the way to break belief by using 2 thinking

the way to break belief by using 2 thinking
The 80% of our daily life is made of “belief”. Will you break it?

Our action is fullly facing with belief. You think “Really”? But that’s the truth.

We’re having belief, collecting information, thinking, acting by thinking from belief, which we think it may be true.

That is to say, in most cases, we think that’s truth, or this is my opinion, by collecting information for making belief without thinking.

That’s wrong. so how can we do?

 the way to break belief by using 2 thinking


In first, use 2 way of thinking.

Concentration thinking & Deconcentration thinking.

Concentration thinking is logical thinking, which is made from fact.

And Deconcentration thinking is apart from the fact or issue. this is thought from the thinking far way from the current.

2 way has both merits and demerits.

Concentration thinking is focusing the fact, so we can come close to basis of the things.
But, this focus on minus image and the reason which we cannot do.
Judging from the mental test by Peterwayson, London college.

In opposite, Deconsentration thinking can find new findings and fresh ideas. but it takes to the point we don’t want to go.

So any type is not best. we have to use both.


And, next we discard the old thinking.

But why can’t we discared this?

we don’t want to face the thinking not equal to my thinking.
we want to protect self-esteem.

let’s face with your belief as follows.

In real life, Amazon and Rakuten has broken the belief, we can buy only on the real shop.
Apple inc has broken the belief, PC is only the tool.
We’re already having belief without thinking.
For breaking this, let’s ask question.

for the rule, action, thinking.
By asking Why so? Really?, we can find the other type of answers.
This is the timing, we have broken it.

Let’s broken!
Enjoy Broken life!


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