9 great hairstyles for balding men

9 great hairstyles for balding men
Hair problems with aging, such as thinning hair and baldness are worries to people, both men and women. Because of that, some people can’t have a positive attitude and feel depressed. But you shouldn’t be like that.

Just think positively and let’s try new hairstyles! Some men who is going bald try to grow their hair longer to cover up their bald spot. However, it can be worse as their scalp would become visible.

So try new hairstyles that suit you. There are also various hairstyles for women suffering from thinning hair. This article shows great hairstyles for balding people.

9 great hairstyles for balding men


Crew cut

A shaved head suits a person whose hair fell out from the whole head. You may feel embarrassed as it looks like a Japanese high school baseball player. However, it is becoming fashionable so that it is popular among business people.

There are various styles, such as shaving for your skull shape or shaved sides. Even if your skull shape is not good, it can make it better by hair length.

Also, when colouring hair by using a similar colour as you scalp, your bald spot or thinning hair is not so visible. There are many shaved head styles on hair catalogues.


Soft Mohican style

Some men who is going bald try to grow their hair long to cover up their bald spot. However, it can be worse as their scalp would become visible. So why don’t you try soft Mohican style in which both sides of the head are shaven and leaving a strip of hair in the centre.

When your hair is thinning, your hair may go frizzy. Soft Mohican is a hairstyle in which leaving your fizzy hair on the top to get volume.

It makes you look younger, and you can draw attention to your top part of the head so that your baldness cannot be noticeable. The point is that reducing volume of your sideburns and getting volume of your hair on the top. Also, you should ask to cut each section equally in order to hide your thinning hair.


Shaved hairstyle

It is also good to try shaved hairstyle. It is a hairstyle with no part so your bald part cannot be visible.

This is for every hair type, so you can try it even if you have thin or soft hair. However, when you shave your hair, the shape of your head will be noticeable. Therefore, this hairstyle suits you if your head shape is right for it.

If you think that your head shape is not good for it, just try short hairstyles. And shaved hairstyle may damage your scalp by UV light. In order to prevent hair loss, it is important to wear a hat or so on.


Short layered haircut

A short layered haircut is a hairstyle for men with fringe. It is cut to several different lengths to make your hair thinner. It is layered around ears and popular among young men.

However, this hairstyle is with fringe, so it is hard for a person who suffers from hair loss on the front.

Also, this doesn’t suit you if you are thinning all over your head. When you set hair, you can use some hair products to get volume in your hair. This is a longer hairstyle than short a short one, so try to add volume to your hair naturally.


Body wave perms on fringe

Your scalp would get damaged from a regular perm so that it can make your hair loss worse. However, a body wave perm is to add soft curls in order to set hair easily.

Bigger rods are used for a body wave perm and you can get a volume in your hair with soft curls. You will get very soft curls, therefore, this is the ideal for those wanting small changes.

If you don’t want damage your hair, you can set your fringe using hair wax. First, spread wax into hands and rub palms and fingers. Then, apply and put fringe on your face. You don’t need use a brush, just brush with your hands.


Swept-back hairstyle

Swept-back hairstyle is to blow hair straight back. This suits person who doesn’t want short hairstyle. However, it is hard to have this style if you have less hair on front of your head.

Also, it doesn’t suit those who have less fringe as bald spot will be visible. It is good for person with straight hair.

First, use sprays to get your hair wet and blow your hair back using a comb. Then, dry your hair and apply hair products, such as hair wax and gel. However, some hair products can damage your scalp. So if you worry about hair loss, try another hairstyle.


Any hairstyle for one with receding hairline

A receding hairline is a type of baldness and it forms an “M” shape. There are many European with “M” baldness and recently there has been an increase in Japanese males with this type of baldness. You can give a good impression to others by showing your baldness rather than hiding it.

Depending on the shape of your head or face, not only short hairstyles, including crew cut, very short style, soft Mohican style, but also long hairstyle may suit you.

If you have clear-cut features, you would look scary with crew cut, therefore, you should try longer hairstyle. It is important to find a hairstyle suits you. Try not to hide your baldness. You can give a good impression when having natural hairstyles.


Soft curl with fringe for women

Recently many people suffer from receding hairline because of poor blood circulation caused by tiring eyes. If you worry about thinning hair on front, blow your fringe back.

This is like a swept-back hairstyle. You don’t need part, and just blow your fringe back. If you have thick hair or long fringe, it can be easier to do that. On the other hand, it can be difficult if you are thinning on front.

If so, you can use hair iron or curlers. It may take a long time to set your hair, but you can get a volume in your fringe. Also, try to take a balanced meal having vegetables, seaweed foods, and blue skin fish.


Thick fringe for women

If you don’t like a swept-back style and want fringe, you can try to make our fringe thick. You can hide thinning hair on front in this style.

However, this suits only those who suffer from receding hairline. If you make your fringe really thick, you can part it.

It is very easy to set as you can just part your hair. However, you should change up your part sometimes. The same parting can lead to hair loss.


There are some causes for hair loss, such as genetics, lifestyle and stress. It is important to find a hairstyle that suits you as well as to have a positive attitude.

And also it can be good to visit a hair salon and ask them for advice which style suits you. Try to find a skilful hairdresser or barber who can give you a good advice.

Furthermore, try to get healthy scalp and have well-regulated life. And again, hair products can damage your scalp, so try to use proper amount.



9 great hairstyles for balding men

– Crew cut
– Soft Mohican style
– Shaved hairstyle
– Short layered haircut
– Body wave perms on fringe
– Swept-back hairstyle
– Any hairstyle for one with receding hairline
– Soft curl with fringe for women
– Thick fringe for women

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