Do you know barley tea benefits? 7 Great benefits of barley tea

Do you know barley tea benefits? 7 Great benefits of barley tea
Barley tea we drink casually is very tasty, if you make it cool. Especially hot summer, when you drink icy Barley tea at once, your thirsty will gone immediately.

But,Barley tea doesn’t seem to have good image for health compared with other teas such as Oolong tea for diet and Green tea containing Catechin.

However, Recent study found Barley tea has variety of benefits for your health.

Barely tea is made from boiling seed of barley. It has a long history and is told that it was drunk by a noble in Heian era. If its bad for health, there’s no reason that Barley tea had been drunk so many years from that ancient times.

Why don’t you know the remarkable Barley tea benefits and try drinking habitually? Here’s 7 amazing Barley tea benefits.

Do you know barley tea benefits? 7 Great benefits of barley tea


Protecting stomach

The ingredient included in Barley tea protects the mucous membrane of the stomach.

Normally, the stomach cells workd lively so that gatric fluid which stomach secrets doesn’t dissolve the stomach itself. But, those control system doesn’t work when you have continueing stress and fatigue.
This is gastric ulcer.

Barley tea protects the mucous membrane of the stomach. It can be said that drinking Barley tea prevent from gatric ulcer.


Promoting blood circulation

Barley tea improves blood circulation. The reason of poor circulation that mostly woman feel is stucking blood stream.

The ingredient “Pyrazine” included in Barley tea is made from roasting the barley. And it’s “Gabardine” which make bllod pressure lowered.

It’s good news for the one who has high blood pressure.



Barley tea contains “ P coumaric acid” which repulsing activated oxigen letting phusical cell oxidize.

It means you can prevent a lifestyle rerated disease which caused by everyday’s bad daily routine. Life style related disease are obesity, diabetes, high bllod pressure and stroke. 90% of these disease due to activated oxygen.

Therefore, Barely tea contains P coumaric acid is effective for antioxidant.


Cooling the flushed body

Barley tea cooles the flushed body. In the Oriental medicine, it’s conveyed from old days that the Barley (raw material of Barley tea) is effective in cooling a body.

That’s the reason why we drink cold Barley tea in hot summer is to lower the tempreture of the body.

And it’s very effective in heat illness, so it is recommended to drink it in hot season especially.


Preventing tooth decay

An unexpected effect is the bad tooth prevention.

In fact, Barely tea prevents generation and adherence such as microbe and bacteria.

The cause of bad tooth is that streptococcus mutans sticks to the sugars left in the tooth. Barley tea prevents generation of streptococcus mutans.

However, it doesn’t mean that Barley tea prevents tooth decay completely. Please brush your teeth well and clean the sugar which cause of tooth decay.


Effective for carcinogen

It is said that first Japanese cause of death is Cancer.

Actually, the ingredient “P coumaric acid” which was described before was known that its effective for a carcinogen. It was discovered that P coumaric acid removes Peroxyknitrite.

It seems to be effetive by drinking Barley tea habitually.


Anyone can drink at ease

Barley tea doesn’t contain caffeine unlike coffee.

By age and physical condition , you should refrain from caffeine. The water contents of the body would be reduced, as you get older. And caffeine has a diuretic effect. Therefore, drinking contains caffeine is not that good for elderly.

In general, pregnant should refrain from taking caffeine as well. Because it is said that there’s a negative impact for a baby.

But it is safe if Barley tea. Anyone can drink at ease.


These seven are amazing Barley tea benefits.

Some of you might be surprised with these effects of casually drinking Barley tea.

Drinking Barley tea regularly helps improving your health so much.

Moreover, you can make it easily by using Barley tea pack. But Barely which is a raw material of Barley tea is likely to be perishable. When you make Barley tea by yourself, drink off in two days approximately.

Get a healthy body with amazing Barley tea!

If this article helps it, it is very glad.



Do you know barley tea benefits? 7 Great benefits of barley tea

・Protecting stomach
・Promoting blood circulation
・Cooling the flushed body
・Preventing tooth dacay
・Effective for carcinogen
・Anyone can drink at ease

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