Be proud of your legs! 7 effective ways for slim thighs

Be proud of your legs! 7 effective ways for slim thighs
Women of all ages have desire for beauty. There are many attractive parts in women’s bodies, and one of them is “beautiful legs”. We, however, have complexes and dissatisfaction about our legs, such as “they are too thick” or “want to have more slim thighs”.

Many of you might have experienced that the upper part of the body gets slim, but can’t do the same for thighs. There are many ways to slim thighs, and I have selected really effective information and exercises by famous trainers.

To have beautiful legs, the body’s curve from the pelvis is very important. The border between hip and thighs and the curve of waist leading to legs determine the beauty of legs. Let’s imagine yourself! One of the secret to continue diet is to have a clear purpose why you want to be beautiful.

Today, I will tell you easy ways you can try at home.

Be proud of your legs! 7 effective ways for slim thighs


-Ice-skating-like training

Put your hands on a waist, bend knees, and bend your back a little and lean forward. Concentrate on your left foot (the pivot foot), raise the right foot and jump to the right. Put both feet together and jump to the left. Repeat this for 20 times for both right and left, and do 3 sets of them. This movement, similar to ice-skating, is very effective to get thighs in shape.

Also, following is very effective for hip, which is more important than legs. Hold dumbbells to both hands, stand with your feet open (wider than shoulder width), point toes outward, lower waist straight down and bring it back. After repeating it for 20 times, lower waist again and keep it there for more than 30 seconds. Repeat this for 4 sets.

An ideal size of the beautiful thigh is height (cm) x 0.3 = size of thigh (cm)

This is the diameter of the thickest part of the thigh. Please calculate with your own height. You can find out your ideal thigh size!


-Thigh exercise and aerobics

Efficiency is the key to exercising. This exercise is good for both aerobics and putting thighs into shapes. Put your legs to a shoulder width, bend waist and squat down, and jump 10 times at the place. Then, raise both legs one after another for 20 times.

The combination of weight training and aerobics are very effective. Muscles of the lower parts of the body are often trained with intense exercise, so excess fat builds up in between muscles once you stop exercising. Therefore, if you are to have slim thighs, you need to continue appropriate exercise, not too intense ones.


-Meal for slim thighs

Tips for eating
-Eat good breakfast
-Avoid fried foods as much as possible
-Start eating from salad and soup
-When eating between meals, eat nuts or dried fruits
-Keep in mind to have balanced diet
-Avoid eating out as much as possible (if eating out, be careful with fried foods)
-Don’t eat after 8:00 PM
-Chew well (chew more than 30 times for each bite)
-Don’t take sugar and fat at the same time!

Please eat 3 times a day appropriately! Extreme diet won’t last long, and temporarily reducing the amount you eat will make your body accumulate more fat. Don’t try too hard, and try at your own pace to improve your physical condition!

The key to continue diet is to maintain your motivation. Why don’t you have a day in a week that you can eat whatever you want, to praise yourself?


-To walk is the most important

To walk, let’s set up a goal. 6000 steps for first day, 7000 for the second, and 8000 for the third, etc…Also, continuing walking for about an hour is also important. (It is said that our body starts to use up calories from 30 minutes after the beginning of exercising.) When walking, make sure to land from heels!!

If you are at home or if it’s raining outside, put a remote controller of the TV at the far place, walk twice in a supermarket before purchasing something, walk in buildings or shopping center, avoid using elevators and escalators, or keep moving in your house.

At last, taking big stride and walking fast will use up more calories. To walk longer, it is important to feel refreshed. Rather than walking for an hour in nowhere, it is more enjoyable to walk down a street with many shops and look around.


-Exercising while seated

Because you can do it on a chair, it is good for those who are not good at exercising. It has instant effect (although it depends on each person), you will probably see some effect from 10 days after starting this fast slim thigh exercise. Not only the size of thighs, but also the direction of your feet muscles changes that you will be surprised to see your change.

Sit on a chair with your both legs together, and your back straight. Put your palms toward thighs and slide them between your groin. Bring your thigh upward and push outward (your hands should stay at groin). Your feet should push against your hands, trying to put both legs together.

Alternatively step your right and left legs with toes touching the floor, while keeping that position (pushing thighs up and outward). Don’t do it too much in the beginning, and gradually increase the number up to 30 times as you get used to it.

Some tips are…
-Straighten your back, and make sure that upper part of your body is steady
-Because it is a simple exercise, do each motions neatly to increase its effect
-Try to put knees together as much as possible
-When stepping right and left, make sure to move just heels.


-Improve daily habit and get rid of swelling

When you take too much salt, your body can’t control the absorption of water, and excess water will pile up in hands and feet. Therefore, you should keep in mind to cut down on salt. Potatoes, beans, and seaweeds help discharging excess salt.

Also, drink enough amount of water. Water will push out stagnated lymph fluid. It is effective to drink about 2 liters of water everyday.

The circulation of blood and lymph fluid slows down as your body gets colder, so it is important to keep warm. Our body cools down especially while sleeping and we are likely to experience swelling in the morning. Please be careful.


-Lymph massage of thighs

Lymph massage removes fatigue and swelling from our body, and it is more effective to do it in a bath or after taking a bath. Also use of body oil or cream while massaging is important as well. Doing it with your hands is important, but some machines can be used to be more elaborate.

First of all, massage from knee to groin as though sliding palms. Pinch thighs, knead and take stiffness away from them. Then massage thighs as though you squeeze a towel. Go from front, sides, back and then to entire thighs. At the end, rub thighs gently from lower parts to higher parts (the groin).

Massaging will remove swelling as well as make your legs easier to become more slim. To avoid accumulation of fatigue and swelling, massage everyday and make your body condition more suitable to become slim.

I hope this article will help you.

Not only thighs, but please keep following 3 things in mind when you try to lose weight.

1. Understand your metabolism
2. Don’t eat more than your basic metabolism
3. Move more

By keeping these 3 rules, you will experience some changes to your body within a month. If possible, try to do more exercise. Exercise will improve your blood circulation, and you will feel more difference to your body.

Not with extreme way, but think about basic things once again for a good result.



Be proud of your legs! 7 effective ways for slim thighs

-Ice-skating-like training
-Thigh exercise and aerobics
-Meal for slim thighs
-To walk is the most important
-Exercising while seated
-Improve daily habit and get rid of swelling
-Lymph massage of thighs

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