It isn’t too late! How to change your life

It is not too late! How to change your life in 5 easy ways
Are you satisfied with your life? Maybe you want it to be better, or even want to change it completely.

What part of your life do you have problem with?

Suppose you have a lot of money but have no friend.

You probably would have a boring life.

What if you are married to your loved one and have a family, but too busy working and have no time to spend with them?

It should be a sad life.

If you have any problem with your life, change it now!

You may think that “it is impossible to change life now” or “it would take a lot of work”, but, to tell you the truth, it is not so difficult.

I will tell you easy and effective ways to change your life!


It isn’t too late! How to change your life


1. Straighten your back

This is the simplest way to change your life. Straighten your back and have a good posture!

Your posture reflects a condition of your mind. Your mind changes with a good posture.

Your habit changes with your mind and it will lead to a new result. Eventually it will lead to change your life.

 If you have a bad posture or a habit of looking down, try to fix it now.

If you need to work at a desk for a long time, adjust the height of a chair and a computer display to sit up straight.


2. Give an order to yourself in a mirror

Stand in front of a big mirror, like the one in a bathroom or a full-length mirror.

Point to yourself in a mirror and give an order such as “you will change your life from now” or “quit smoking now”.

Order what you need to do.


The points are:

 -Do it with a serious face

-Look into eyes

-Continue doing it for 21 days

 Your subconscious mind is said to change by given an order from yourself through a mirror.

An effective way to change life is to change subconscious mind, so it is a very effective way.


3. Spend a day under an assumption of “new life”

Imagine how you would spend a day if your life has changed.

 -How do you feel in the morning?

-What do you wear?

-What do you feel about your work?

-What do you eat?

-What kind of conversation do you have, and how you feel about it?

-What do you feel before going to bed?

 Your life consists of small habits you do everyday.

With the same habits, your life won’t change, so the key to change your life is to change habits.

 Do what you would do after your life have changed.


Your life will change as you imagine.

You don’t need to spend much money, just start changing what you can!


4. Be friend with another self

Your life can change faster if you become friend with your alter ego, which controls your actions.

There is always another self, stopping you from trying something.

 Many people are holding down or losing against their alter ego.

Instead of encountering, it is important to become friend with it.

 Followings are steps for how to become friend with alter ego

 (1)Select your worries or things you want to try

(2) Ask your “alter ego” the reason why it is stopping you from doing it

(3) Find the common purpose for “yourself” and “another self”

(4) Find the way that both can assent


 Now let’s try the steps with an example “I want to change job, but cannot take a step forward”.

 (1) Your worry: I want to change job because of low salary, but cannot take a step forward.

(2) Reason (alter ego): At my age, there is a possibility that no company will hire me. I am afraid to be denied at job interviews.

(3) Common purpose: I don’t want to feel hurt, and want to live stable life.

(4) The way both can assent: Instead of changing job, start a secondary business, such as starting new business on weekends. With this way, you don’t need to feel hurt and can increase your income.


If you encounter your alter ego, your ability will be halved, but if you can coop with it, your ability will be doubled and can change your life faster.

 Please have some time to reflect on yourself.


5. Hang up your dream on where you can always see

Write or draw your dream you want to fulfill and hang up on where you can always see. By being conscious of your “ideal life”, your life will surely change.

 To write your dream, it should be “in details” and “has a clear deadline”. For example, “earning (how much) a year”, or make a scrapbook with images of your dream, using pictures and magazines. 


And keep it to where you can see anytime. Followings are also good ways.

 -write your dream on a wallpaper of your mobile phone

-put your dream in your diary to carry around 

This is very effective, as many successful people are already doing so! Please dream beyond your possibility and change your life.



I hope you liked my tips.

They may sound too easy for those who think “a lot of effort is needed to change like” or “life cannot be changed without suffering”.

If you want to change your life, start with changing your habit of everyday life. By changing your mind a little, the life will change for sure.



It isn’t too late! How to change your life

1. Straighten your back

2. Give an order to yourself in a mirror

3. Spend a day under an assumption of “new life”

4. Be friend with another self

5. Hang up your dream on where you can always see


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