Goodbye to beliefs!7steps for wider view & better life

Goodbye to beliefs! 7 steps for wider view and better life
Are you enjoying your life everyday?

Aren’t you thinking,

“Nothing turns out good.”

“Somewhat empty as though working everyday.”

“I don’t know why but days are boring”

“What makes a difference between who can enjoy life and who can’t?”

 -want to enjoy

-do something fun

-want to challenge new thing

You may have such feelings, but you are putting brakes on your emotions and behaviors.

One of the reasons is your beliefs.

When it comes to actually start doing something, you have your own beliefs and hesitate to challenge such as:

 “I can’t get a good result.”

“I can’t achieve it.”

“It is impossible to me.” 

It is not too much to say that we are living everyday “made up of beliefs” and “surrounded by beliefs”.

However if you stick too much with your beliefs, your life becomes ordinary and boring. So get rid of your beliefs and challenge new things, and enjoy your life. Here are the ways to how.


Goodbye to beliefs!
7steps for wider view & better life


1. Laugh, and relax your brain

How much do you laugh everyday? When was the last time you laughed?

 Laughing is very good for your brain. Your brain relaxes by laughing, and by doing this our brain become easy to get new information.

 On the other hand, if you are stressed your brain is put under tension, and cannot accept new information.

 Therefore when you feel stressed, you are likely to act with what is already in your brain such as


-old information

-what you think is a common sense 

So laugh and relax, and make an environment to absorb new information.


2. Be interested in many things

Having interests in many things leads to “getting a lot of information”. 

By getting new information, you can recognize “new findings” and your stereotype and beliefs would decrease.

 Especially, it is important to meet many people! By meeting people, talking and listening to them, you can get unfamiliar information.

 Meeting new people stimulates your brain and keeps you young.


3. Get inspired by going out

Overreacting or difficult person is likely to spend everyday at same place, with same environment, and with same information.

 Always in front of a computer or with a mobile phone, for instance. 

Even if you can search anything or communicate with someone through internet, you are not fully using 5 senses. You may atrophy.

Your behavior and information gradually get limited, eventually ends up living boring days.

 Our brain doesn’t like to get bored. So stimulate it by going to new places or encountering something new.

 Your brain will be activated, and stereotype disappears and you can enjoy more with your life.


4. Activate your brain by talking

Talking is very important to stimulate your brain. “Talking” seems to require someone you talk to, but it works out by yourself.

 Don’t you ever experience that some “idea or inspiration” pops up to your mind as you talk with someone? Rather than just thinking, talking “give you information through ears and stimulates hearing, and it simulates brain”. It can be done not only with words of others but with yours.

 You can talk to yourself. Speak out your ideas. 

It may sounds strange, but memory is fixed when spoken out. By saying your ideas, your brain would remember it.


5. Set up small goals

You might have heard at least once “have a big goal”. 

But if a goal is too big, you can’t imagine it in details and fail to accomplish.

 So instead, set up small goals you can achieve easily, and experience “success”. 

When you do so, your brain becomes eager to succeed more, which leads to change in your behavior.


6. Turn off your mobile phone

Turn off your mobile phone or don’t take it with you when going out.

 You may feel uncomfortable at first, but new findings and ideas are limited by constantly checking your mobile phone. You are restless to check and maintain present situation and behavior.

 In fact, you are “tied down by a mobile phone”.

So make a day to turn off your mobile and leave it. Forget about it and use time just for you.

You probably will feel some change in your mind.


7. Avoid your specialty for a while

If you are good at computer, don’t use it for a day.

 If you like talking, stop talking on purpose.

 Your brain starts looking for alternatives.

 Instead of using PC, try to gather information from books, magazines and newspapers you are not familiar with.

 Instead of talking, write with paper and pen.

 You can experience new stimulations and awareness from it.

 It is recommended, as you can come up with new ideas or you can rediscover your environment.



Did you like my tips?


All I introduced are easy; just make some changes in your everyday life.

Try these 7 tips, get rid of your beliefs, widen your view, and make your life better.


Goodbye to beliefs!7steps for wider view & better life

1. Laugh, and relax your brain

2. Be interested in many things

3. Get inspired by going out

4. Activate your brain by talking

5. Set up small goals

6. Turn off your mobile phone

7. Avoid your specialty for a while


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