9 ways to cure uncool chin acne image

Chin acne is uncool! 9 ways to cure it for better image
Chin acne is very noticeable when you talk, eat, etc. You could even create an unclean image because of it. No one would say that you are not clean, but it’s not a good thing to have.

So let’s take care of it and make a good impression.

9 ways to cure uncool chin acne image


1: Try not to touch the chin acne

You might wear a mask in winter to avoid a cold or flu. Of course, it’s a good thing to do.

However, is it good for acne as well? When you keep wearing a mask for a long time, the inside gets stuffy and therefore bacteria grow. Furthermore, the mask keeps touching your chin.
That means the mask keeps giving the chin a stimulus. Don’t wear a mask if it’s not necessary. You shouldn’t rest your chin on your hand as well.
If the chin acne is not painful, you can easily rest your chin on your hand. But it could make the acne worse by touching it with your hand.

Other than touching the acne with your hand, also don’t give it a stimulus directly.


2: Don’t make your body cold

One reason of chin acne is too much secretion of fat on the face. And another one is the internal environment of your body, especially a coldness.

People tend to eat and drink warm things in a cold season, so some might not be careful of the coldness. But it’s very important to keep your body warm.
Don’t put a lot of ices into a cold drink, or stay in a cold place for a long time. You can easily avoid these things. You can make a warm environment by drinking something without an ice, preparing a jacket, and so on.

You can also get foods and items which prevent you from being cold. If you take these things into your daily life, you don’t have to feel cold, and therefore you can cure the chin acne.


3: Have a better internal environment of your body

We learned that the coldness affects the chin acne in the tip 2, but then, how does it affect the chin acne and the internal environment of your body? You must have heard of “A cold often leads to all kinds of disease.”

When your body is cold, the function of the internal organs becomes poor and you can’t eliminate the waste. And if the waste is piled up, the necessary nutrients can’t go to each part of your body, including the part of the chin acne.

The immune power of the whole body gets poor as well, so the skin becomes sensitive and therefore the acne could trigger another inflammation. You can improve the natural healing ability by avoiding the coldness and making the internal environment better. As a result of that, you can cure the chin acne.


4: Have a better intestinal environment

You must often hear that “the skin gets worse when you have constipation.” This is also caused by a poor function of waste elimination.
The skin situation becomes better when you have a good intestinal environment and eliminate the waste every day. Vitamin is essential for acne, but you should also take fiber for a good intestinal environment.

As a care of the inside of your body, you can feel a quick effect by improving the intestinal environment. So try not to have constipation.


5: Improve the daily habit at a reasonable level

To have a fundamental cure for the acne, you should have a well-regulated life and meal. But it’s not that easy in the real world.

“I should be well-regulated because I have acnes.” “I have to be careful of the food I take.” These ideas don’t help anything. You have to do it every day as a daily habit.
But it can be stressful or hard to do if you are too careful or make too many rules. So you can make it the daily habit at a reasonable level.

As you do so, your own rule will be made naturally, and the life without stress will avoid acne.


6: Don’t miss an appropriate skin care every day

A skin care is essential for noticeable acne like chin acne. Wash your face gently with a soap which doesn’t contain synthesized surfactant or oil.

Moisture retention is also important. There are a lot of moisturizers for different kinds of acne and skin.
Check the review carefully or ask the shop staff, your friends or a doctor before you buy one.

It’s also an option to use exfoliating cleanser to help the turnover of your skin. Follow the instruction of the cleanser so the care doesn’t become too much. Take care of your skin in the right way every day.


7: Give it a massage when you do skin care

When you have a touch of inflammation of the chin acne, a face massage may work for it. A massage makes the blood circulation of the face good, eliminates the waste, and carries nutrients.

A gentle lymph massage is good enough.
Chin acne is on around your mouth, which moves when speaking and eating, so the blood circulation isn’t that bad there. However, the waste tends to stay there since the part moves a lot.
Gently touch under your chin to the back of both ears with your fingers. Repeat it a couple of times. This massage gets rid of the swelling and improves blood circulation, so the whole face looks better as well.


8: Go see a dermatologist, gynecologist, and dentist

Many people go see a dermatologist for acne. Of course, a medicine or treatment there often cures the acne, but some of chin acne is directly affected by a balance of hormone.

You can improve the balance of hormone by having a good life environment, but it takes time. Therefore, it’s also an option to do see a gynecologist.
Inflammation inside the mouth can be a cause of chin acne. But it’s hard to notice it by yourself, so it’s better to go see a dentist if your care doesn’t work.

It’s important to keep taking care of the acne by yourself, but it’s also necessary to rely on a doctor to keep your skin beautiful.


9: Change the image to hide the chin acne

It’s not possible to cure the acne today and make a good impression. You need at least a few days, or a few weeks to cure the acne.

What would people think about acne? Unclean, Gloomy, can’t talk with eye contacts.
In that case, you can cover the chin acne with the different way. You don’t have to be negative like, “I can’t get dressed up because of the acne.” or “It’s not going to be fun if I go out for dinner.”

Put a light makeup for your chin, and make your eyes impressive. Get dressed up so people focus on your outfit. You can enjoy eating out with a positive feeling.
Change your image with a different way so you forget the down feeling. You can do it right now.

It may take courage to do it, but a bad impression can stay longer. A little courage will keep a good impression after curing the chin acne.


How was it?
Chin acne can’t be cured overnight, so it’s very important to have a skin which doesn’t make acne.
Use the right care items for your skin, and make your daily life better for a fundamental cure.
Maybe it’s not preferable to see your acne in a mirror, but you should face it and take care of it. Then you will definitely cure it.
A bad impression to others tends to stay longer, so take care of your skin and feeling so you don’t give a bad image to others and also to yourself.



9 ways to cure uncool chin acne image

1: Try not to touch the chin acne
2: Don’t make your body cold
3: Have a better internal environment of your body
4: Have a better intestinal environment
5: Improve the daily habit at a reasonable level
6: Don’t miss an appropriate skin care every day
7: Give it a massage when you do skin care
8: Go see a dermatologist, gynecologist, and dentist
9: Change the image to cover the chin acne


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