9 Ways How to Cure Chin Acne Stands Out

9 Ways How to Cure Chin Acne Stands Out
Is there anyone who is worried about chin acne?
Although chin is hard to have acne because chin does not have the function of sweating unlike forehead and cheeks, once you have chin acne, it is hard to cure because of delicate pores.

In the case of men, physical stimulation like shaving is the main cause of chin acne.
In the case of women, it is said that imbalanced hormone is the main cause of chin acne. So, improve hormone balance will do. Don’t you want to cure chin acne even if it will take long?

Let me introduce the ways how to cure chin acne stands out.

9 Ways How to Cure Chin Acne Stands Out


No.1: To Improve Digestive Organs

It is said that weakened digestive organs cause chin acne. In other words, the weakened function of digestion leads to constipation. Since constipation accumulates wastes in the body, it makes it easier for bad bacteria to multiply rapidly and adversely affects the body and the skin.

Main causes of feeble digestive organs are to cool digestive organs like the stomach and intestines by drinking too much something cold or lack of sleep.
The digestive organs functions well when you feel relaxed.
On the contrary, when you build up stress, the organs become weak. So you should make it a rule to feel relaxed and not build up stress in your daily life.


No.2: Cold Constitution and Chin Acne

It is said that people with chin acne having a bad circulation in lower the half of the body and cold constitution which badly affect the skin.
A cold constitution which many women have leads to bad blood circulation which is bad for the skin.
So, to deal with cold constitution is important for chin acne treatment. Acne treatment of grown-up and one of teenagers are different.

The body parts which do not have a blood circulation tend to decrease blood flows, and which also badly affect blood flow of the skin.
Blood flow reduction means that metabolism which is essential for reproduction of the skin is decreased and also delays the acne cure. So, you should care about a blood circulation.


No.3: To Wash Off Make-up Completely

Leaving make-up unwashed causes chin acne. A chin does not sweat unlike forehead.

Chin’s sweat glands do not secrete sweat, so pores of a chin are really delicate.
Once you have chin acne, easily get worse and difficult to cure.

That is why make-up left unwashed on a chin induces acne. You had better wash pores so as not to leave make-up unwashed.
To warm a chin or face is a good way to make it easier to wash make- up off. By warming pores, pores open and you can easily wash it off.

I recommend that you use gel or cream cleansing products rather than oil ones.
Oil cleansing products are liable to clog pores, gel and cream types are better. Please to be careful to wash off make-up completely and not leave it unwashed.


No.4: Thorough Skin Care before a Period 

One of causes of chin acne is imbalanced hormones before a menstrual period.

Have you had acne before a period?
It seems that chin acne often bring about before a period.  It is said that hormone imbalance is liable to occur before a period and secrete hormone called progesterone which makes sebum like male hormone. So, before a period, you tend to have chin acne.
Besides, metabolism of the skin easily gets decreased before a period, so, it is important to take care of the skin thoroughly at that time.

In the case of men, physical stimulation like shaving often leads to chin acne. But in the case of women, many have chin acne caused by hormone imbalance. So please be careful to suppress sebum secretion and keep the skin clean before a period.


No.5: The Relation between Shortage of Sleep and Chin Acne

It is quite important to get sound sleep to improve chin acne. Sound can prevent occurrence of chin acne.
Lack of sleep causes feeble immune system of the skin.

In other words, immune system of the skin is like a strong shield which prevents guard the skin from outside stimulations. If you have not got sound sleep for a while, the shield will become weak and unable to bear the attack of outside stimulations.
Consequently, the skin will be vulnerable to the stimulations and you will be liable to rough skin.

It causes not only acne but also many kinds of skin troubles. Some say that people having no acne have strong immune systems.

However, a minor thing like cold constitution can decrease immune systems. Life habits may cause feeble immune systems even though having strong ones.
You can change your sleep habit by confirming your determination. It is often said that sitting up late at night is enemy of the skin because it leads to decline immune systems and skin troubles.

So, sound sleep is important to improve chin acne.


No.6: The Importance of Sleep Rhythm

As I mentioned in the article, lack of sleep causes chin acne, sleep rhythm is also important for chin acne improvement.
The important sleep rhythm is that reproduces the skin by falling asleep by the specific time which helps growth hormones promote.

Human mechanism includes the time which promotes a growth hormone that reproduces skin cells. To get sleep from 10p.m to 2a.m helps growth hormones reproduce the skin.

However, it is difficult to go to sleep at the specific time and make it a rule. So the determination is the key to the success.
Since, a growth hormone and sound sleep has wonderful effects of getting smooth skin and an effect of strengthening immune systems for chin acne prevention, you should go to sleep at the specific time and get enough sleep.


No.7: How to Wash Face for People with Chin Acne

Do you wash your face many times for cleanse and getting rid of sebum when you have acne?

To wash face many times or to get rid of too much sebum conversely makes you have acne and may have risk of chronic acne.
So, they are not good ways for acne improvement.

That is because getting rid of all sebum harm functions of barrier like ceramide which people have since birth. Washing face too many times has adversely effects on the skin because it also harms barrier function and leads to dry skin caused by SOS signals from the brain. The signal orders the cell which makes sebum to secrete sebum and prevent the skin, so it conversely leads to excessive sebum secretion.

You should not get rid of all sebum because moderate sebum guards the skin. No sebum skin badly affects the face as it leads to excessive sebum secretion.

So you should use cleansing products which are mild to the skin as you wash your face.
It is also important not to rub strongly and scratch the face as washing the face.

Please keep it mind.


No.8: Supplements for Chin Acne   

When it comes to chin acne the supplement “y-Linolenic acid” which improves hormone balance has been taken by people with chin acne.
The supplement is different from antibiotic prescribed in hospital because it has no side effect. But it will take a little longer to affect acne.

However, you can think supplement as one of choices for long chin acne improvement, if you can find the right one among so many ones.
Besides, there are vitamin C supplements for inflammation caused by acne or supplements contain lecithin. You can get many supplements for chin acne improvement available.

And vitamin C supplement has also effect of relieving stress and an effect of suppressing active oxygen made by ultraviolet.

It seems that stress is inevitable for human life, but excessive stress causes imbalanced hormone which is one of causes of acne. However, some supplements will do when you cannot take enough vitamins in your eating habit and some ways prevent you from acne.

In addition, the supplement “Evening prim rose” for chin acne improvement is often recommended.
The supplement has an effect of improving metabolism and an effect of reproducing skin cells.  Please try it.


No.9: No too Much High-Fat Foods

High-fat foods lead to promote sebum and of course lead to chin acne.
Especially, be careful of the high fat foods such as cookies contain too much butter or fried foods contain too much oil.

And also, be careful of high-sugar foods like cake or soda. In the case of these, too much intake of them leads to “saccharification “causes dullness of the skin and mental disorders like depression.

Furthermore, it induces imbalanced hormones and autonomic ataxia. And it also causes chin acne caused by imbalanced hormones.
High-fat foods eating habits may have the risk of promoting acne bacterium and consequently leads to chin acne.

So please try low-fat eating habit for chin acne prevention.


How were the article?

I hope you have come to know that the ways are unexpectedly easy. Especially, the causes of a cold constitution and chin acne that women tend to have might seem to surprise you. A cold constitution leads to cooling many kinds of organs.

Especially, feeble digestive organs like the stomach leads to constipation. Feces left long in the bowels turns into wastes cause acne.
Of course, it causes not only acne but also a cold constitution, cystitis, a hard period pain and swellings in the body. So try to warm your body for chin acne prevention.
I’d like you to try it. I wish for you the articles help you with chin acne cure.



9 Ways How to Cure Chin Acne Stands Out

No.1: To Improve Digestive Organs
No.2: Cold Constitution and Chin Acne
No.3: To Wash Off Make-up Completely
No.4: Thorough Skin Care before Period
No.5: The Relation between Shortage of Sleep and Chin Acne
No.6: The Importance of Sleep Rhythm
No.7: How to Wash Face for People with Chin Acne
No.8: Supplements for Chin Acne
No.9: No too Much High-Fat Foods

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