7 parents things for bad breath in children

7 good things parents can do for bad breath in children
Bad breath in children sounds surprising because it seems like older people tend to have it. But actually there are some children who have bad breath.
Recently many kids come to a clinic for bad breath during a holiday.

What can parents do when their kids have bad breath?
I’ll introduce 7 things.

7 parents things for  bad breath in children


Bad breath doesn’t choose age

One of the reasons of bad breath is that your mouth gets dry because you tend to produce less saliva as you get older. You might think children has nothing to do with advancing age. Actually, everyone has bad breath called physiologic bad breath.

You don’t need to worry about a disease unless you feel uncomfortable with your breath. No one has breath with no smell. So if you notice that your child has bad breath, check first if it’s still acceptable or bad enough to bother communication.


Brushing teeth on regular basis

You brush your teeth a few times a day as a custom, but it’s actually very difficult. Even if you try hard brushing your teeth, it’s often not enough. You just get satisfied because of the fresh flavor of tooth paste.

If your child isn’t old enough for school, you still need to brush their teeth after they do themselves. When they are in an elementary school, they might refuse your second brushing because their friends, brothers or sisters don’t need it anymore. Children don’t like to be treated as a kid.

Try to check if they brush their teeth very good at least once a week. When doing it, you should first say, “You did it very good!”. If there is a part which need more brushing, show it to your child using a mirror. The important thing is to keep them motivated.


Make a fun washroom

It’s boring for children to brush their teeth in front of a mirror alone. Lately, you can buy a sand clock even in a 100-yen shop. Get one of those kinds of clocks, and make it their custom to check the time while brushing their teeth.

It can be fun to put a calendar and give it a sticker as a reward of brushing teeth. Brushing teeth tends to be boring, so it’s important to make is as a fun thing to do.


How to point out bad breath

If your child has bad breath, what is the best way to tell them? They may be hurt if their parents, who they trust the most and feel secure with, point out their bad breath. You might think that you can tell them directly because you are their parents, but your child is sensitive just like others.

First, try asking them, “Have you brushed your teeth today already?” If they say they have, check inside their mouth, saying “I’ll check if you have no cavity.” Isn’t there any food particle left? Isn’t their tongue dirty?

They can take care of food particles or dirty tongue if you teach them how to. Recently, you can buy disposable dental floss with a bear or a rabbit. It can be hard to use it every day, but it’s very good to do it at least once a week. If your child has a cavity, bacteria develops in their mouth and they create bad breath. In that case, go to a dentist as soon as possible.


Have a dental checkup

If parents don’t like a dentist, their children will be the same. Even if your children have no problem with their teeth according to the checkup in a kindergarten or a school, it’s still good to take them to a dentist and have their teeth clean or put fluorine.

Recently there are more and more child dentists. There is also a dental clinic only for children, so you can try it. They have a lot of things to entertain children, such as a screen that children watch anime during the care, an area to play with toys or books, and stickers or free gifts related to brushing teeth.

If children go to dentist regularly, they will do the same when they get old. When you notice bad breath in children, I’ll recommend you to take them to a dentist. They will give you an appropriate advice. If they cannot solve it, it can be a disease of stomach or other parts of your body.


Children are very honest

Children are very honest. But honesty can be cruel. When they notice bad breath from other kid, they will say “You stink!”, “When do you stink?”, “You are weird.” They just say it with no offense, but such words are extremely cruel for a kid.

Such words could even make children inactive or introversive. If they look down, ask them what is going on. But they might not say that they were called stinky because they are embarrassed.

When you notice that your children put their hand before their mouth, or hold their breath, you can do teeth brushing together with them, or have them have a cleaning in a dental clinic. You should talk to them face-to-face, saying “It’s very nice to have clean teeth!” and “Try breathing on me.”

The only thing you can do when your children were hurt by what other children said is to give them confidence at home. If they are confident, they will talk to their friends and play with them again.


Are their mouth always open?

When children are obsessed with something, they tend to keep their mouth open. Don’t they watch TV or read a book with their mouth open? Some people might think that it’s no big deal, but it can give them bad influence.

When you keep your mouth open, it gets dry and smells. Children have more teeth as they become older and the teeth alignment will be changed. Actually, children who open a mouth continuously tend to have summer teeth. So a dentist might ask you, “does your child close a mouth all the time?”

So it’s not good for bad breath and teeth alignment to open a mouth. When you notice that your child keep their mouth open, just point it out. Probably they are relaxed in such time, so they will be surprised to hear you. But it will become their habit to keep their mouth close.


How was that?

Bad breath is a problem for good communication both for adults and children. There isn’t a big difference between bad breath of adults and that of children. But Children’s heart is still growing, just like their body, so if they are hurt because of bad breath, they might be inactive.

So you should try to find out the cause of bad breath in children, and tell them it’s going to be ok to motivate them. That’s what parents can do for their children. If you take care of it, the children will have a custom of good dental care and have no problem with their breath.



7 parents things for  bad breath in children

・Bad breath doesn’t choose age
・Brushing teeth on regular basis
・Make a fun washroom
・How to point out bad breath
・Have a dental checkup
・Children are very honest
・Are their mouth always open?


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