9 things to do for bad breath in children

9 things you should do for bad breath in children
Children don’t notice their bad breath. They could be bullied by their friends because of it, and as a result of that, they might be inactive. But parents can notice bad breath in children.

It’s very important to take care of it before it gets worse. So I’ll introduce you 9 things to do immediately for bad breath in children.

9 things to do for bad breath in children


Check if they take breaths through the mouth

The common symptom lately is mouth breathing. Many people may think that the cause of bad breath in children is cavities or not enough brushing, but actually dry mouth also leads bad breath.

Do your children breathe through the mouth when sleeping? Then their mouth get dry and cause bad breath. The biggest reason for bad breath in children is considered to be mouth breathing. If a mouth gets dry, there will be a lot of bacretia and it will cause cavities as well.


When they have a cold

This is temporary bad breath. When people have a cold or fever, they sometimes get bad breath. This is because the fever or cold stop the function of the mouth, and therefore inside of the mouth becomes warm and dry.

So if the cold leads bad breath, you will eliminate it as you get better. If you are still worried about it, you can gargle with mouthwash.


Mental care for bad breath phobia

Bad breath phobia is a mental disease. People who have this disease are paranoid about having bad breath, though they actually don’t. The reason of this is their parents being too sensitive about their children’s breath. Therefore the children start to think that people hate them because they have bad breath.

Those people avoid talking to others because they are worried about their breath too much. They may happen to have bad breath from food, but they worry too much enough to push themselves, and such stress can actually cause bad breath. In worse case, it leads depression or psychiatric disorder. So it’s very important to improve bad breath in children without hurting them.


Don’t your children have gingivitis?

Tooth staining is a cause of bad breath. Too much dental plaque will lead gingivitis, which is one stage before a gum disease. Gingivitis is a cause bad breath, too, so check again how to brush teeth.

You can take your children to a dentist for teeth cleaning. The dentist will also tell you how to brush your teeth in a right way. If your children bleed when brushing their teeth, it could be gingivitis.


Clean the tongue

Is your tongue always clean? The white thing on your tongue is called tongue coat. It’s bacteria or food particles. This can be because of stress or immune compromise.

It depends on children’s age, but if their tongue is dirty, make it clean with a special tongue brush, which is available in a chemist or a supermarket. Do not brush their tongue strongly with a normal tooth brush.

The tongue is very soft, so if it’s damaged, you will have bad breath caused by bacteria which attach the damaged part. So remember to use a special tongue brush or a gentle gauze, and gently remove the dirt on your tongue. But if you do it too much, it will also make your mouth dry.


Don’t your children have sinusitis?

Actually a lot of children have sinusitis. It doesn’t matter if they have stuffy nose, so you should be careful. If they have stuffy nose, they have to breathe through the mouth.

Also, sinusitis creates bad smell. When they keep their mouth open all the time, bacteria grows and it becomes a cause of bad breath. Take your children to a otorhinolaryngology department, or a dental clinic.


Have a good enteral environment

When your stomach doesn’t work properly, you tend to have bad breath. A disorder of digestive organs produces toxic material by bad bacteria. This affect not only bad breath but also body smell. So if you have a good enteral environment, you can get rid of bad breath.

Constipation makes enteral environment worse, too. Try to get your children more vegetable juice or yoghurt because they are supposed to like meat and junk food.


Review your lifestyle

Your lifestyle and diet habit are very important. Don’t you eat too fast? When you eat slowly, you can digest food properly. Don’t swallow food without chewing it. You also shouldn’t watch TV while eating, otherwise the function of mouth physiology becomes worse.

Serve at least one resilient meal in order to improve mastication skill. Mastication doesn’t only mean to crush food with teeth, but also to produce saliva and mix it with food.

Try chewing food more than 30 times at one time to make food a good size to be swallowed and digested easier. Eat balanced green and yellow vegetables to make your stomach and bowels work actively. There are some cases reported that people eliminate bad breath by reviewing their lifestyle.


Diabetes for children

Sometimes bad breath in children reveals that they have diabetes. Diabetes prevents you from using sugar in the blood as energy.

Therefore your body gets energy by burning the fat, and that creates a material called ketone body which has unique smell. This ketone body affects not only your breath but also your body smell.


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There are many reasons to cause bad breath in children. If you take care of it earlier, it won’t become a serious problem. Try doing it before your child suffers from it. To do so, it’s very important to have a good communication every day.



9 things to do for bad breath in children

・Check if they take breaths through the mouth
・When they have a cold
・Mental care for bad breath phobia
・Don’t your children have gingivitis?
・Clean the tongue
・Don’t your children have sinusitis?
・Have a good enteral environment
・Review your lifestyle
・Diabetes for children


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