7reasons Why a Beauty Takes Walnut Nutrition Actively

7reasons Why a Beauty Takes Walnut Nutrition Actively Walnuts are group of nuts as well as cashew nuts or pistachio. It is said that walnuts are the oldest edible nuts that ancient people ate.

In Europe and China, walnuts are known as a beauty food for the nobility and as a symbol of life because of unique shape of walnuts. Japanese people have been eating walnuts since the Jomon period. In Tohoku region, walnuts are special product and “Kurumi mochi (walnuts rice cake)”is very popular.

However, most walnuts in Japan are imported from the U.S., a little bit expensive and hardly known how to eat. So walnuts are not commonly eaten on an everyday basis.

But bestselling book written by Erica Angyal , official dietician of Miss Universe Japan says walnuts are nutritious and have strong beauty effect. Celebrities and athletes in America take nuts actively and especially, walnuts are extremely nutritious. Today, walnuts have been attracting people’s attention as food for beauty.

I will introduce 7 reasons why beauties take walnut nutrition actively.

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7tips How to Make the Most of Jasmine Tea Benefits

7tips How to Make the Most of Jasmine Tea Benefits

Do you like jasmine tea? It is very popular because of its exotic and sweet smell. It has become pervasive in Japan and you can get it even at convenience stores.

Don’t you know jasmine tea has many benefits for health? Drinking a cup of jasmine tea on a hot day is really refreshing, and jasmine tea has a relax effect.

Jasmine tea has also sedative effect and effect of relieving depression.

I will introduce 7 tips how to make the most of jasmine tea benefits.

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What Helps Cure Constipation? 7 Foods for Pregnant Women

What Helps Cure Constipation? 7 Foods for Pregnant Women

For pregnant women, constipation is a lasting serious issue.  They say that women are likely to get constipated during pregnancy due to the pressure on your intestines.  Pregnant women, therefore, need to cope with constipation throughout pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you are always concerned about anything you do whether there is impact on your baby.

Thinking about the impact on your baby, probably you are too worried to take constipation mediation.  Even about foods, you might become worried whether there is certain food that you should avoid during pregnancy.

Isn’t it great if you can get relief from constipation by consuming good food for constipation relief?  Introducing here, therefore, are 7 good foods for constipation relief safe for pregnant women.

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7 Reasons Pistachio Nutrition Recovers Your Health Fast

7 Reasons Pistachio Nutrition Recovers Your Health FastDo you know a nut called, pistachio? Probably many of you know because the nut is used as an ingredient of desserts or is served as snacks with alcohol beverages.

Pistachio is characteristically highly nutritious comparing to the other nuts. It is said that the nuts are recently consumed by several athletes because pistachios are convenient nutritional support while they are low in calories.

The pistachio is one of the popular foods that capture not only common persons’ but also food experts’ attention. They say that nutrients contained in pistachios help you to restore your physical condition.

Today’s focus is the pistachio under the title of “7 reasons for quick health recovery by pistachio nutrition.” This is a must-read for you who are not in a good shape!


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7 methods of muscle training needed for marathon

7 methods of muscle training needed for the marathon

Recently more and more people ran a marathon. The local marathon is a great success with citizen runners. Marathon is seemed a very simple sport; just run a long distance.

Many people may think that just running does not require a special training and may think that workout makes muscle heavy and bother while running.

In fact, muscle training is very important for the marathon. In a marathon you run for long distance if you do not firmly trained, you will get injury or failure. Or you may not finish.

But building unnecessary muscle too much to run could cause bad influence such as suffering from extra load.

For marathon you want muscle that keep you a good posture to run to finish. The muscle training for long distance run let you effective run. Top runners;including MIZUKI NOGUCHI the gold medalist at Athens Olympic Games; try muscle workout.

Let’s see what kind of muscle training you need specifically, show you the effective muscle training for the marathon.
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