7 ways for daily habits with chin acnes

7 ways to improve daily habits when you have chin acnes
Of all acnes on face, chin acnes stand out and are troublesome.

You can’t hide them with bangs like forehead acnes, and difficult to hide with make-ups as well. Did you know that the main cause of chin acnes is imbalance of hormones? As more women advance in society, they might experience more stress by doing responsible and important tasks.

By feeling stress, hormone balance is disrupted and hormones similar to male hormones will be secreted more.

Male hormones secrete sebum excessively and cause acnes. How can we prevent acnes? Here are how and ways to improve your daily habits.

7 ways for daily habits with chin acnes


1. Rethink and improve eating habits

Eating a lot of spices, eating irregularly, eating only favorite foods, eating too much fat, food additives and sugar… don’t you have such eating habits?

Eating too much spices and oil worsen present acnes and food additives can increase active oxygen which is not good for our skin.

Excessive intake of sugar will cause “glycation”, which cause yellowing of skin, accelerate aging and can also cause “mental depression”. However, you sometimes can’t help stop eating sweet things especially when you fell stress and tired, don’t you? If so, eat fruits instead, if possible.

Fruits also contain sugar called fructose, so you need to be careful with overeating. It is important for your body and mind to eat certain amount, but eating balanced diet with mainly vegetables which are rich in vitamins is important to cure acnes. If you have irregular eating habit, please rethink and improve it.


2. Know effective foods for chin acnes

Nutrients effective for chin acnes include dietary fibers, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. Dietary fibers prevent constipation, which is a cause of acnes. To eliminate waste from intestines is important to prevent acnes.

If waste is not eliminated, it can lead to illnesses and of course cause acnes and rough skins.

To take dietary fibers is good to cure chin acnes as well as to maintain healthy body, and necessary to make your body easier to absorb good nutrients.

Vitamin B2 has a function to increase immunity of sebum as well as to control its secretion. It is recommended to eat to prevent acnes.

Vitamin B6 insists degradation to sebum and fat, so effective to take during menstrual periods or when you feel that sebum secretion is increasing.

Well known nutrient, vitamin C helps absorption of nutrients.

Vitamins are very delicate that little stress can degrade them. It is effective to take vitamins frequently. However, taking too much vitamins is not good.

You can suffer excessive symptoms and they cause serious problems to your body and mind. Taking vitamins to certain extent is enough to supplement them, so please don’t take them too much.


3. Improve lack of sleep

Lack of sleep makes hormone secretion of skin dull and causes excessive secretion of sebum. Lack of sleep not only cause chin acnes but also other acnes and rough skin.

Regeneration of skin slows down as well with lack of sleep, so rough and old cuticles remains on your skin. Therefore, you need to try by yourself to sleep well and properly to improve regeneration of skin.

Imbalance of hormones is not only a cause of rough skin and acnes, but also irregular menstruation and extreme dryness or excessive sebum secretion.

When sebum enters pores, they become black and makes pores stand out, so please sleep well to control hormone balance and maintain healthy skin, body, and mind.


4. Refrain from smoking and drinking

Smoking breaks down structure of vitamin C and disturbs regeneration of skin. It is same for alcohol too.

Alcohol increases active oxygen, which is toxic for skin, and smoking and drinking too much leave old cuticles on skin and cause troubles. Of course, cure of acnes slows down or can even worsen them.

Refrain from smoking, and if possible, stop smoking. There is no good effect of smoking, so rethink about your daily habits

Also did you know that drinking too much alcohol is one of the causes to decrease pheromones which women naturally have to attract men? These pheromones contain gene information and have alluring effect which women are born with.

However, amount of pheromones decrease after age of 22. You can increase them, but modern women drink a lot of alcohol or suffer from stress and lose balance of hormones which are causes loss of pheromones.

Such results are equal to menstrual disorder and rough skin. You might can’t quit drinking so easily, but refrain from drinking little by little for yourself.


5. Improve poor circulation and sensitivity to cold

Many women suffer from sensitivity to cold. Women have a lot of fat under skin and less muscle compared to men, so they are more likely to feel cold.

When the body is cold, blood circulation becomes poor. Poor circulation causes imbalance of hormones, so it is not only a cause of rough skin but also cause of swelling, stomachache, severe menstrual cramps, cystitis and a feeling of residual urine.

To prevent body from cooling, soak in a bathtub and warm your body instead of just taking a shower.

Also it is important to avoid eating too much cold foods and drinks. If you eat cold thing, drink something warm after it to prevent coldness. It is same for in summer, women are suffering coldness all year long.

Stomach and lower parts of body are especially sensitive to cold, so wear belly-warmer, knitted shorts and socks to protect your body.


6. Understand the main cause of chin acnes

Same as other acnes, main cause of chin acnes is imbalance of hormones. Also a visceral disease and lack of moisture are possible causes.

Stresses from complicated personal relationships are said to affect balance of hormones greatly. Don’t you feel sudden stress when you face troubles between people?

And when you look in a mirror, you might find acnes on your chin! When we feel or compile stress, our bodies’ functions become distorted, automatic nerves are disturbed and affect functions to secrete hormones properly.

These malfunction of body can trigger mental and physical illnesses, cause menstrual periods to stop, constipation, rough skin and other problems.

It is good for you to cry or sweat a lot to release stress. Especially crying is said to have high effect to relieve stress. Watch touching movies on weekend, for example, and have a good cry will refresh your mind.

Also, progestational hormone which has similar function to male hormones is secreted during menstrual periods. This hormone insists secretion of sebum, so you are likely to have rough skins and acnes. It is important to take care of your skin more carefully during this period.

Skin is especially sensitive before the period, so it is recommended to change your skin care products such as face wash and skin lotion to products made for sensitive skin.

As function of intestines slows down, you may suffer constipation. Try to take vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers and have balanced diet to prevent accumulation of waste.

As I said earlier, spices and spicy foods can worsen acnes, so refrain from eating them as much as possible while you have acnes.

Lack of moisture is also a cause of acnes, so make sure not to leave your skin dry and give it enough moisture. When your skin lacks moisture, sebum will be actively secreted and you may have more acne.

Not only chin, but don’t forget to moisturize cheeks and forehead as well.


 7. Washing face with chin acnes

Acnes on chin stand out more than acnes on any other parts of face, don’t you think?

Once you have them, it is hard to cure them. Now, I want you to rethink about the way to wash face. When you have acnes, you might want to keep your face clean and therefore scrub and wash too much.

Using strong washing agent and washing frequently to try removing sebum can wash away necessary oil to protect your skin as well. At the same time amount of water to moisturize skin also decreases.

This is no good to clean your face, but even cause opposite effect and makes your skin weak against external stimulus. If you are washing your face in this way, you should quit now. Also you should rethink about strong washing agent.

When barrier function of skin is destructed, virus, dust and other small things from outside attack skin and give damages. Cure of acnes slows down and germs might enter skin and cause irritation, worsening acnes.

Prevent using strong washing agent and wash face gently, without scrubbing. It is no use to wash with less lather, so make rich lather like whipped cream when washing face.

The most important thing about washing face is to lessen stresses to skin, so please keep this in mind

In addition, I suppose many people are using make-up removing oil, but it is not recommended for people who get acnes easily.

Oil can be left in pores, and possibly insists increase of germs causing acnes. It can worsen acnes as well, so if you get acnes easily you should use gel-type make-up removers or other freshen-type removers.

If you have sensitive or very dry skin, cream make-up remover is recommended.

There are many types of make-up removers, so please find the one suitable for you.

When washing face, please don’t miss a spot and leave foam and oil on your skin. Be careful and make sure to wash every parts of your skin.


Did you like my advices?

By improving daily habits, condition of your skin will be better with less trouble. Good living environment will surely has good effect on skin.

Of course, irregular and bad environment has bad effects, so rethink about your habits. Not only taking care from outside, but also from inside (especially eating habit) is very important. You should eat balanced diet to have healthy skin.

Many of you might have easy meals because you are too busy, but continuing such eating habits make it more difficult to change to good, balanced diet. I think eating habit is an important element to make up your future.

Please think about your eating habit once again, and eat in well balance for your skin and your health. Also don’t underestimate lack of sleep and poor circulation.

They not only are fundamental causes of acnes, but also can cause many physical problems. Please try to improve little by little. I hope this article helps you.



 ways for daily habits with chin acnes

1. Rethink and improve eating habits
2. Know effective foods for chin acnes
3. Improve lack of sleep
4. Refrain from smoking and drinking
5. Improve poor circulation and sensitivity to cold
6. Understand the main cause of chin acnes
7. Washing face with chin acnes



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