7 effects of bad breath in children future

7 traps of bad breath in children affect kid’s future
Few people know that some kids have bad breath but some kids do. Parents should not miss 7 risky traps of bad breath in kid’s which may badly affect kid’s future.

Bad breath is thought to be a problem for adults.  People rarely have an impression that children have bad breath.
However, some children have bad breath, and it may have bad effect on their future. What is the risk of bad breath in children may affect their future?

Let’s consider 7 traps of bad breath in children might adversely affect their futures. Parents should not miss them.

7 effects of bad breath in children future


No.1: Bad Breath Leads to Bullying Behavior

Children tend to play so closely with their friends that they can often sense bad breath of their friends.

Besides, children rarely realize bad breaths by themselves. Although this case is distinctive of children that some kids mention his friend’s bad breath in front of other friends without thinking about anything.  In some cases, some of them who was told she or he had bad breath would be bullied.

It is unlikely that bad breath will badly affect children’s future, if the bullying stops soon. But nobody knows when the bullying behavior stops.  So I hope parents care about their child’s smell of mouth.


No.2: Xerostomia

Children usually breathe only by the mouth until they grow up about 3, and which is inevitable because of their developmental process. However, it is said that after they turned three, most causes of xerostomia are oral breathing

The risk of oral breathing is that when you breathe, germs come into your mouth and bacteria multiply rapidly in your mouth. Besides, oral breathing gets your mouth dried. Xerostomia weakens your immune system and leads to bad breath. Habitual oral breathing greatly enhances the risk of bad breath. Let’s break the bad habit.


No.3: Apnea Syndrome

As I mentioned in the second article, oral breathing is No1 cause of bad breath in children.

So if you would realize that your have bad breath, mostly you could conclude it is caused by oral breathing.  One of risks of oral breathing is that you can breathe by the mouth when you are awake but you stop breathing for a while as sleeping and can suffer from apnea syndrome. Bad breath is one of the signs you might be apnea syndrome.

Don’t miss the sign and save children’s future.


No.4: Insufficient Tooth Brushing

Children rarely brush sufficiently their teeth and often get tooth decay. It will be serious problem if you find your child’s tooth decay in their permanent tooth after their baby teeth lost. You can never get permanent tooth again once you lost them. Although a teeth is very tiny, it plays great roles.

Even losing a single tooth has many bad effects on people, for example, you will become unable to fully enjoy meals, have a bad bite, have a stiff neck, period pain,  become unable to gather your energies and hold your ground. So it is really important to brush teeth properly, and take care of teeth.


No.5: Olfactory Reference Syndrome

Children may get traumatized if they are told they have bad breaths.

The wounded hearts are likely to lead to olfactory reference syndrome because the traumatized kids seem to think they have bad breath as grownup even if they have not got bad breaths.

Olfactory reference syndrome is an emotional disorder. If you suffer from it you need to get treatment. So parents should take care of their kid’s teeth in order not to be made fun of them about bad breath by other kids.

Besides parents had better consider carefully the way how you tell their kids about bad breath so as not to hurt their feelings.


No.6: Chronic Allergy and Atopic Concerning the Ear, Nose, and Throat

Oral breathing which leads to bad breath has other terrible aspect.  Germs come in as breathing by the mouth and spread to ears and a nose, which might make you suffer from chronic allergies or atopic concerning the ear, nose and throat.

Once you have got an allergy or atopic, it is hard to cure them. Bad breath in children is a sign of oral breathing for parents.  Parents should not miss the sign and should deal with it.


No.7:  Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease was illness for adults just a little while ago. However, today a lot of children have been suffering from it. What periodontal disease bothers us is that once you have got suffered from it, bacteria rapidly multiply in our bodies.


As I mentioned in the articles, causes of bad breath in kids are often different from causes of adults. Bad breath in children can tell us that they may have been sick or can tell us the risk of sickness children might have got in the future.

Bad breath in children can badly affect children’s future. If you do not miss the sign you can reduce the risk. You should deal with the bad breath in children as soon as you realize it.

Furthermore, if you become sensitive to bad smell in children, you can protect your children’s future.



7 effects of bad breath in children future

No.1: Bad Breath Leads to Bullying Behavior
No.2: Xerostomia
No.3: Apnea Syndrome
No.4: Insufficient Tooth Brushing
No.5: Olfactory Reference Syndrom
No.6: Chronic Allergy and Atopic Concerning the Ear, Nose, and Throat
No.7: Periodontal Disease


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