7 methods to change yourself by bad breath treatments

7 methods to change yourself by bad breath treatments
Even if there is the partner who you want to talk to on business or privately, you who are worried about your bad breath will hesitate to do it on the more important occasion.

Many people may be worried about whether you have a bad breath since you do not feel the smell of your own. Since it gives the others a feeling of discomfort if you have a bad breath, you cannot communicate well with them.

When the hard bad breath has bad breath to give a partner discomfort, communication is not produced well.

Conversely, when you get off the inferiority complex of the bad breath, you come to be able to talk with the others with a confident smile and your feeling is more positive toward. Keep the minimal etiquette for bad breath in mind for both yourself and the other.

I will introduce the methods such that you do not blanch over with putting on perfume but receive bad breath treatments and become a person believed to be wonderful.

7 methods to change yourself by bad breath treatments


Drink milk

Drinking milk after the meal has an effect on preventing bad breath. And milk can prevent being sick from drinking because it has the function of the absorption of alcohol if you drink it before a drinking session.

However you cannot prevent the bad breath caused by alcohol with milk. It is time to become the bad breath prevention with milk when you ate the strong smelling food including garlic and green chives.

Since the milk is effective in not decreasing the smell of foods but getting rid of the fishy smell of fish or meat, try to drink it during the meal or within one hour after the meal.

In addition, although you can relieve bad breath with the milk, do you know if the ingredients such as the sulfur compounds or the nitrogen compounds included in the milk cause bad breath? Therefore it is important to clean the inside of your mouth with gargling your throat after drinking the milk.


Use the moisturizer

Since you can prevent bad breath if you keep your mouth moist, the moisturizers for mouth are sold recently. The moisturizers is very effective in getting rid of bad breath since there are what does not only provides moisture but smells sweet.

The products of gel, mouthwash and others are sold. The products of gel which persist the ability to retain moisture and do not have the mouth dry easily are recommended. You who feel sticky in your mouth may use the mouthwash, which is inferior in the ability to retain moisture to gel, but will make you feel the sense of exhilarating because it does not only quench thirst but cleanse the inside of the mouth. If you add brushing to the moisturizers, it will be better for the bad breath prevention.


Use the dental floss

The small plaque between teeth causes the bad breath. You may remove the plaque using the dental floss (thread type toothpick) with brushing of teeth. By doing this way, it can keep the inside of your mouth sanitary and will be of use to the bad breath treatments.

lthough some people apply force too much or squeeze it forcibly between teeth when you use the dental floss, you should be careful not to do it since it causes injuring alveolar ridge. There are the dental floss to wind a thread around a hand and the holder-shaped dental floss. The person who is not accustomed to the dental floss is easy to use the holder-shaped one, which I will recommend.

If you try to remove the plaque properly performing brushing of teeth or the dental floss, you will never give off bad breath to feel a sense of discomfort. It is also important not to worry about bad breath more than necessary.


Use the interdental brush

For bad breath prevention goods, the interdental brush is also effective other than the dental floss (thread type toothpick). The interdental brush is the thing what is attached bristle of nylon around the small twisted wire and you can remove the food particles and plaque between teeth.

If you use the interdental brush, you can easily remove the blots which you cannot do with the toothbrush and it is of use to the bad breath prevention. The old days it was used for the treatments of the person having misalignment of teeth, but these days a dentist seems to recommend the interdental brush without relation to the alignment of teeth and the quantity of plaque in the majority of cases.

There is also the combination approach to cleanse using the interdental brush for exclusive use of back teeth for back teeth only and the dental floss for other teeth. Since the various shapes of the interdental brushes are sold, choose the right type for you.


Chew gum after foods

Many people chew gum after the meal for the bad breath prevention. Because the quantity of the secretion of saliva increases by chewing gum, it can suppress the proliferation of bacteria, and it is recommended as one of the fast-acting bad breath treatments.
The gums for the bad breath prevention are sold by the various food makers, but of course the smell of the gum does not get rid of bad breath. The movement of the tongue becomes active by chewing gum, and as a result a lot of saliva are secreted and it can let bad breath relieve.

And to chew gum snatches food particles left in your mouth after the meal and can cleanse your tongue. Furthermore, if you have a custom to smoke or to drink coffee, the surface of your tongue is stained. However you can prevent coated tongue by the method of removing fouling as if you make gum roll around on your tongue.


Clean the inside of the body with the deodorant supplements

Even if you cleanse the inside of your mouth in order to suppress the bad breath, and if you give off bad odor occurs in the bowels, there is the limit to reducing bad breath. When you properly do brushing of teeth or the treatments for the disease of the gums and if the bad breath is not still treated, you should think you have a problem in the bowels.

The inside of the bowels is in the condition of high temperature and humidity, and it is the environment where foods spoil easily. When the food debris in the bowels decay through the action of bad bacteria, it generates a strong bad smell.

When this bad smell ingredient is absorbed into the blood, a whole body becomes stinking and it causes the body odor and the bad breath. In other words, it is the method to prevent the bad breath to condition the enteral environment. You may use the deodorant supplement to increase enteral good bacteria and condition the enteral environment in order to get rid of the bad smell.


Use the supplement effective for masking

The supplement effective for masking is the thing which covers over bad breath (masking) with giving off pleasing odor from a mouth by ingest the fragrant ingredient. It is called the supplement of the fragrance and you have light fragrance from the body with drinking it.

Most of the supplements effective for masking is “Rose supplement.” Because the smell of the sweat changes into the fragrance of the rose, it is popular with women. The knack of drinking supplements is to chew it lightly when it is placed in the mouth.

By doing it that way, you have the pleasing odor of rose in your mouth and it becomes the bad breath treatments. And it is the supplement exactly for the modern people because the fragrance of the rose is effective to make you calm the feelings and to counteract stress.

Besides there are the fragrances such as grapefruit or vanilla. Choose your favorite scent.


How about things mentioned above?

When you are worried about bad breath, at first you do brushing of teeth, clean between the teeth with the interdental brush or dental floss as a plus α and keep the inside of the mouth clean. There is the person who think the other does not take note of bad breath unless you make a noise.

However, the smelling belches from many places of the body even if you close your mouth steady because the smell ingredients absorbed once in the blood comes out of pores.

In the case that you will have the meeting of the important work or the plan to visit the clients on the next day, if you pay attention to the contents of the foods and do not eat the garlic dishes the day before, you will be able to perform the business talk smoothly without making the partner feel unpleasant.

Cleanliness is first is in the mouth. Since the propagation of bacteria increases if there are lots of plaque, clean your mouth for the bad breath prevention.



7 methods to change yourself by bad breath treatments

・ Drink milk
・ Use the moisturizer
・ Use the dental floss
・ Use the interdental brush
・ Chew gum after foods
・ Cleanse the inside of the body with the deodorant supplements
・ Use the supplement effective for masking

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