If you can’t cure acnes and have bad teeth, please go see a dentist.


Chin acnes are difficult to treat and you might want to give up, but you can surely cure them with proper treatments. Please don’t give up.

Take off make-ups, eat yoghurt and cheese to take calcium efficiently, and take good sleep especially between 22:00 and 2:00 if possible.

Also “natto” (fermented soybeans) is recommended for both men and women. Natto contains “isoflavone” which has similar function to female hormones. This is a perfect food to improve the balance of hormones.

As I said earlier, it might take some time to cure hormone balance and skin condition, but you shouldn’t give up.
If you improve your basic habit, chin acnes surely cure. Please try your best!



7 chin acne causes for who are in trouble

1. Imbalance of hormones (before menstrual period and male hormones)
2. Stress
3. Lack of sleep
4. Not eating properly
5. Make-ups and shaving
6. Lack of calcium
7. Unexpected cause, cavity


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