7 successful Ways by a Note of Awareness

7 successful Ways by a Note of Awareness
I guess many people just routinely live their life everyday like waking up, commuting, working, having a meal and going to bed.  You might feel tedious and down even though you do not have a hard time or serious problems. Didn’t you miss awareness in daily life?

There is much awareness in daily life. If you can realize it your perspective will be changed completely. I will talk about awareness at hand people tend to miss.

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7 Awareness for better Approach to Work

7 Awareness for better Approach to Work
There are not a few people whose work has become so tedious, and who has little motivation to their work. And some of them have been thinking about job change.

The causes of lowering of motivation vary from people. For example, routine work, meet with the same person or just do what you are said by a boss or something.

Some people think they would not improve their motivation of work unless their company would change their work environment or strategy. Of course company’s policy or custom affect your motivation to some extent.

However, just awareness change of work can improve your motivation of the work. Let me introduce awareness-rising for people with low work motivation.

Trying to make the work environment better is really important. You can take up them immediately so please try.

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9 habits to become the quick-witted

The 9 habits to become the quick-witted and train our brains
Being funny, taking time to calculate, being not able to remember new things, repeat a same mistake…

The slow-witted had such problems, while the quick-witted doesn’t. That’s why we want to be quick-witted people.


Then how do we train our brain or is it possible?!

In fact, we can be so quick-witted as to train our brains; possible to solve some problem with the training.


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