7 ways to open up chakra which is in you

7 ways to open up chakras, 7 steps to bring out the power of sleep
Do you know the ways to open up chakras?

Or to begin with, do you know the word “chakra”? You may have seen this word in health magazines. It is the energy circulating around within the body.

Translated as “wheels” in Sanskrit, it is considered as important energy of inner body from ancient times. Some of you are more familiar with traditional Chinese breathing exercise qigong.

Chakra is the means to acquire health, and often used as a way to have a good sleep.

So let’s get back your health by learning how to get a comfortable sleep with chakra.


7 ways to open up chakra which is in you


1. Don’t open chakras when not needed

You can expect the improvement of your health by opening chakras, but it is not recommended to open excessively. 

Chakras basically indicate 7 points of the human body, and they work as the place to control energy. Chakras themselves are adjusting to our pace. For instance, people working in front of computers don’t need abilities like self-expression or good way to handle phrases, like sales persons do. 

For these people, “chakra of throat”, which controls the expression, is not completely open. If they force it to open, it will break the balance of their body. It is meaningless, so try to open them little by little to begin with. 

Now I will explain in details the effective ways to open chakras which lead to good sleep.


2. “Crown chakra”

As you can imagine from its name, this chakra is on top of your head. The method is easy. Imagine that light is shining above your head. Or, imagine putting a warm towel on your head. You gradually feel warmth from your head. 

You feel relaxed when you warm your head, so imagine that situation. 

Sometime people sit in meditation position to open chakras, but you don’t need it this time. An aim is to sleep well, so do it when you are relaxed in bed.

 Also, it’s good to imagine yourself floating in the air. Not flying with speed, but flying lightly like you sometimes see in your dream. 

Warming up your head and imagine the scene of you floating, the crown chakra opens. And as you stay in this way for a while, you are likely to fall asleep. Please try!


 3. The 8th chakra

Basically there are 7 chakras in human body, but if we look at an ancient chakra studies, there are 8th and 9th chakras stated. 

8th chakra is said to be located above the head. Unlike crown chakra, it is not attached to the head, but a little distant from top of the head. 

8th chakra represents the sun and said to give light to entire body from above. This chakra is also good for sleep, as it can give a sense of security. 

As I mentioned in the section of crown chakra, imagine a warm sunlight from above. Crown chakra was with the image of “directly” warming the head, but this time imagine like an indirect illumination slowly warming you up.

 To have a good sleep, do this in bed.


4. Chakra of the throat

Do you like singing in Karaoke? I’m sure many of you do. 

Don’t you feel a sense of fulfillment and comfortable exhaustion, after enjoying singing aloud? I’m sure you can have a good sleep after singing. 

There are many chakras, and there is one in your throat too. It means it is effective to open the chakra in the throat and go to sleep, like you can sleep well after singing.

 It is easy. Just talking with someone or shouting aloud is effective. You should not yell in night, but practice talking on a phone or Skype with your family and friends. 

If you are living with your family, spend more time talking with them. Calling your friend everyday is sometimes considered a bad manner, but you can talk with your family as much as you want. And, it’s free.

 When you travel with your friends, don’t you think “talking in night” is fun? The most fun thing during a trip should be a sightseeing in a daytime or a dinner, but talking in the night somewhat feels much fun.

 This is exactly when the chakra in the throat is open, and you can smoothly go to sleep after enjoying the talk. Next morning, you feel refreshed and can enjoy a breakfast.

 You may not be able to use a phone every night, but make a habit of talking with someone in night time. You can open you chakra in throat, and can have a good sleep with a sense of fulfillment.


5. Don’t think

Let’s think about “good ways to open up the chakras” from now on. To begin with, chakra is not a theoretical thing but a “sensual” thing. It is important to learn the ways to open chakras by “knowledge”, but you shouldn’t think anything when you practice it.

 Some of you might recall things that have happened in that day before you go to sleep. However you tend to have difficulty going to sleep if you recall things one by one in a bed

 It’s natural. Your brain is working while you think, and it awakens you.

 Especially for crown chakra and the 8th chakra, “imaging a scene” is important. Things or information happened in your real life disturb “imaging”.

 It is difficult not to think, but try not to think and concentrate on imaging a scene. You will get used to it and eventually will go to bed naturally without any thoughts 

As the chakras get easier to open up, you will get to sleep easily. 

In addition, the best thing to feel comfortable and get a good sleep is to feel relaxed. Try listening to the natural sound of waves or peaceful music (which can fill your brain with an alpha wave by 1/f fluctuation). It will improve a quality of your sleep.


6. If you can’t open chakras…

Everybody have chakras, but not everybody can open them. In qigong method (traditional Chinese breathing exercise), some people can practice right away while some require more trainings, and there are people who can never do it even after many trainings. 

It is same for chakras. Everyone have them but not everyone can open them up.

 But don’t get frustrated if you can’t. It’s no use to get stressed by chakras. To believe to be “opened” is an effective method. 

Imagine you are eating a jelly with collagen. You expect for good effect for your skin, but just eating once does nothing, to be honest. However the feeling of excitement has an effect, so it is worth eating it.

 The level of opening of chakras differs between individuals, but it is important to believe they are open. Even if they are not open, you can still have “a sense of happiness”. As chakras won’t do any harm, you don’t have to be depressed for closed chakras.


 7. Counterclockwise chakra

Chakras are said to be rotate clockwise, but they sometimes rotate in opposite way.

 It is said to be a sign of defect, and sometimes treatment is required. 

If you cannot open up your chakras by the methods I mentioned above, you possibly are a person who has difficulties opening chakras. Another possibility is that your chakras are rotating in wrong way that the methods are not effective.

Especially if you get ill or don’t feel good by opening up chakras, your chakras are likely to be rotating in a wrong direction. 

For crown chakra, for example, if you get awakened or starting to get a light headache, stop opening. Your brain can be chronically tired or headache comes from stiff shoulder.

 Chakras should be used in good condition, and try to use under unhealthy condition may result in opposite effect. You should see a doctor first, if necessary.



How was it?


“Crown chakra”, “8th chakra”, and “chakra in throat” are effective for good sleep. There are some knacks in opening them up, so try first “not to think”.


Naturally opened chakras can improve a quality of sleep, and have some effect for sleep disorders as well. Don’t forget to consult a medical specialist if nothing improves by chakras. What is important is to get a necessary treatment and use the power of chakras in addition, to get a combined effect.



7 ways to open up chakra which is in you

 -Don’t open chakras when not needed

-“Crown chakra”

-The 8th chakra

-Chakra of the throat

-Don’t think

-If you can’t open chakras…

-Counterclockwise chakra


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