5 Steps to know Acne Causes for Clear Back

5 Steps to Get Back a Clear Skin and Back Acne Causes
Are you confident in your back? Not a few people have experience seeing acne on other’s back in a surprise. But how does your back look? It is said that the back is the body part most frequently seen by others. There are many people those who cannot wear cloths with widely opened back, who are hesitate to wear bathing suits even though they love going to sea, because of acne in the back before you know.
Let me introduce the ways how to get a beautiful skin of the back. If you get a clear skin of the back, you can wear whatever cloths you want with confidence.

5 Steps to know Acne Causes for Clear Back


No.1: Causes of Back Acne

There are more back acne causes then one.

*Proliferation of acne bacterium

Acne bacterium is thought to be cause of acne
Sebum feed acne bacterium
Since humans have so many sebaceous glands on the back that the glands can secrete an excessive amount of sebum on the back of a human, and in which create the environment acne bacterium easily multiply.

*External stimuli

External stimuli like ultraviolet rays cause skin to get dry and be stimulated and lead to back acne.

*Shampoo and conditioner left unwashed
When you shampoo or put conditioner in your hair, do not fail to rinse them off on the back. If you would leave a shampoo unwashed, it will lead to acne on the back.

*Eating habits

A lack of vitamin adversely affects not only acne on the back but also the whole skin. So take sufficient vitamin!

Vitamin A: for preventing an ageing process and oxidization
Vitamin B: for promoting fat metabolism
Vitamin C: for curing skin diseases such as pigmentation (freckle, spot)

*Sweat at night

People sweat at night. Especially, those who sleep on the back are liable to sweat on the back. The sweat can cause acne on the back.


People get nervous as feeling stress and lead to reducing blood circulation. It stimulates testosterone which causes excessive sebum. As a result acne on the back brings up.

*Hormone imbalance

, etc.


No.2: Let’s Get to Know the Mechanism of Skin

It is said that when it comes to skin turnover, 28-day cycle is the best. Epidermal cells are created every day and get pushed up by new ones doing metabolic activities. And then, they turn into flat keratin.
Keratin protects our body as a barrier and comes off as scurf in the end.
Our skins always keep healthy, tough and beautiful condition with the turnover process.


No.3: Risk of Self-judgment

Then, what are you going to do after perceiving acne on the back?
Many people might answer “I will scrub my back in the bath”. However, the self-judgment can lead to worse results. Having proper treatment is one of the ways how to get back a clear skin.


No.4: To Check the Back and Get a Beautiful Back

Although, it is difficult to check your own back by yourself, I recommend you should do it sometimes with two mirrors
To see if having rough feel on the back or having spots. The earlier you start to deal with it, the more likely it is you can cure the acne without the spots,

・To improve eating habits
・To get a sound sleep
・Do not scrub too much
・To wear absorbent pajamas and inner wears
・Moisture retention
・To relieve stress

Now you know many ways you can do it by yourself, so you do not have to go to a beauty salon


No.5: Little and Often Fills the Purse

If you have some acne scars, it is really hard to have a clear skin soon. But let’s keep on trying the ways you can. Please keep in mind the following the ways that having healthy meals for the skin, improving the inside of the body, and using moisturizers and soaps which agree with your skin imaging that you would get a smooth skin.
Little and often fills the purse!


Let’s try to have a clear skin of the back with the 5 steps right now. You will become able to wear a dress, with widely opened back, a bathing suit or a gorgeous dress with confidence. Daily efforts lead to having a clear skin of the back. Your beautiful smile will make people feel happy.



5 Steps to know Acne Causes for Clear Back

No.1: Causes of Back Acne
No.2: Let’s Get to Know the Mechanism of Skin
No.3: Risk of Self-judgment
No.4: To Check the Back and Get a Beautiful Back
No.5: Little and Often Fills the Purse

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