Train chakras & become healthy. 5 simple healing tips.

Train chakras and become healthy. 5 simple healing tips.
Do you know chakras? They may sound suspicious, but the history of chakra starts back in thousands of years ago, and they are well studied and practiced. Healthy body can be obtained by training chakras.

Chakra means “circle” in Sanskrit, and refers to “7 power spots of the human body”. In other words, it means the integration points for energy circulating the body, or “bus stops for energy”.

7 chakras (parts of body) control different fortunes, so it is possible to improve certain fortune by training chakras.

So here are ways to train chakras and get high healing effects, improve health and fortunes. These are from “tantra Buddhism” of the long history of chakra.


Train chakras & become healthy.
5 simple healing tips.



1. Improve luck of money by chakra in sexual organ

We should live with a reality. Any interesting thoughts or philosophy has no meaning without a reality. So train the chakra in sexual organ.

It is also said as “a secret chakra” and located around sexual organ. Luck of money improves by training this chakra.

The most efficient way is to walk. Don’t be too relaxed and walk slowly, think of “training” the chakra.

To begin with, walk in the morning. Walking in night will not last long from fatigue, and to walk in the morning is also good to wake up body and brain.

When walking, straighten your back, but don’t bend back too much. Keep your back vertical to the ground. Lightly tighten up you anus, and also tighten your lower stomach. Drawn in just a little is good enough. Don’t tighten too much.

Walk few kilometers in this posture for the first few weeks. Don’t start with hard walking. The purpose is to train chakra, and to lose weight or to wake up early in the morning is just “by-products”.

As you get used to it after few weeks, try to walk faster and longer gradually. If you take too much time as you walk longer, use weight around your ankles and walk shorter distance instead. Also carry a weight on your back (in a backpack) is also good. You can train chakra with shorter distance, using weight.


2. Obtain great individuality by training the chakra in digestive system

Sometimes we run into a people who are always angry about “something”, giving a sharp look for no reason, or look emotionally instable.

They have traits of “not proud of their individuality” or “have a complex about themselves”. Imagine salaried workers for instance. They sure are working hard, but the greatest weapon is “a business card with the title of their job position”.

“An ability to solve problems” or “a skill of theoretical thinking” can be the weapons too, but you can’t visibly prove them. Only thing we can actually see is a name card.

However the value of name cards is decreasing nowadays. The ways of business has become more efficient, and the ability is required more than your position written on a card. The business is done by closer relationships of people.

That’s why those who sacrificed their individuality for a job start to think of themselves, and eventually deny people who are beyond their imagination. They are those who are always angry about something.

In this case, it is necessary to become proud of yourself and to greatly express individuality. You can accept the existence of people in different environment and think as “I am myself, and they are on themselves.”

The chakra effective for training individuality is located in digestive systems, and can be trained by taking a deep breath. It is “release of a vicious mind out of stomach” rather than training.

But just releasing is not good enough, as a vicious mind start piling up again. You have to continue releasing and piling up over and over.

Instead, here is the way to get rid of a vicious mind and prepare a body for not piling it up again.

It is easy. Start mountain-climbing or trekking as a hobby. Maybe you can follow “mountain girls” who enjoy these hobbies and getting popular in Japan.

The clear air of nature is perfect for getting rid of a vicious mind. Together with training the heart and lungs with mountain-climbing and trekking, it makes a body against building up a vicious mind. It is different from training in the gym. It is the natural chakra healing, only can be done in the nature.

There is no need to climb high mountains. If there are any easy mountain path close by, try on you next holiday!

By the way, I’ve heard that “climbing Mount Fuji changes the views of life”, but is it related to chakra healing? Or native cedar trees in Yaku Island (often more than 1000 years old) is said the same. It should be a kind of chakra healing.


3. Improve your mentality by crown chakra

The crown chakra is located at the top of the head. In Buddhism, it is said as “feeling beyond individuality” and close to satori, or spiritual enlightenment.

By training crown chakra, you can obtain a calm, stable mentality. Having a calm point of view and mentality are the important factors for making a good judgment. If you are too emotional and fearful, or being paranoid and afraid, then you can’t mature yourself.

“Concentration of mind” is the keyword here, and let me explain in detail.

For Japanese people, the most familiar way to concentrate you minds is Zen meditation. It is becoming popular abroad recently, but not many Japanese people actually practice it.

However, Zen meditation is the best environment to concentrate, as foreign people who have experienced it are impressed to spend time in such a calm spirit.

Devout believers in Buddhism also practice copying of a sutra. It is a copying of the Scripture of Buddhism to paper in handwriting. It can be done single-mindedly, so also a good way to concentrate. If you are a beginner in copying of a sutra, just tracing a sutra is good enough.


4. Improve luck of money with heart chakra

Heart chakra is located at the chest. It is not at the heart or other organs, but at “the mental heart”. This chakra controls the tolerance of mind, or the capability to admit. Having a gentle personality and mentality to admit others have a great influence for “the kindness”.

Also as it is said “the mind is the center of body”, heart chakra harmonizes all chakras. Therefore by training heart chakra, the balance of all other chakras also improves.

To train heart chakra, always remember to have gratitude. Heart chakra is fulfilled by having a thankful spirit.

By the way, heart chakra is the common way of thinking to all Buddhism. In Japan, we say “Itadakimasu” before start eating meal. This is the thank for those who made foods, for the nature which brings us foods, and for gods and Buddha.

There is also a same kind of saying in Christianity, and the difference is that it is specialized in thank for god, as people who grow vegetables and the nature are all creation of god.

In Buddhism, we thank to everything from god and to people and the nature. Maybe the meaning of heart chakra is broader in Buddhism.

Those who embrace Buddhism are gentle. Imagine that Japanese people are said to be calm and kind or Thailand is called as “a country of smile”.


5. Get out of dependence with chakra around the navel

The last chakra is located a little under the navel and inside of the body, or behind the navel. It is controlling sensitivities and has an effect on communication ability with others. It also leads to self-confidence, and effective for improving performances, obtain convincing way of talking, or leaderships.

This chakra located behind the navel is also called Manipura chakra, and the best way to train is by Yoga.

Yoga is said to be developed as the way to train chakras, and has a lot of good effect on the energy circulation of body and emotional control. It is not just for physical health. You are believed to become beautiful from inside of the body as you practice Yoga, and this is because you are training chakras by Yoga. Maybe only few Yoga instructors know the exact relationship between Yoga and chakras.

Make a visit to one of the Yoga studios in your neighbor. After learning basic positions and movements, ask for the ways to train mainly around the navel. You can also learn from Yoga books or videos on Internet, and try at home.

By training this chakra, you can make a better communication with others and become confident for yourself. Not only these, you can be independent from your friend or from drinking alcohol, as you become confident.

Train the chakra in your navels to get confident body and mind, and be dependent!

How were the tips? I hope you liked them.

There are various theories about chakras, and there are 7 spots within our body. I have introduced 5 of them explained in tantra Buddhism.


I choose tantra because it focuses on chakras closely related to our everyday life, which means the training becomes very effective.

Let’s try the methods above to live healthy life for both body and mind!



Train chakras & become healthy. 5 simple healing tips.

1. Improve luck of money by chakra in sexual organ

2. Obtain great individuality by training the chakra in digestive system

3. Improve your mentality by crown chakra

4. Improve luck of money with heart chakra

Get out of dependence with chakra



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