Want motivation? 16 exercises for brain training

Want motivation? 16 exercises for brain training
A person want  motivation must it 、The 16th elections of the gymnastics of the head which brain train

,anyone “who can do it anything if it becomes a human motivation” had considered [once or so twice. It may stop all succeeding with “a motivation does not come out somehow these days.”

There is a wave in a “motivation”, and anyone comes out or comes out.

How is it that the way of thinking is converted at such time, and carries out the gymnastics of the head which train a brain?

If a brain is activated, a motivation may come out.

It chose a person want  a motivation  must , “16 pieces about the gymnastics of the head which train a brain.”

Please try from what you can do it


Want motivation? 16 exercises for brain training


1.  Use another hand

The left brain controls right side of the body, and the right brain has controlled left side of the body.

a right-handed person mentioned as an example

A character is written with the right hand, a thing is taken with the right hand, and it has chopsticks with the right hand.

If it does so, the left brain will work actively.

Please be conscious occasionally, write a character with the left hand, or use a mouse with the left hand.

It will not move so that it may consider.

Though it does not move so that it may consider, the right brain is activated because only a few straddles.

The right brain manages the act of, as for the left brain, writing  , talking, calculating for activity of art, an idea, a flash, etc.

When the right brain is trained, does a good idea flash?


2. Do complex finger exercise

You use  movement of a complicated finger is carried out.

Man will do two-foot walk and came to use a hand.

Therefore, many nerves have gathered for the fingertip of the hand.

And the nerve is directly linked with a brain.

“Both hands are used simultaneously.

A finger is moved quickly.

Carrying out movement of a finger, such as moving the finger which is not used usually”, becomes the first shortcut that trains a brain.


3. Calculate without calculators

If you notice, are not easy addition, subtraction, etc. using the computer anything, If a brain is not used, it will degenerate gradually.

The arithmetic drill was given with what ten subjects  100  questisons at the time of an elementary school.

Pile the numerical calculation to the gymnastics of the head.

Let’s do calculation easy from now on in mental arithmetic, without using a computer.

The left brain is trained and the whole brain comes to work efficiently.


4. play musical instruments for training both brains

The musical instrument is played and the right brain and the left brain are trained.

Both hands are skillfully used for a musical instrument.

If both hands are used, the balance of the left brain and the right brain will become good.

If a musical instrument performance is carried out, looking at a score, an occipital lobe of cerebrum (visual area), a parietal lobe (motor area), and the frontal lobe will also come to be used.

thus music will use not only the right brain but the whole brain.

Probably at once , some people have touched the guitar, a piano, a recorder, etc.

It is also pleasant to take out of a closet just for a moment, and to perform willfully.


5.  Find what makes you happy

The thing of its brain  which it is pleased is discovered.

cerebral “amygdaloid body” is next to a sea horse — tastes and pleasant feeling — unpleasant feeling is conveyed to a sea horse.

And this feeling affects memory greatly.

An occurrence  as  shaking the heart  greatly  can be forever limited to memory.

By nature rain remembering that it is carrying out that its brain is glad.

Now, you need to act in search of a pleasant thing.


6. use proper noun in conversation 

It talks exactly using a proper noun.

Has  language (that [ this / its ], which), such as it is “that” and “being able to come and it being interesting”, occurred frequently? It is the proof in which language has stopped coming out from a cerebral drawer.

If required language is used when required, a cerebral drawer will be arranged and nature and language will come to appear.

That (this ,it, that, which) language requires special attention.

Let’s talk using the most concrete possible proper noun.


7. train chin for good blood circulation to brain

The gymnastics of a jaw are carried out and the blood flow to a brain is improved.

First, the shoulder is turned about 10 times slowly, and strain is loosened and relaxed.

back is straightened, a jaw is pulled, and a mouth is used as the mouth of (a,,)and is opened greatly. And (u) you closing your mouth

and the mouth of “obtaining” is used and its mouth is puckered up.

Please keep an up-and-down tooth from hitting at this time.

it repeats “(a,u) and obtaining, 10 times.

When the position of a jaw becomes normal, the blood flow of a head becomes good and much blood comes to flow into a brain.


8.  try a bit more difficult thing than usual

It carries out that only a few is more difficult than usual.

Since it does not matter anything, let’s challenge that it is somewhat more difficult than usual.

If it tries for there to be no telling whether he can do it, a substance within a brain called dopamine will be secreted.

Dopamine is a substance within a brain which causes a motivation.

if difficult, without it will give up — now, let’s challenge.


9. put yourself into unusual environment

The body is set by the environment different from usual.

For example, it plays with a child.

It goes to the place which is not known.

A bus performs the place which goes by train.

If it carries out differing from usual, we will be puzzled and will not understand anymore that it is illusion and why it is good.

If it does so, a brain tends to cope with it somehow.

If it does so, another circuit will be connected and a brain will be activated.


10. consider hard what that is

When thinking hard, the inside of a brain is working actively.

Please think without giving up, even if an answer does not come out.

While thinking, the brain has received the stimulus very much.

And it is impressed at the moment of an answer being found.

Just impression experience after  this  thinking is  a brain feel glad, and an “amygdaloid body” is stimulated.


11. read aloud

Reading aloud will utter and read voice and it will be heard with its ear.

Although language is under jurisdiction of the left brain, the place which he reads and understands by the eye, the place used in order to talk, and the place which he hears and understands are separate, respectively.

Reading aloud using the place where a brain is different in no less than three places leads to cerebral activation.

Moreover, a brain is trained for the way which chooses a text with the contents difficult as much as possible.


12. Before memorization work goes to sleep

If it memorizes before sleeping, several step memory will go up rather than memorizing in the daytime.

What was memorized is stored in a sea horse as temporary storage.

And also scientifically, it is proved that it is arranged while sleeping, and it is stored in the cerebral cortex, and becomes long-term memory.

Therefore, let’s carry out before sleeping, if there is a thing to memorize.


13. draw picture or coloring

It is effective in training the right brain to draw a picture.

It is also effective that a person poor at a picture tries grown-up coloring etc.

Creativity becomes rich by drawing a picture, coloring or carrying out self-expression, and the right brain is trained.


14. cook

Since cooking is considered  plan / a procedure, variously, the frontal lobe is trained.

Moreover, since a finger and a hand are also used delicately, it has in activating a brain and is deep thing housekeeping.

How about cooking of a refrigerator  removing  things by oneself?


15. Take a walk for refreshment and relax

the effect of a walk –there are 2 patterns.

one is, the walk of a place, the country, a tourist resort, etc. which is not known.

Beautiful nature, a historical building, etc. fulfill curiosity.

A brain is stimulated moderately and there are emission of stress and the refreshment effect.

Another one can acquire a relaxed effect by taking a walk in the always familiar scenery.

A brain may be bored in the familiar scenery.

The “cerebral weariness” is good for creative work.

By taking a walk in the familiar scenery, emargination increases and a good idea is produced in many cases.

Let’s use the walk of two patterns properly well and train a brain.


16. challenge a puzzule

There are various puzzles, such as a jigsaw puzzle, crossword puzzle, Nampure, and Rubik’s Cube.

Begin important one from an easy puzzle.

If a difficult problem is carried out from the beginning, a brain will fall into hibernation and an effect will not go up.

By solving, a brain is glad and is activated.

If it is continuing for it to be ? wonder, a brain will want a more difficult problem.

If a little by little difficult problem will be challenged and it will reach to an extreme of arcana soon, you must train your brain.


How is it?

Please do from what is likely to be made simply by itself.

Although carrying out continuously is best, doing, when it happens to think is also effective.

Or always maintaining a motivation is not found very much.

But when calling it best, a result changes greatly by it “is” motivated and there or being nothing.

Please utilize “the gymnastics of the head which trains a brain” so that you can play an active part in best time.


The 16th elections of the gymnastics of the head which train a person  want  a motivation must it.

1. Use the hand of the direction different from your dominant hand.

2 You use finger of movement

3. Calculate, without using a computer.

4. Talk exactly using  proper noun which discovers the thing of its brain with which it is pleased. [ who plays the musical instrument and trains the right brain left brain ]

7. Carry out the gymnastics of a jaw and improve the blood flow to a brain.

8. Carry out that only a few is more difficult than usual.

9. Set the body by the environment different from usual.

10. Consider hard that this will be what.

11. reading aloud and reading of a text — carry out.

12. Before memorization work goes to sleep, carry out it.

13. Draw a picture or carry out coloring.

14. Cook.

15. Take a walk and make a brain refresh and relax.

16. Challenge a puzzle.


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