7 ways to avoid bad breath from stomach

7 ways to avoid disease with bad breath from stomach
Your mouth smells. Don’t you think you can eliminate it just by going see a dentist. Of course, the dentist will help you if you have a problem in your mouth. But if you can’t cure it, even the dentist must suspect a disease of your body, such as a stomach.

They say 80-90 % of the cause of bad breath is a mouth, and 10-20% is a stomach. You can care about bad breath from stomach. Let’s be healthy with mouth care.

7 ways to avoid bad breath from stomach


Is my mouth the cause of bad breath?

If you notice that your breath smells, start with self-care. If it doesn’t work, go to a dentist. If you still have bad breath, then the dentist may recommend you to go see a physician. I don’t think a lot of people go see a physician if nothing is wrong with their body except bad breath.

Such people go first to a dentist, I suppose, and if there is no pain or strong sense of discomfort, they could stop caring about the bad breath and get used to it soon. But bad breath can be a sign of a serious disease. Check the possible cause one by one, and if necessary, take a look at your stomach.


All the digestive organs are connected

Which digestive organ is placed the top of your body? Esophagus? Or stomach? Of course, both are digestive organs, but there is mouth before food goes to those organs. Mouth is a start of digestive organs followed by esophagus, stomach, and bowels.

If your mouth smells, your digestive organs smell, too. It’s natural to suspect your stomach because they are connected. Mouth is the closest digestive organs to outside the body, and it tells your body situation to outside.


Helicobacter pylori

Probably you have heard of helicobacter pylori. It sounds cute, but it’s very bad. Patients of stomach cancer or gastric ulcer tend to have helicobacter pylori.

This pylori produce ammonia, which causes bad breath. If you release ammonia every time you talk, people might avoid you.


Reflux esophagitis, by any chance?

Reflux esophagitis is becoming well-known in the past 5 years. You may have watched a TV commercial of this disease using the famous character Astro Boy. This disease is increasing basically because Japanese diet is being westernized.

What does this disease have to do with bad breath? Because of it, very sour stomach acid flows back to mouth. Do you have a sore, queasy, or painful stomach after eating? Stomach acid hurts mucous membrane of esophagus, etc. when it’s flowing back. As a result, your mouth release sour smell.


Bad breath for young people?

This is a rare case, but sometimes healthy young people have bad breath. This can also be because of their stomach. The reason is the amount of stomach acid. It decreases as we get older.

The secretion of stomach acid gets weaker from late 30s. But people who have strong sour breath might have too much secretion. This is called hypersecretion of gastric acid, and considered to be caused by stress.


Do you burp?

Burping is not favourable just like bad breath. Don’t you feel that your stomach distends or you burp a lot? This is one of the reason of bad breath.
When you burp a lot, or your stomach distends, your gastric mucosa must be damaged. Isn’t your stomach sometimes painful? If so, you should suspect gastric ulcer.


If you smell like a gutter, go see a doctor immediately

This is an awful expression, but you will know it if you smell it. If you have a smell like a gutter from your mouth, it needs to be cared immediately. This smell is called gangrenous smell, and it comes from dead cells.

So this means that cells of your stomach are dead. Some patients of stomach cancer have this. Some of them originally came to see a doctor because they noticed a smell like stool from their mouth, and then they found out that they actually had a stomach cancer.


How did you find it?

We can’t look inside our body, so we judge if we are healthy or not by pain, uncomfortable feeling, or fatigue. But breath comes from the inside of your body, and you can find out a disorder of your stomach by your breath because mouth and stomach are connected. It’s much better if you go see a doctor and take care of your stomach as soon as possible.

Bad breath is one of the signs you can show yourself. If you have an uncomfortable symptom, you should go to gastrointestinal or gastroenterological division and tell them you have bad breath.



7 ways to avoid bad breath from stomach

・Is my mouth the cause of bad breath?
・All the digestive organs are connected
・Helicobacter pylori
・Reflux esophagitis, by any chance?
・Bad breath for young people?
・Do you burp?
・If you smell like a gutter, go see a doctor immediately


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