9 ingredients to enhance the detox effect better to know

9 ingredients to enhance the detox effect better to know
Stress, ultraviolet rays and fatigue cause toxins in your body.

Human naturally discharge these toxins to the outside of the body thanks to organ with detoxification function.

However, when lifestyle like diet is disturbed, this system doesn’t work well. So the toxin remains in the body and takes adversely affect.

Recently detox is so common.
Detox is discharging toxins outside of your body and make your body healthy.

When thinking about detox, one of the important thing is food.
First of all, you should refrain from eating the food that contains a lot of food additives.
That is the way you don’t take toxins as much as possible.

However, it’s hard for you to be so nervous that you will not take any toxins.

You can disturb toxins that you took inevitable.

Incorporating the ingredients to encourage the discharge of toxins in food, and become a healthy.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients to enhance the detoxification effect.

9 ingredients to enhance the detox effect better to know


1 Rape blossoms

There is an enzyme called singlet oxygen, which is activated by exposure to ultraviolet light.
It is very scary oxygen that it’s changed to active oxygen which is called hydroxyl radicals by stress.

Rape blossom contains a lot of nutrition such as β-carotene and vitamin E to attack this hydroxyl radicals, and Olic acid, iron, rich detoxifying minerals, calcium, and potassium as well.

In addition, Rape blossom contains insoluble dietary fiber so much. The amount of dietary fiber is top class among the vegetables. Its effective for constipation.
Because constipation is a major cause of toxins in the body, rape blossom would be said that an excellent detox ingredients.


2 Onion

Onion is used for cooking on a daily basis.
When you cut an onion, you’ll get tears. It’s because of “allyl sulfate” that is pungent odor
It has high detox effect.
Not only to improve the metabolism, it has also chealating effect to discharge toxins out of the body.
And quercetin that is included in skin of onion has chealating effect as well.
Furthermore, not only chealating, also it has the effect that enhances the barrier of the skin and discharge the excess fat in the body.
You should use the skin of an onion.


3 Spinach

Spinach is higher of detoxifying ingredients.

β-carotene that is abundant in spinach has effect to suppress the active oxygen, it is better to detox effect.

Furthermore, it contains potassium which prevents high blood pressure by exerting accumulated salts in the body. It also contains vitamin A, B, C well balanced.

β-carotene is easily more absorbed when taken by heating with oil.

When you cook spinach as boiled or flied, you should try to eat with other dished made with oil.


4 Komatsuna

Komatsuna includes an isothiocyanate, which is a characteristic detoxification component in cruciferous vegetables, and it has a high detox effect.

Isothiocyanate prevents activation of the substance as a toxin, suppresses the growth of abnormal cells.
Also, neoxanthin a dye component komatsuna prevents obesity, enhance immunity by activating leukocytes.

You’ll likely feel the detox effect by adding komatsuna in your daily food.


5 Tomato

Red color of Tomatoes, is one of the carotenoid called lycopene.

Lycopene has a variety of detox effects for strengthening antioxidant ,cleaning blood, removing the waste, activating metabolism.

Detoxifying is up by heating Tomatoes. It is recommended that you take in the pasta and soup, if it’s possible.
Using ketchup is also recommended.


6 Broccoli Sprout

Broccoli contains rich isothiocyanate likewise other cruciferous plant, and detox effect is high.
Particularly, it removes active oxygen which caused of aging.
Also, sulforaphane in the broccoli is component enhances the function of the liver.
Sufloraphene is famous nowadays.

Broccoli sprouts contain especially the sulforaphane-rich.
Its more than 20 times of ordinary broccoli. Moreover ,the anti-oxidative effect will have been said to be three days persist.

Since broccoli sprouts can be relatively easily grown at home, please try taking it once every three days.


7 Potato

Potatoes include both the insoluble dietary fiber to improve the intestinal environment by discharging wastes in the intestines from the body, and water-soluble dietary fiber to prevent an increase in value of blood sugar and cholesterol abundantly.

In addition, it contains protein, potassium and vitamin B group so much.
These nutrition helps to supplement the scarce potassium in the body and promotes the excretion of sodium in the body, it can be said that good food can be expected detox effect.


8 Cabbage

About 92 percent of the cabbage is moisture. Because water has the function of carrying the wastes of the body, it is essential for Detox.

In addition, the cabbage contains vitamin U, which is also referred to as Kyabejin, protects the liver in synergy with Vitamin C.
Furthermore, cabbage contains dietary fiber. So it discharges the wastes in the intestines.

The detox effect of cabbage in got to up to five times by cooking.(it means boiled or flied)
It is recommended that you should eat cabbage as a okonomiyaki and in soups.


9 Chinese chive

Selenium in the chinise chive promotes detoxification by that it caught toxins in the body and detox.
Allyl sulfide that is included in many of the flavor vegetables has been said to prevent its work by binding to toxic metals in the gut and liver.

Chinese chive is said to have been used as a medicine in Edo era.
Now there are many cooking ways to eat Chinese chive such as chive ball and soup.
Why don’t you eat frequently?

There is a lot of food contains effective ingredients to detox as above.

It’s more effective heating and eating another food together,its depend on the food itself.

Let’s know the characteristics of each ingredient and to incorporate daily life effectively.



9 ingredients enhance the detox effect better to know

1: Rape blossoms
2: onion
3: spinach
4: komatsuna
5: tomato
6: broccoli sprouts
7: potatoes
8: cabbage
9: chinese chive

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