7 Habits should not doing in order to beautiful skin

7 Habits should not doing in order to beautiful skin
“Beautiful skin” is eternal theme of women. Also for men, there is a feeling of cleanliness is more beautiful skin, I can say with a good impression. In both men and women, it does not make a loss with beautiful skin. Even those who are saying that it does not care, skin should beautiful it is better if possible.

The current world, beauty goods, such as facial equipment and roller in order to beautify the skin, cosmetics, beauty, etc. has overflowed.
Certainly such cosmetic method of plus alpha encourage from outside to skin, might have an effect.

However, please think before that. Prior to the beauty of plus alpha, do not have an act that should not be done for the skin?
In fact, in our daily made to have act, there are a lot of things that give a bad impact on your skin.
And it is often has become a habit.
To beautify your skin, first it is important to stop the habit of giving a bad effect on your skin.

In this article, for those who want to beautify your skin really, I will introduce the 7 Habits just is not only not doing.
Anyone who not satisfied with the current skin, want to become more and more beautiful!, please come to this article reference.

People must see that you want to beautiful skin!
The 7 Habits that should not be doing this much


Go to bed, leaving the makeup

Very tired to come back home, lie in bed as it is …. Tired day is tend to do carelessly.
In fall asleep while I think that we should drop the makeup, “morning happened when face had crunchy!” or “it was sticky with oil!”, I think also not a little who have such a experience.

The cosmetics that we are using every day, are also included ingredients such as surfactants, preservatives give a bad effect on the skin.
In addition, oil that is included in the cosmetics, when oxidized, it has been even said to change to harmful substances for skin.
It therefore interfere with the metabolism of skin, accumulate old horny, will also be a cause of aging.
So, let’s to bed after dropping absolutely makeup.



Perhaps, but I think everyone knows, Sunburn is also one of the bad habits. Ultraviolet light is invisible to the eye, but until deep portion of the dermis in the depths of the skin it is said to reach.

And the ultraviolet light, to denature the components such as collagen that there is work to keep the elasticity of your skin, will deprive its elasticity.

As a result, it will cause the wrinkles, spots and sagging. In addition, since the ultraviolet rays coming also in the room through the glass, it is necessary to down firmly on the blind.


Crush the acne

Acne that could be on the face, do you not crushed to think “I hate to stand out!”? This is also a bad habit that should not be doing absolutely.

When crush acne, germs on your hands enters from pores, there is a possibility that cause inflammation.
Partial inflamed, please note there is a risk that remains in the skin as acne scars. Might someone to use the disinfected needle, if this practice in your own judgment, please stop because sometimes it would damage the healthy skin of the surrounding tissue.

Further, by applying a strong force to the skin when crush acne, and promote the secretion of melanin, there is also likely to be factors that cause stains. Acne Let’s keep it clean without crushed absolutely.


Put out the keratotic plugs

All you tend to do when you want to somehow darkening accumulated in the nose, it is to push the keratotic plugs with a nail. This act, certainly keratotic plugs is lost will be clean, but it is only temporary.

Forcibly it had taken the keratotic plugs, pores is ready to hole vacated. Then the skin is excessive secretion of sebum to try to fill the pores. As a result skin will be glowing in the sebum.

If you temporarily clean the pores, soon also sebum and dirt will clogging.
So, let’s stop that issue a forcibly Keratotic plugs.


Cleansing with hot water

Cold winter, it is often considered not to be a bad habit to wash your face with warm water. However, this also is a habit that should not be doing.

Skin secrete sebum to protect from such as irritation and dry from the outside, has stretched a thin film on the skin. When would wash your face with hot water, sebum is melted, there is no film for protecting the skin, it will become to dry skin.

You do not need to wash in cold water, but you may rinse lightly face with hot water lukewarm not too hot.


Do not wash the bedding such as pillows

Bedding such as pillows and sheets are carelessly left will tend to. However, pillows and sheets is what direct face touches a long time.

Moreover, since the people sweat while you are sleeping, such as the pillow comes with a lot of sebum. In fact, these sebum in the favorite food, such as skin mites and bacteria, it may cause to increase that number.

It is said that, when the skin mites and bacteria increases too much, to cause the sebaceous glands inflammation and to texture of the skin becomes rough. Pillow, etc. It is almost always better to wash diligently.


Too much of peeling

Because when the peeling skin becomes smooth, tend to spear with frequently.
Well as body scrub would say the same thing.

However, peeling is the act of issuing a new skin underneath its peel off the old part of the skin. Frequent do by yourself, it means that you would hurt the skin. Let’s refrain from routinely performed by. Peeling would be better to avoid it is to do more than once a week.


How was it?

Did not have what they’ve become casually habit usually? The above seven action is basic for making beautiful skin.
For the first time to be able to have basic things, plus alpha care will be effective. Everything, basis for the foundation is important.



People must see that you want to beautiful skin! The 7 Habits that should not be doing this much

・Go to bed, leaving the makeup
・Crush the acne
・Put out the keratotic plugs
・Cleansing with hot water
・Do not wash the bedding such as pillows
・Too much of peeling

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