Cheese Nutrient Give you 7good Effect on the Health

Cheese Nutrient Give you 7good Effect on the Health
What kind of cheese do you like? There are many kinds of cheese and cheese dishes. As a snack with wine, topping for salad, pizza, snacks, sweets…. There are also many kinds of ingredients match with cheese. Of course, just having cheese tastes really good!

Cheese is widely known to have plenty of nutrients. It is said to be perfect nutritional food because cheese is nutritious and contains calcium, protein, mineral vitamin in balance.

Even if cheese is perfect nutritional food, it seems that there are many people who are worried that having some cheese would lead to getting fat because it is made from butter fat.

But if you learn about the nutrient of cheese, you will be able to make the most of the power of cheese which is good for the health and beauty. In that way, the concern will disappear completely.

Cheese Nutrient Give you 7good Effect on the Health


1. Taking calcium by cheese

Major nutrient of cheese is calcium

Calcium is essential nutrient for moving muscles or delivering information of nerves so without calcium, people cannot live. Such calcium is sent to all over the body through blood. Shortage of calcium in the blood leads to using calcium in the body. If such a condition would continue for a long time, it could lead to hindrance to children’s growth or osteoporosis.

It is said that Japanese people tend to lack calcium intake. So I recommend people in Japan should have some cheese actively so as not to be shortage of calcium. Compared to other food, the body easily absorbs calcium cheese contains. The absorbed fraction is twice as much as a small fish’s. Taking plenty of calcium has a good effect on neurotransmission, and which leads to curving irritation and a relax effect.


2. Digestive organs condition improvement

Cheese is made from fermented milk. Although lactic acid is essential for the process of the fermentation process, it is still living after the process. Lactic acid is kind of good bacteria which improves intestinal environment. So it eliminates bad bacteria which causes disorders such as constipation, rough skin or stiff in the neck in the intestinal and improves intestinal environment.

Although yogurt or lactic acid bacteria beverage contains lactic acid, some people do not like their sweet or sour taste. Such a person should eat some cheese. However, every cheese is not effective for intestinal environment improvement. Although there are two types of cheese processed cheese and natural cheese, lactic acid in processed cheese is dead because processed cheese is heat-treated.

You should choose natural cheese if you want to improve intestinal environment. However, if you heat-treat natural cheese, lactic acids will be dead. So you should eat it without cooking.


3. Effect for losing weight

You might think cheese as a high fat and high calorie product and leads to getting fat. However, cheese has a good effect for losing weight.

The fats cheese contains are shape of sphere that is easy to burn. People tend to think fats as an enemy of losing weight, but fats is essential nutrient for making beautiful hair and beautiful skin. Shortage of fats causes unsmooth hair and rough skin. Since, the fats are easy to burn and effectively taken, people who are going on a diet should have some cheese. Cheese is filling, so little amount of cheese can make you satisfied. That is good point for losing weight.

And also cheese can supplement the nutrients people who are going on a diet tend to lack such as protein, calcium or vitaminB2.

Although cheese is said to be a perfect nutrient food, you must not take up a diet having only cheese. Since cheese does not contain dietary fiber and vitamin C, you should combine cheese with other products while going on a diet.


4. Cancer prevention

Protein accounts for 20~30% of Constituent of cheese. The protein contains essential amino acids in good balance.

The protein prevents high pressure by discharging excessive salt out of the body. A study shows that the protein has an effect on decrease in cancer cell by combining with iron which leads to activating lymphocyte. So cheese has attracted people’s attention as a cancer prevention food.

Especially blue cheese has the strong effect. A study shows that palmitic acid and oleic acid blue cheese contains has an effect of curbing cancer cell multiplication. I know some people do not like the distinct flavor of blue cheese, but it is good for health. a proper quantity of blue cheese is 55g a day which is equivalent of three pieces of sliced cheeses.


5. Recovery from exhaustion

Among nutrients cheese contains, vitamin B2 has many good effects for us. Vitamin B2 has an effect of metabolism promotion because it burns protein and turns it into energy. So it is good for losing effect.

Shortage of vitamin B2 worsens the metabolism, and which leads to a bad effect on the health like making harder to recover from exhaustion, stomatis, rough skin or hair loss. If you feel listless, it is the proof of vitamin B2 shortage.

You cannot store vitaminB2 in the body because extra vitamin B2 is discharged with urine soon. So you should take vitamin B2 actively.

Although cheese contains protein and fats which make the body, vitamin B2 helps the body decompose and absorb the nutrients. Cheese has many nutrients important for the body so cheese has a strong effect for recovery from exhaustion. If you feel listless you should have some cheese.


6. Cold prevention

People come down with viral cold when virus attaches mucous membrane of nose or throat. People who have healthy mucous membranes are resistant to a cold.

The nutrient is vitamin A which makes mucous membrane strong. It is widely known green and yellow vegetables contain much of vitamin A. Cheese contains much vitamin A. it is said that dairy cattle which produce ingredient of cheese eat much grass so cheese contain much of vitamin A. So food for a milk cow is important.

Mucous membrane gets weakened in the dry environment. People catch a cold more often in the winter because the air is so dry in the cold season. In such days why don’t’ you have some hot cheese?


7. Prevent sick from drinking

When it comes to wine, don’t you drink wine with some cheeses? The combination of wine and cheese is not only good for taste but also the health.

One of the reasons is the fats of cheese. Having some cheese before drinking protects the stomach wall from the stimulus of alcohol by the fats. It also has an effect of making the body absorb alcohol slowly. The next reason is the lactic acid cheese contains. It helps you with digestion.

And, the biggest reasons why the combination of cheese and alcohol is good is the protein cheese contains. The protein contains amino acids in good balance. One of the constituent of the amino acid is methionine which helps liver function and promotes alcohol decomposition.

You can prevent the sick from drinking by having cheese while drinking.

How was that?

People who thought cheese as an enemy of losing weight might be amazed the fact that cheese has many benefits for losing weights.

Don’t you want have delicious cheeses right? There are many kinds of cheeses and features like strong smell, strong flavor, soft one, or hard one, so it might be hard to pick up the right ones for beginners.

Let’s try various kinds of cheese at shops. Looking for your favorite cheese by some tasting would be good.

Cheese tastes good and is good for your health. Make it a rule to having cheese.



Cheese Nutrient Give you 7good Effect on the Health

1. Taking calcium by cheese
2. digestive organs condition improvement
3. Effect for losing weight
4. Cancer prevention
5. Recovery from exhaustion
6. Cold prevention
7. Prevent sick from drinking

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