7points How to Choose Mineral Oil Gentle to the Body

7points How to Choose Mineral Oil Gentle to the Body Do you know what kinds of skin care products made of oil is the best? Don’t you use a skin care product gentle to the skin? It seems that people have good image of natural oils to the skin such as animal oils and vegetable oils and bad image of mineral oils to the skin because they think the oils have bad effects on the skin like pigmentation. But it could be wrong.

In the old days, petroleum refining technique was immature and impurities in the oils could cause the problem. The technology progressed, the quality of the oils improved. So mineral oils are needless to say harmless and have a moisture retention effect more than natural oils.

Representative mineral oil is petroleum jelly. It is used not only for skin care products but also for remedy for dermatitis. Compared with old days, mineral oils are gentle to the skin because of the refining technique improvement.

I will introduce mineral oil skin care products that are gentle to the skin for people who have a bad image of mineral oils.

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7 Common Lifestyle Habits of People Fail to Lose Weight

7 Common Lifestyle Habits of People Fail to Lose WeightThose who say that they want to lose weight but can’t commonly tend to spoil themselves.

They want to slim down without hard work, and thus, tried wrong dietary programs or get easily tired of them, which is shown as lifestyle habits.

Paying attention to such habits which you do not usually notice and trying to improve them will help you get out of the negative spiral of “want to lose weight, but can’t.”

It is understood that “want to lose weight, but can’t” = “don’t want to try hard” = “can’t see any value to try to become beautiful (stylish)” = “can’t enjoy becoming beautiful.”

An objective as “I’ll do it when I get slimmed down” is important for sure. Still, try to enjoy dressing up or makeups, which is the key and driving force to keep good lifestyle habits for slim down.

Now, let’s learn surprising lifestyle habits shared by those who want to lose weight but can’t.

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Bye, Pain! 7 ways to adjust shoe size to fit your feet

Bye, Pain! 7 ways to adjust shoe size to fit your feet

You bought the pair of shoes because you liked it, but never wear it?  Recently, online shopping and outlet malls are getting popular.  Even if you find a pair with the same shoe size number as your regular pair at such stores, it does not always fit your feet as your regular pair.

When you find a tag saying “last pair,” you may come to think, “They are a bit tight, but it’ll be fine.  Why not buying the pair!”  Later, you will find out it is not fine and too tight to walk.
It will you make you feel down when there is no other option but giving up the pair.  For people who have an experience like this, here comes a surprising idea to have shoe size fit your feet.

Some of the idea below may not apply to all kinds of shoes, or may damage on your shoes more or less.  Yet, thinking about the fact you never wear those, it might worth to try some based on the principle of self-responsibility.
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For a Party! 10 Good Foods for the Liver

Check It Out for a Party Season!  10 Good Foods for the Liver

In daily life, you probably have some occasions that you go for a drink with your close friends, colleagues, etc.  Especially in a party season, series of events like welcome party, farewell party, or year-end party would make you end up drinking too much.

The filtering system in your body is, as you know, the “liver.”  The liver is a vital organ that sits in the upper right portion of the abdomen protected by the rib cage.  The liver is often called the “chemical factory” of the human body due to its variety of functions.

Primary functions of the liver are:  “detoxification” of toxic substances in the body; “metabolism” converting nutrients absorbed into the body into biochemical form that can be used within the body; and “production of bile” necessary for digesting and absorbing fats.

“Detoxification” is the function activated when a person consumes alcohol.  The ingested alcohol is carried to the liver, where it is broken down to a toxic byproduct “acetaldehyde.”  Generally, the acetaldehyde is further broken down into water and carbon dioxide, and then, eliminated from the body.  With excessive consumption of alcohol, however, acetaldehyde will not be broken down and will accumulate within the liver, which is said causes liver diseases.

Still, maybe there are some events like a business party which you have to join.  Then, what is effective to protect your liver is, “taking good foods for your liver.”  Amongst the foods we usually eat, there are many that contain nutrients to assist the liver’s function.

Check the following “10 best foods for the liver.”  It would be a good reference for those you who have a series of drinking events lately.

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How to lose weight with coffee : 7 steps of coffee diet

How to lose weight with coffee : 7 steps of coffee diet

Many people have coffee every day. Coffee may make you feel relaxed. Also, some people have coffee to wake them up. There are health benefits of coffee, such as reducing fatigue and stimulating brain. Also, coffee can help you lose weight.

There are two components of coffee that are effective for losing weight. One is caffeine. It effects on digestive enzyme, which is called lipase activity. It can break down fat.

Another component is chlorogenic acid. It is a kind of polyphenols, and it includes coloured and bitter tasting it can reduce cholesterol, break and metabolism fat.

So coffee can help you lose weight. You might have been surprised with this fact.

However, you can’t lose weight just by drinking coffee. This article will introduce 7 ways to lose weight with coffee. If you have coffee every day, you will be slim.

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